SEO Sapien asked:

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Matt Lenzie asked:

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the process by which websites improve their position in search engine rankings and returns. The concept behind improving a websites SEO is to increase the position in the search engine rankings and then generate increased levels of traffic.

If you are considering setting up a website it should be a factor that you consider prior to making the site live, as it can have long lasting effects on the results of the site if you make mistakes to begin with.

SEO is an important part of any internet marketing strategy, and before you build any site, it is recommend that you identify relevant keywords for the market or niche that you are focusing on. Google have a very good keyword research tool available, which you can easily use to discover how much traffic there is for a particular keyword or group of keywords, but just as importantly how competitive particular keywords are. If there is too much competition this can make it extremely difficult to feature in returns for particular keywords.

The algorithms that the search engine providers use to rank sites are increasing complicated and take into account a vast number of factors in determining which sites are so-called “authority” sites in relation to particular keywords. The main areas of consideration are as follows: Inbound links, and onsite optimization.

Fundamentally there are two types of SEO, on-site and off-site.

Onsite SEO is made up of the following factors: Tags, Meta-tags, H1 tags, keyword density (i.e. how often the keywords that you are optimizing for appear). Many WordPress templates will have SEO positive factors that are built in. Additionally there are some free plugins that are very useful. All in one seo is particularly useful.

Offsite SEO is primarily made up of different linking strategies. In the algorithms eyes (if these spiders have eyes), fundamentally the more links that point to your site the more popular it is perceived to be, particularly if the keywords that you are optimizing the site for appear alongside the link. There are lots of different linking strategy’s which people adapt and it’s probably fair to say exploit to some degree.

The important factors when starting a linking strategy in my opinion is to build up a list of sites that you would want to link to your site. This may include trade sites that are relevant, it’s definitely important to have a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter etc), EzineArticles and other article submission sites provide another way of linking to your site and can create good sources of traffic. I have always tried to focus on blogs that are relevant to the niche that I am working in, and I would try to add good comments on other people’s blogs. Generally blog owners do not mind you adding in a link to your site if you are making a worthwhile comment.

Additionally there are backlink packets that can be bought, these can be useful to build some significant links.

These combined features should offer an improved position from a search engine perspective.

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Aya Wilkinson asked:

You may have the most attractive website done by a highly professional web designer but if you don’t hire a SEO Company you may not get the results you were expecting. A website can be attractive and you may even have the best prices on your services or products, however, if no one sees it, it will not bring you any profits. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the review of a website and ensuring that it is attractive to search engines, which in turn makes it ranked higher in search results. Websites that have the best search engine optimization are the ones that come up on the first five pages of a search query. There are different elements that entail a properly optimized website.

An SEO Company is going to do all of the necessary research necessary in order to ensure that you get not only good ranking in all major search engines, but of course, in turn good traffic. This means that once your website has been optimized you are going to have higher profits. Many people try to optimize their websites on their own, however, if they are not fully experienced in this they may not optimize their site to the highest potential.

There are numerous elements that it entails and search engines change their requirements regularly, which means that what worked last month may not work this month. It is a game of always staying on top of the competition and ensuring that you keep your high ranking.

SEO also entails constant update of content on the website as well as link building. This is highly time consuming and it can become quite overwhelming if you are trying to do this on your own. Part of link building is communicating to like website and building a relationship with them so they link to you, writing blogs on a regular basis with links to your website, as well as articles and much more. This is not one blog or article here and there, but every week on a regular basis, and if you miss writing one week, you may find yourself falling off your rank. These are only two of the numerous important points to search engine optimization, you miss one and you miss an opportunity for a higher ranking and of course, higher profits.

An SEO Company is an essential part of having an online business. You must ensure that you hire not just any company, but one that you have researched and that ensures that you are going to get what you paid for. Having high ranking in the search engines is essential to having more traffic and a more profitable website.

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Jack Downey asked:

If you really want to see your business successful and profit from your efforts, it is high time you sit down and evaluate your site, business and the state you are into right now. Better yet, you need a help from a strategy whom even the experts are relying to for help and assistance to succeed.

SEO or search engine optimization strategy is the very answer to your need to succeed in the online world. Search engine optimization s not learned overnight. This process does take a very long time and can be done by getting an online SEO degree. Getting a degree in SEO provides step by step ways to make sure that first and foremost you are creating a website that will be search engine friendly. When this happens, you will be among those in the search engines result list. But being on the list is not enough to make your site on the top spot where it can be easily seen and clicked. You need a strategy that will be effective enough to make you climb the ladder of success and eventually put your site on the top or at least first three result pages in search engines.

It is very important that viewers especially your targeted market should have easy access to the link leading to your site. This is another reason why you should consider learning and using the SEO technique for your site. SEO will help you select and be able to place properly the set of keywords you can use where you will most likely reach the top spot in the fastest time possible. This strategy will also help you with your website concerns as well as important factors such as linking to other sites for increase exposures.

These strategies, when properly combined, will help you become successful in your online endeavor. Your site will be visited by more and more people, you will be able to attract the kind of market that you are aiming for, and increase in exposures, traffic, and sales and profit will be the result. Learn about this strategy further and eventually reap the unlimited success that is just waiting for you to receive.

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