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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that results in a website appearing higher up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on sites such as Google, Yahoo etc. As a result of a successful SEO campaign, visitors who are looking for your products or services will be directed to your website. SEO refers to Natural search queries as opposed to sponsored words or phrases. SEO should be viewed as a campaign rather than a single event. It takes time for SEO to work and it has to be maintained thereafter. A successful SEO campaign focuses on three key areas which are: -Keyword Analysis- identifying words and phrases that are relevant to your products and services. The objective is to find keywords and phrases which are searched for often but have little competition or don’t appear very often on other websites, -On-site optimization- makingsure that the target keywords and phrases stand out on your site so that the search engines can see them easily, Off-site optimization- Making your site look more important in the eyes of the search engines by increasing the number of relevant, quality links to your website from other quality websites.

Keyword Analysis

It is important that a set of Primary and Secondary keywords and Phrases are agreed which will form the basis of the SEO campaign. Once agreed these can then be liberally inserted into relevant places on the website to increase the relevance for those keywords and phrases. Primary keywords and phrases are those that appear often throughout your website. Secondary keywords and phrases are those that appear on specific pages or sections of the website. Generally speaking, the more words in a phrase the less the competition from other websites. However, it is also likely that there would be fewer people searching for these. It is no good being number one on Google for a phrase that nobody ever searches for and so a balance has to be reached. SEO consultants who claim they can get you to number 1 on Google aren’t lying; its just that the search term will be so obscure that nobody will ever use it. If you had a website dedicated to “purple spitting frogs”, you can be certain of a number one spot. Some keywords and phrases have so much competition that it would be very difficult to appear high up the SERP without a very large budget. Therefore, finding a niche is very important.

It is better to appear at the top of Google for a Keyword or phrase that only 500 people search for each month than on position 200 for a phrase that 50,000 people search for each month. Finding the right keywords and phrases therefore is the foundation for the whole SEO campaign. Here, we aim to come up with a list of 50 to 100 keywords and phrases against which we will analyze both the search frequency and the competition. From this we can use a statistical method for identifying the best selection that will give the best results. The following steps would be followed, some of which are iterative: – Analyze your existing website to identify words and phrases that already naturally appear, -Analyze your competitor’s websites to see what keywords and phrases they use. Tools exist to assist with this process -Come up with alternative phrases for these keywords e.g. “social housing consultants”, “social housing consultancy”, “social housing consulting”. Once again, tools exist to assist with this process -Come up with a good mix of 1,2,3 and 4 word phrases Once we have the list of keywords and phrases we can then use these to find out the number of searches made each month and the number of websites that contain these results. Once again, tools exist that assist in the process including Google’s own set of tools. At the end of this process we should have a set of key words and phrases that are to be the cornerstone of the SEO campaign but will continue to be refined over time. For example, to support new articles that appears on the website.

On-site Optimization

You wouldn’t expect to appear high up on the SERP for a word or phrase that doesn’t appear very often or not at all on your website. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of the search engines, we must ensure that our key words and phrases actually appear on the website. This will unfortunately involve some tweaks or even re-writes of pages or articles in order to thread these keywords and phrases into the website. There are several areas where these keywords and phrases should appear. Examples are: – Page Content including articles – Page Descriptions – the text that appears in the top of your browser when you visit a website. This is also used in some search engines in the search results. This information is added using “meta tags” which are hidden in the page source code. If the page is editable using a content management system (CMS) they can usually be edited directly – Keywords – Also hidden in meta tags and used by some search engines – URLs – it is better to have a page named “…/strategic-asset-management.html” than “…/page2.html Once again there are tools to help test the relevance of a page in terms of keywords and phrases. This is an iterative process and to some extent trial and error. The key thing is to keep the language as natural as possible whilst using the keywords and phrases as often as possible – without going overboard. Too much keyword density can result in search engines such as Google removing a site from their index, if it suspects foul play.

Off-Site Optimization

Google uses a voting system to rank websites and pages in order of importance when deciding which pages to show at the top of the SERP. It is not the case that the site with the most keywords gets to the top. It all depends on how important and relevant your website is for those keywords in the opinion of the search engine. The specific algorithms used by search engines are trade secrets and are always being refined, but generally Google works as follows: Each link back to a page on your website counts as a vote. You could therefore argue that the more links you have the better and this is partly true. However, Google is also interested in how relevant that link is. It can tell if the website linking to yours has similar key words and phrases which is therefore more relevant. Finally, if the website containing the back link has a high Page Rank this also adds weight. For example, if the BBC or Times Online (High Page Rank) ran an article on Social Housing and had the link social housing to a website about social housing, this would increase the importance of that site for that key phrase. Therefore, it is not so much the number of links that counts as the quality and relevance of the links. That said, the more quality and relevant links you have, the higher up you will get. There is one last thing to say about back links. There are some back links you don’t want to have. For example, just as a back link from the BBC carries weight, a back link from some black-listed sites will damage your rankings. Google know that some disreputable “black hat” SEO consultants trade links to boost their rankings. Once Google discovers such a site (or someone reports such a site), the site can be removed from its index.

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All companies are trying to find out how to get the most out of organic search traffic. Yet, sometimes it just seems like no matter what you do, you’re not getting ranked any higher than page 10 or 15 on a google search. You read around a little bit and find out about SEO, and just wonder what it is and why your Philadelphia skateboard shop is on page 15 of a search for philadelphia skateboard shop.

Why? Well there are about 4 main things that you need to be optimized, and there’s a good chance you don’t have any of them working for you.  So here’s a brief list of how to help get your site search-ready for some good old DIY Search Engine Optimization. Of course this won’t jump you up to number one, but it should get you off on a good foot and maybe show you how important organic search really is.

Step 1. Check your tags.

No, not on your car, but your meta-tags. You know that think at the top that probably says UNTITLED right now. That should say exactly what your site and page is about. Use keywords. Are you using anchor text the right way? Instead of using a click (here) with the “here” linked up, put a phrase to click on.

Step 2. Know your keywords.

If you’re focusing on selling skateboards online, then by god, talk about skateboards online. You need to know what keywords your customers are looking for and get them in the mix. But don’t just throw random words together, it has to make sense still. Just google what you want to be number one in and take a look at their content and keyword use. It’s not cheating, it’s learning!

Step 3. Increase the content.

No one gets up to number one by having a page with 10 words on it. In Search Engine Optimization, content is king these days, so start writing. Take the time to write some really good content, and lots of it. In-depth descriptions of your products, featured posts related to your site and industry. If you are indeed selling those skateboards, why not post a blog on some of the newer brands that are coming out that you happen to stock? Just more content to put on your site chock full of relevant keywords. That’s one of the core ideas of SEO.

Step 4. Get those backlinks

There are so many top sites that can give you great one-way backlinks. You should certainly take advantage of what the the social bookmarking sites and public blogging sites have to offer. Also, contributing content to sites in your industry is a great way to begin building up your search engine popularity.

Hopefully this can help you get off to a good start on at least understanding how to optimize your site for search engines. If you are really trying to make an impact, hiring a professional SEO consultant wouldn’t be a bad idea, but if you’re on a shoestring budget just trying to get off the ground, these tips can certainly help you out. Good luck on your new adventure in trying to navigate the wonderful world of SEO.

The next installment will be some tips on how to start getting involved in DIY social media marketing for your small business.

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Gary Bricker asked:

The other day there was some disturbing news brought to my attention. It seems that some SEO management companies are charging money to get customers listed in Google’s business listings, “ie” (“Google Places”). This news is not only disturbing, but to think that a company would take advantage of a FREE service and then charge customers to use this service, is an outrage and just plain out ripping the customer off.

Any business can take advantage of this service and all you need is a G-mail account. The same can be said for Yahoo and Bing (these are free services). This service has been around for a long time and is better known as Maps. When a local search is done in one of these major search engines there is a local map showing up on the right side of your browser window showing local businesses in your area providing the service you are looking for. As far as SEO (search engine optimization) is concerned, does it help your website? Not really. But what it does accomplish is building a reputable online presence. Not just anyone can list a business, you actually need to have a legitimate business with a phone number and mailing address. Yes this information is verified!

Look at this service as Google’s yellow pages except it is free. There is a paid version that allows you to use ad-words to promote your business, but this is totally optional. Also there is no way to insure that your company will be listed in the top 5 positions, that would allow companies control placements and none of the search engines are going to allow that to happen.

If you are currently paying for a company to provide you SEO or planning to hire a SEO firm this should be offered as a free service. If they are wanting to charge you extra for this service I would question the ethics of this company and would not hire them!

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Search engine optimization consists of a set of methods designed to make the website more accessible with the help of search engines, meaning identify the keywords and underline them ore use them more frequently.

We all know that the search services provided by the internet are nowadays very used by people all over the world. The different sites that offer data from various domains can be improved in the sense that they need to be actualised all the time, in order to provide people with the latest news.

The optimisation of the search services on the internet is possible by means of various actions. First of all, the site and its target must be deeply analised. In order to do this, discussion with the customer will take place. It is very important to specify to whom the site must address. In addition to this, the state of the site must also be analysed at the very moment when it is taken over by the SEO services.

On the other hand, the analysis of improvement posibilities is important for the optimisation. First of all, the architecture of the site must be taken into consideration, the problems and wrong links that might appear on the respective site must be identified, and also the navigation within the site must be made easy to access for everyone. Validating HTML code also represents one important measure for the optimisation of SEO services.

Key words study SEO is another action which could allow the search engine optimisation. This consists in finding words for which the optimisation of the site will be performed. Another type of action may be the change of the text for the web (web copywriting). This means that the text presented on the respective site must be improved, so that it corresponds to the specific web conditions.

Effective optimisation of the pages can be achieved by various means. For example, setting the title for each page and the meta tags, using headings in order to show the structure of the pages or creating specific error pages could be good actions for an effective improvement of the search engine.

In order to perform search engine optimisation, the exchange of links could be a good action. For this reason, tracking down sites which allow link- exchange is important, as well as entering by hand international directories. Still, this should not be done at random, but in accordance with the specific of the site.

Search engine optimisation is necessary because it leads to a maximal targeting, which means a maximum sales per cent, if reported to the number of the visitors. A very valuable thing for this would be a bigger number of visitors from search engines, because they present as an essential feature the maximal targeting that can be reached in this way.

At the end of every action of optimisation a final report about the results of the action must be presented. Such a report should include key words for which it is obtained a position among the first ten. As a consequence of the search engine optimisation actions, the number of visitors coming from engines/ directories must grow. It is indicated that the final report also present such traffic growth.

The difference between the on- page and off- page optimisation must be noticed. When we speak about an on- page optimisation, we speak about exchanges realised within the respective site, that can be visible for visitors or for spiders. On the other hand, off- page optimisation means that the exchanges occur between links from other sites and the respective page and vice versa.
In conclusion, search services optimisation offer a favorable position in the search engine.

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for our website where can i get advantage in terms of fees or quality of the service if I take services from these companies rather than approaching SEARCH ENGINES directly for get our site promoted by them

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You may have the most attractive website done by a highly professional web designer but if you don’t hire a SEO Company you may not get the results you were expecting. A website can be attractive and you may even have the best prices on your services or products, however, if no one sees it, it will not bring you any profits. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the review of a website and ensuring that it is attractive to search engines, which in turn makes it ranked higher in search results. Websites that have the best search engine optimization are the ones that come up on the first five pages of a search query. There are different elements that entail a properly optimized website.

An SEO Company is going to do all of the necessary research necessary in order to ensure that you get not only good ranking in all major search engines, but of course, in turn good traffic. This means that once your website has been optimized you are going to have higher profits. Many people try to optimize their websites on their own, however, if they are not fully experienced in this they may not optimize their site to the highest potential.

There are numerous elements that it entails and search engines change their requirements regularly, which means that what worked last month may not work this month. It is a game of always staying on top of the competition and ensuring that you keep your high ranking.

SEO also entails constant update of content on the website as well as link building. This is highly time consuming and it can become quite overwhelming if you are trying to do this on your own. Part of link building is communicating to like website and building a relationship with them so they link to you, writing blogs on a regular basis with links to your website, as well as articles and much more. This is not one blog or article here and there, but every week on a regular basis, and if you miss writing one week, you may find yourself falling off your rank. These are only two of the numerous important points to search engine optimization, you miss one and you miss an opportunity for a higher ranking and of course, higher profits.

An SEO Company is an essential part of having an online business. You must ensure that you hire not just any company, but one that you have researched and that ensures that you are going to get what you paid for. Having high ranking in the search engines is essential to having more traffic and a more profitable website.

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Mark PK Collier asked:

SEO (search engine optimization) is making your website so that it is more likely to show up in organic search results on the various search engines. The reason webmasters want their site to show up in these searches is because organic search results means free traffic. If you take Google as an example, when you search something on Google you will get a results page. It is made up of free and paid results, those results on the right-hand side and sometimes on top are paid for every time somebody clicks on them. But the ten results that run down the centre of the page are free and Google makes no money from them.

Obviously everybody wants free traffic as opposed to paying for it. But nothing is for free and showing up for free results takes a lot of effort and time to both build content pages and work on the SEO of your site. There are two main types of SEO, on page and off page.

On page SEO

On page SEO is what you can do on each page of your website to make it rank higher. There are a number of ways to do this:

1) Keyword density: keyword density is the percentage number of times a keyword you want to rank well for shows up on a page. While nobody knows what the ideal keyword density is, it should be natural. Generally try to make each page just to target a particular keyword. If you find you are not mentioning that keyword in your content much then try to drop it in every now and then.

2) Meta tags: you will notice at the top of your browser this page’s name will be shown this comes from the title meta tag. The description tag is used to tell the engines more about your page and can be used in snippets which are the lines of descriptive text that show up bellow the link to a page in a search engine result. The keyword tag is less relevant as it is not noticed much by search engines but it is still vital to fill out all these tags. Make sure to use keywords you want to rank high for in these tags but don’t over optimize.

3) The name of the page: or the URL of the page is key to its rankings. You may notice that some pages are called something like this 12345abcde after the base URL when you type the page name into your browser. While that page might be about on page SEO factors and could be called that. It is important for the search engines to tell them what the page is about, and for the user so they can remember the page’s name and type it in if they want to go back to it.

There are tons of other on page SEO factors but those three are the most important.

Off page SEO are the different factors that can influence the ranking of a page that is not actually contained on the page itself.

The major off page factor is backlinks. These are the number of and the quality of links pointing to a web page. the more high quality links a website gets the higher PageRank they have. PageRank is one of the most important of Google’s 200 ranking factors.

There are again plenty of influences on a page’s ranking from outside influences. But backlinks are by far the most important factor. Another one to think about before you buy a domain name is whether it has been used as a spam domain in the past as this can harm the rankings of all your pages.

Content is the key

While there are a number of ways that you can make your content show up higher in the search engines, the important thing is that you have high quality content. That is the primary concern of a search engine when they are ranking a page. Writing good content means that it is well researched, well written and there is plenty of it. With most of my pages I try to have at least 1,500 words of content that I have written.
Ten free way to build backlinks

Backlinks are links from one page to another. They are vital to a website’s search engine ranking because they pass PageRank one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Webmasters are always trying to get high quality backlinks to their site so they can get more free traffic both directly from people following the link and also the boost in search engine rankings. The best way to build free backlinks is to add value to another site that allows you to give backlinks to yourself. Here are my ten free backlink building ideas that will drive tons of PageRank and traffic to your site:

1) Write great content: content is the reason you will get most of your backlinks. When people are impressed by what you write on your website they will be happy to link to you. There are a number of ways you can write better content. Research your page using a keywords tool before you write it. By knowing what people are searching you know what content they want, it will also give you more ideas on what to write and increase the length of all your pages. At times you may experience a struggle to keep writing, it is called writer’s block. When this happens simply take a break and come back with more ideas and passion for your website.

2) Article marketing: writing and submitting articles to the countless number of article directories is a great way to build backlinks. These directories allow you to add a link to your site in the author bio that is on every page.

3) Ghost write for blogs: people who run blogs are always trying to update it with fresh and original content. Sometimes this is hard and this is where you can capitalise. Find a high PageRank blog that is related to your site and offer to write a post for them. Make sure to emphasize that it would be totally original and use your website as an example of your excellent content. All you want in return is a backlink at the bottom of the post. This is a great way for new website that doesn’t have much authority to get backlinks from the big players in their industry.

4) Video marketing: very like article marketing, it is simply making informative videos and submitting them to the various video directories like YouTube leaving a backlink at the start of your description.

5) Comment on blogs: leaving an insightful comment regularly on a blog will show you to be an active participator in your industry. You will start to build up many backlinks as well as people who are interested in you.

6) Free directory submissions: there are loads of directories out there waiting for you to submit your site. Submit your website to the top fifty free directories with a good description and you will soon have a wealth of valuable and easy to get backlinks.

7) A bit of controversy: being controversial is a great way to get talked about. So writing a scathing or against the tide blog post or page on your site will get talked about on forums and blogs around the world. Remember not to be too controversial or you could get in trouble.

8) Write an eBook: writing and giving an eBook o with backlinks to your website is a great way to build a reputation as an expert in your field which will get you linked to.

9) Make it easy: by providing a link to us box, great content and simple URLs, you are making it easier for a webmaster to link to you. The easier you make something the more likely somebody is to do it.

10) Review products: reviewing products that you used to make your website or to build up a knowledge of your field is contributing greatly to other websites. If you put the effort into the review you will often be allowed to add a link to your site.

There are loads of ways other than these ten to build backlinks but the key to all of them is that you are adding value to the websites and the internet in general. Just persevere with your backlink building and you will soon rise to the top of the search engines.

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SEO is a highly valuable marketing tool. Standing for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a method of placing key words and phrases into intelligent and helpful articles in a manner that will place them at the top of an Internet search. By purchasing and utilizing a quality small business SEO package, you are placing your name at the top of Internet searches while simultaneously providing expert content to customers looking for answers in your chosen market.

A small business SEO package entails a professional writer who will work with you to design expert content that answers the questions a potential customer is most likely to ask regarding your product or service. By using the most commonly searched for phrases, your article will come in near the top of search engine results, and by providing beneficial content it will likely be fully read with customers following the provided link to your website.

Directory articles are considered freely redistributable, which means that they can be added to mailing lists or sent to interested parties, as long as your bio and website link remain at the bottom. This makes it likely that your article will remain in heavy circulation for an extended period of time, provided that the content is thought provoking and helpful to customers. When these articles are combined with blogs as part of a comprehensive small business SEO package, the amount of traffic that can be generated is substantial.

When choosing a small business SEO provider, be certain to choose someone with experience. Look for thoughtful and well researched content as well as the capability to post unlimited submissions to only the best article directories. Your small business needs help to succeed, and your money is precious. By choosing the right provider and paying for only the highest quality of work, you can get the most benefit for your money.

By: Troy Mellema

About the Author:

Words You Wantis your one stop resource for all of your writing needs. Words You Want offers a variety of services including SEO packages, article directory submission, SEO article writing, ghostwriting, eBooks, travel writing, equine writing and more.

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Nivea David asked:

Search engine optimization is all about getting ranked in the top of search engines.SEO firm decides what can be done to promote websites in search engines. What things need to be done to achieve higher search engine rankings? As every one can not do all these optimization tasks. The best way to take care of all these SEO aspects is to hire the services of professional SEO firm to perform all these activities efficiently.

Every business owner loves to implement the strategies that help in making huge profits. To implement SEO related strategies for his website he needs the help of SEO firm operating in the market. This service can be provided only by an expert who has good reputation and professional qualification to deal with the SEO issues involved in the SEO process.

To promote your business in the World Wide Web, different aspects of search engine optimization process can be taken care of by the SEO firm. These aspects are in the form of content, keyword of your website. Professionals in SEO firm can determine which content is suitable for a particular website. They perform Keywords research with the use of latest technology and then implement their search engine optimization strategies on the basis of these keywords. The content on website must be accurate, updated and appropriate other wise visitors do not feel attracted to it. Provide some innovative and eye catching information in the content.

SEO firm provides you with the information on website visitors. You can keep track of daily visitors, monthly visitors, on which keywords searches comes and which keywords are vital to be used again to attract more visitors on the basis of experience.

A SEO firm can properly handle designing and web usability issues. The design of website also matters apart from keyword rich content. The design should be search engine friendly so that spiders easily crawl the website. SEO firm guides your business to give search engine recognition which is key for getting any kind of success on web. Finding an SEO firm which uses the best technologies to promote websites is a complex task. When sites are not designed with regard to the search engines the whole purpose of online presence can be shattered.

There are several SEO firms in the market that are providing web services to the clients. You should find a SEO firm that meets your business requirements as well as your budget. And also provide you the customized web promotion solutions for you website.

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Are you a business owner that is doing all the things you can to succeed with it? Then you have to know the main benefits that small business seo will be able to provide your business with.

The following are the benefits that you have to be aware of the most.

One: Increase in traffic – Traffic is one of the most imperative things for any business to achieve success. Without enough traffic, you will never have enough customers and this means you won’t be making enough money.

For a business to achieve success, all of these things are essential. With seo for your small business, you will be able to easily increase traffic to your business.

One of the top reasons to use search engine optimization is because this will provide you with a long term marketing method. That means that the steps you take now for search engine optimization will also provide you with traffic in the future, from the work you did one time.

The more seo you do or have a company do for you, the more traffic you will receive in the immediate future and for a long time to come.

Two: Increase in income – When you are able to increase your traffic to the business, you will easily be able to also increase your income. The more traffic you get to the business, the more customers you will get that are willing to spend their money with you.

Traffic is the only way you will be able to get customers and increase your income. For many business owners this is one of the biggest benefits and one of the top reasons that many decide to use seo for their business.

Three: Traffic will keep coming back – The work that you do now, will bring traffic to your business far into the future. The longer you use seo and the more effort you put into it, the more traffic you will see in the future from your efforts.

Plus over time, maintaining the level of traffic will become much easier for any business owner to do. You just have to realize that effective seo will take time to start bringing traffic to your business, so don’t give up before you give this marketing method a chance to work correctly for you.

These are just a handful of the benefits small business seo will provide for any business. Now, you just need to make up your mind about whether to use seo for your small business. Be sure you consider these benefits carefully, so you make the wise choice, but remember that seo will only help your business grow, which will help you achieve your success goal.

By: Jeff Schuman

About the Author:

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