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If you have a small business and you want to make it big but all you have is a small budget, a small business SEO is what you need. There are many businesses that were able to grow bigger by utilizing that best that it  can offer. If you dreamed of seeing your business to be the ultimate choice of consumers, you need to see for yourself that with the aid of SEO, you can do just that. Here are the basic things that you will deal with when you let SEO work for your business.

Remember that everything starts with the keyword/s. You might be knowledgeable about SEO and have the best web designers as well as a big budget. But if you do not have keywords related to your business, you are leading to disaster. This kind of business strategy online requires for keywords and you have to look for the best one. In the critical world of SEO, good keywords are very important. This is because they can be described as the group of words that are searched by many but with less competition. Remember that too common words might be what searchers key in, but remember as well that they might be used already by your competitors.

You can use some of the free tools that are offered in the net which will help you find the words that you think will fit what you need. Generally, the more niches there are, the better it gets.

If you have learned about SEO, then you might have heard about SEO spiders. As the business owner, you have to know basically how search engine works. One way that search engines do is to find your site is through their engine spiders. When they find your site they will start to crawl through it, and then send back all of the text they have crawled and cache it in their servers. It is a big help especially if business owners are aware of this.

Another very crucial aspect of your website which these search engines heavily base their rankings are contents that are updated and the indexing of your new content. It is highly recommended that small businesses to have a blog written on their website and these should be updated every day with newer posts. If the search engine could see that your website contains fresh content everyday and offers relevant information with the goods and services that you are offering to researchers, then the search engine would consider ranking you on top of your competitors.

At a first glance, small business SEO could be very simple and easy. This could be true however; one must exert a lot of effort in using the right keywords. These keywords should be unique, but likewise familiar and easy to remember for users. There are a lot of strategies that are outfitted for small businesses. These are waiting for your discovery so you should go beyond the given strategies above. With these combined, you are sure to reap the good benefits for the sure success of your business.

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Andreas Obermueller asked:

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimizing and refers to a set of good practices that teach you how to improve your website so that it would be easily tracked, indexed and ranked by search engines. Getting your site indexed by Google and other major search engines will help you attract visitors and increase traffic.

SEO is an exciting and ongoing process that involves not only an initial optimized website, but also permanent maintenance and evaluating search results on a regular basis. With the ever-changing Internet technology, SEO experts sometimes have contrasting opinions on what makes a good website. However, there are some general guidelines most of them agree on.

Design & Content

o You should build your web pages for human beings and not for search engines. A clean design and a trong content will ultimately drive search engine spiders to your site.
o Make a clear hierarchy and provide text links to each page.
o Don’t put to many links on a single page (maximum 100).
o You should include a site map to help users navigate easily through your website.
o Make sure you have clear TITLE tags, no HTML errors and all the links work.
o You should use text instead of images to display important elements, as search engine crawlers may not recognize a text inside an image.
o While keeping your content useful and clear, do use keywords that you know users would type to get to your page.

Technical Issues

o Most search engine crawlers see your website similar to the way a text browser sees it. Consequently, you should use a text browser, such as Lynx, to check your website. If you can’t see the whole page because of JavaScript, session IDs, DHTML or Flash features, search engine spiders will probably have trouble with crawling your website.
o Check with your web host to see if the server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This header tells Google whether the website content has changed since its last visit.
o While it is advised session IDs to track visitors’ path through the website, you shouldn’t do this for search bots.
o The robots.txt file on your web server tells spiders which directories can be crawled and which cannot. Make sure it’s updated and it doesn’t somehow block search engine crawlers.

Website Promotion

o After you’ve built your website and put it online, try to get high PageRank sites link to it.
o Submit your website to major search engines (Google, Yahoo/Altavista, MSN) to get it indexed, along with a site map that will tell them the site structure.
o Submit your website to relevant directories, such as Yahoo and Open Directory Project.
o Get involved in community based websites, blogs and forums and build a strong reputation.

Whether you choose to implement these techniques yourself or go to a SEO expert, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google and other search engines. Search engines change their crawling algorithms often and competitor websites appear all the time. However, following these basic SEO guidelines will improve your chances of increasing your website traffic and is a better practice than looking for a way to cheat on search engines in order to get your pages indexed.

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amitsdave asked:

I heard about SEO a few weeks ago and could not find a good book on it. Could you please suggest a good book and possible link to buy it.

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frankee09 asked:

I understand that search engines change their algorithm’s to keep people honest and it normally shuffles the results around but i have seen some very drastic changes lately. Where can we go to stay on top of Yahoo! and their ever changing algorithm’s? I now see more sites that are less relevant towards the top of Yahoo! especially ones that don’t put any effort into their site, compared to the few of us that have put a lot of time, money, and energy in our sites to make our customers happy.

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Yasir Khan asked:

Keyword density has always been a topic of discussion in SEO and internet marketing forums. The reason why it is deemed important is because in the older days, keyword density was one of the most important factors to attend to. In 2000, if you wanted to rank high for a specific keyword, you would stuff in your keywords in the title tag, description tag, keyword tags and also in the content area.

But times have changed. Now, keyword density is a measure which does not really make or break you in the SEO game. Sure, it is good to have repetitions of your keywords in your content, but it will not make a huge difference. Search engines have come to realize that people simply exploit these tricks in order to rank high. For this reason, they have stopped giving a lot of credit for undertaking these measures.

Does this mean that you should not care about keyword density? In my opinion, I do not really care about the keyword-density when writing my content. It just happens normally that my articles show mostly have a 2% keyword-density, which has worked fine for me. The point I am trying to make is: Even if I have a 0.5% keyword-density, my rankings for that content page would not really have suffered.

When you are doing SEO, think about the bigger picture. If something can be replicated by a lot of people to exploit search engine loopholes, chances are, Google will put an end to it. So instead of counting your keywords and checking the keyword-density, just write good, convincing content which will force your readers to come back to read more of your articles.

If you look at the top ranking websites for any niche, you will find that they have great, quality content. The also have multiple writers which keep on adding new content to the website. These writers do not really go out of the way to see whether the keyword density condition is being fulfilled. They just write quality content in hopes that their visitors will find it useful.

In conclusion, leave the small things aside and focus on the bigger picture when you are doing SEO. Established internet marketers mostly do not care about small things such as keyword density.

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mr r asked:


I need a list of 15 directories that relate to mascot costumes!
These directories must be search engine friendly (no more then 30 links per page) and well written.

I’d like to submit my site to these directories.

For future references- how do I search for niche directories with Google?

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