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Social media isn’t a new concept. It has been around for years and has crossed from being regular networking sites to efficient business tools. Networking is the most powerful feature and the reason why socializing has become an essential part of SEO.

Social media are SEO tools to expand promotion and link building, while SEO is the primary reason why social media optimization, or SMO, exists. At some point, these two processes become inseparable; being without each other makes them incapable of reaching their potential.

With the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, many others have become an effective marketing pathway for business owners. The awareness of people made SEO experts see the potential of the social web in expanding their optimization.

Because the social web relies heavily on viral marketing and through ‘online word of mouth’, SEO experts used these to improve their optimization processes. Although blogs have always been part of SEO, the birth of Facebook, Twitter and ubiquitous WordPress plugins made it a hit.These sites detached from its function of an extension of SEO and became an integral part of the SEO process.

Social media centers on creating unique and original content that can attract and convince people to share such content on their networks. Leveraging sites revolves around the concept of viral marketing, making every business owner content-conscious as they aim for uniqueness and attention.

Social media set a work ethic that keeps every online marketer aware of their online behavior, knowing that the social web is a public space. The social web is also the key factor in the revival of online reputation.

the social web transformed SEO. It set a standard where business owners vie for perfection just to attract target markets and it led to the transformation of blog and social network content. Since everyone wants a piece of viral marketing success, they have no choice but to adhere to the positive change by putting a tremendous effort on optimizing their social media tools.

Social media are also valuable at strengthening SEO link building strategies. At times, the use of the social web is an indispensable part of SEO link building. Link building campaigns today are impossible without the help of blogs and social networking sites.

Social media optimization isn’t the future of SEO; rather, SMO can be considered as SEO’s present. These two concepts form a team; these are inseparable entities in Internet marketing.

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