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What is the literal definition of keyword density? It is the percentage which depends on the usage of a particular word in your entire content. For instance, if the total length of your content is three hundred words and the word “blue” has been used three times in the entire content, it would have a certain density of the right words. Keyword density forms the most important of the entire SEO process.

The numbers of clicks received by a website depend on the correct number of keyword used in its content. In addition to that, it is impossible to determine a percentage beforehand because the related conditions change rapidly. The right density depends on the highest rated ten websites which fall in the same word category. Marketing your website online without any assistance is not a healthy move. A better option is to consult a SEO company. Is this an expensive option? The answer is both yes and no. A good SEO company may charge a high price but they produce the required results.

Which parts of the web page content determine the keyword density?

If you have the opinion that keywords are only used in the body text and it determines the density alone, you need to change your opinion. Apart from that; the keyword density depends more on the page titles, Meta tag and image descriptions rather than the text body alone. Hence, keywords need to be used appropriately in all parts of the web page.

Modification of the keyword density

Which factors do you consider to decide that you have to change the density? One of the most important ones is the key phrase density of your competitors. Calculate the density for that particular phrase or word of all the top ten ranked companies in the related word category and determine your own density accordingly to get the maximum rating and clicks. To get better results, get the services of a good SEO company. A good SEO company would help you in determining the right keywords and keyword density.

If you want to make your website successfully visible through SEO, using the right keyword density is highly important. Is using a very high keyword density an advantage in terms of marketing? The answer to this question is NO. If the content is over stuffed with keywords then it loses its interest and people do not like reading it as well. This eventually reduces the number of clicks.

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