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While there may not be chiseled rock tablets with SEO commandments, there are certainly deadly search engine optimization sins. While you won’t risk eternal damnation by breaking them, you are putting your online marketing efforts at risk. This article will take a look at 7 mistakes people commonly make. Avoid these mistakes and you will see your SEO efforts pay off more quickly and effectively.

1. Static HTML Website – Yes you can still rank on the search engines with these, but a CMS or blogging platform like WordPress makes it so much easier. Besides the fact that Google generally ranks WordPress sites higher, they are also much easier to add content too. Google loves content!

2. One for One Reciprocal Links – This is an old school method of link building and it has definitely lost its luster. Google caught on to this method and developed updates to their algorithm to make these fairly ineffective. If you trade a link with someone, they basically cancel each other out. They can still be good for traffic, but not for SEO purposes.

3. Not Updating Your Site – Remember Google loves fresh content. If content is fresh it will be counted as more relevant. Google wants to bring its users the most relevant searches it can. An article about new cars written today is more relevant by nature, than one written 5 years ago.

4. Submitting Sites to Search Engines – For the most part there is only one search engine you care about – Google, so why bother submitting to the other ones? In fact there is no reason to submit your site to Google either. All of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo/Bing) are smart enough to find your site. They will usually do it relatively quickly too. Search engine submission is a waste of time.

5. Same Title Tag Across Site – I see this so often. A business website will have the same title on each of their web pages, and usually it is the business name. You want to use keywords here, and you want to make sure that each page has a unique title tag so that they can individually rank in the search engines for different terms.

6. Keyword Stuffing – This is another tactic I see way too much, and I can’t believe it still happens. Writing your content with tons of keywords stuffed into it is not a good idea. First off, Google has been around for awhile it knows what keyword stuffing is and if your ratio is too high it will penalize you. Secondly, it is horrible for your readers. Write for your readers, not search engines.

7. Duplicate Content – This has always been an issue, Google tries not to rank two pages that are very similar so if your content is all duplicated from elsewhere you might be in trouble. Even worse news is very recently Google further tweaked its algorithm to make sure sites that were built entirely with duplicate content, or were full of useless content would be dropped from its rankings. It is estimated that around 12% of the Google rankings were affected.

While you won’t risk eternal damnation, you still need to avoid these deadly SEO sins. While you may not face Biblical consequences, you will face low Search Engine Optimization rankings and potentially risk being dropped from Google altogether.

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Swadesh Rohilla asked:

If you are not aware about the world of SEO article writing then this piece of article will help you understand it. The business world know SEO article writing very well because it helps them to get potential customers. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization the term is familiar for those who are in the software field. The websites play an important role in the demand of the product by the customers. The progress in the ranking of the website depends on the content that it uses. The Search Engine Optimization also helps in the higher rankings of the website.

Let’s talk about the SEO article guidelines to make the concept clear for the people who don’t understand it. Article writing needs some specialization for the writer to be successful in this field. The guidelines given below will help you in getting that necessary perfection for your future.

First of all, the entire article should be well written and must interest the readers. The companies hire good writers for short time to get the ‘wow’ effect in their content. The important thing that makes the article appealing for the readers is the information that it deals with. The information that you present must be according to the demand of the readers.

The other thing that is also crucial for the higher ranking of the website is the keywords. The key words should be appealing and very common for the readers. The key words must signify the topic and matter that the content wants to convey to the readers. These key words lead the reader to the website of the company. The key words should make a sense for the article; that should not be away from the theme of the content.

Last but not the least key word density plays an important role in the higher ranking of the website. The limit of key words should be discussed before starting your work. The keywords must not be used excessively or in shortage. The number of keywords must be according to the requirement of the content. The excessive use of keywords makes the content look awkward and appropriate use makes it look awesome.

If all these points are kept in mind then the article get its aim and gives profit to the company or it is worthless. These guidelines are necessary for the SEO Content Writer to achieve masterpiece that he was missing before.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to techniques for increasing search engine traffic for your site. There are numerous techniques to achieving this, some tend to be easier/less frustrating than others. Briefly, SEO increases your presence on search engines which increases your traffic numbers. Appearing as number one for certain keywords is frequently the goal of SEO efforts.

A fantastic first step is to ensure your blog is already SEO optimized correctly. Make sure you use appropriate meta keys and meta descriptions so search engines can spider your website correctly. Once this is done you do not have to worry about it again. Whatever your website is about make sure your keywords, title and description are all relevant and targeting your area of interest. Your meta description and title will also be shown in search engine results so make sure it is relevant and correct.

Furthermore, make sure you write good, original content. Copying content from other sources will get you penalized by search engines. Search engines have become highly developed and intelligent. Their goal is to offer the most relevant content to their users so showing duplicate content is not in their interest. Thus, if you merely copy content you will be penalized and marked down in the search rankings.

Building links is the next step once you have optimized your website correctly and have written good, original, content. The amount of inbound links your website has is one of the most important ways a search engine determines how good your website is. If your website has more links than another one, search engines will rank your website higher. Writing good quality, keyword rich content will result in this process happening organically but it may take a while for search engines to find you. However, if you want to see faster results you may want to try some of the following techniques.

Firstly, write original content and submit it to article directories. Sometimes it can be difficult for your articles to get accepted as they must be reviewed by human reviewers. However, for every article that you get accepted, you will also get a couple of links back to your website. Search engines really like this. You should see SEO as a game – always trying to get quality links from good websites.

You can also manually build links to your website by commenting on forums and blogs. Many blog owners and forum admins will allow dofollow links to your website. Dofollow is the colloquial name given to links that search engines will take notice of, compared to nofollow links. Nofollow was created because SEO marketers used to spam/pay for links which meant you could increase traffic dishonestly. Search engines will ignore nofollow links and you will not get any SEO benefit. Why not spend some time finding blogs that will allow you to link to your site? This will benefit the SEO of your website, increase your online presence and will allow you to network with your fellow bloggers within the blogosphere. Your comments should be genuine and relevant to the content. In most cases, writing something self-promotional will not get approved and you will have wasted time and effort. You should always be a productive commenter.

Social bookmarking sites are also a good way to increase your SEO. Do not spam your website too much as admins for the sites will most likely block your website. But similar to directories, book marking your website will get a link from a quality site. If a site is well established, search engines give you more SEO benefits from getting a link from there. In other words, having a dofollow link from a popular online book marking site is worth much more compared to a link from a small site.

One last tip is to submit your site to directories. They can be troublesome to set up but if you get a link from a directory it will eventually improve your search engine ranking. A lot of the directories have high page rankings. Although there are usually various submission options. There tends to be many different payment options. Generally they are: paid, free with reciprocal links and free. If you can pay for links (although they can be quite costly) then you will see your website fast tracked into the directory. If you go for a free link then it can take months to get accepted. Reciprocal links are not necessarily beneficial for your SEO (these aren’t given credence like one-way links). These may be beneficial for referring traffic but for SEO purposes these are not as useful.

If you follow the above hints and tips then you should see an improvement in your search engine rankings. You should also definitely use search analytics for reporting the search engine traffic and carefully managing your efforts. This way you will be able to see what has the most benefit and what you can focus more on.

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Internet is expanding as speed of light As we have millions of web developer around the world who develops 1000’s of website in each second We agreed if someone says that  It can be no longer to be argued that the World wide web has become a force to consider with arena of global exposure, and especially in the arena of Search Engine marketing.

Many Webmasters and Small business Entrepreneurs have already recognize that the Search Engine Marketing is always being excellent online business platform for them to make the most of internet marketing in selling their goods and services As they implement all best strategies including Search Engine Optimization India , pay per click advertising, Email marketing, Social media marketing covering Facebook, twitter etc. Important factor to consider is as simple as that we have countless no of ideas to implement strategies in favour of optimizing our business online and if we only think ideas but not implementing them then we will realize that our competitor is already practicing same and building brand identity by all online and offline Marketing modes. Time is gone when business analyst develop strategies for whole year to achieve time management and successfully stepping up towards achieving goal by following planning implementing for whole year. Now a day’s small business plans are implemented under A and B Testing to track how to optimize our Business on regular basis as we know not only us our competitor also wants to reach more and more online satisfied customers and wish to make more and more online sales by offering special offer and combo plans in special occasions. If you look at the current trend of Internet Marketing occurrences, then our entrepreneur would know that it is no longer an option if you want to make progress online. You would have to undergo some form of Search Engine Marketing if you want to be successful. Therefore, Entrepreneur would need to master and learn all the available Search Engine Optimization skills around which Seo consultant or seo expert have, Small business entrepreneur should know and establish their market and niche, come up with creative ideas, should be unique and go the extra mile so your dedication pays off.

Running small business firm is not as easy and entrepreneur have lots of great skills like planner, organizer, leadership etc. its upto them what suits them doing self search engine optimization is time consuming task at the same point of time they can hire dedicated seo consultants or team of seo experts including web developer, web designer, copywriter, link builder so that they can have dedicated in house seo team or they can outsource to Search Engine Optimization Delhi seospidy to provide complete business solution for their organization at much competitive price as such seo firm provide various services like virtual assistant, technical chat support, software and application development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic designing, video production etc.

If you want to leap a head from your competitor and being successful small business entrepreneur, and surpass your niche business competition, then you would have to outsource to seo services company india to employ the best 2010 latest  online marketing strategies of the internet marketing coach who would help you simplify the problems of optimizing your online. Seo India company seospidy develops special mechanism like wireframe management, A/B testing, creative and interactive advertising and have deep analysis in your website and compute the best possible way to bring you higher in the rankings and put you on the top pages. This interactive seo firm have satisfied online customers and small business agency from chicago, san francisco, london, leeds, norwich, manchester, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg,  Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga, Halifax and south africa

Basically, what these Search engine Optimization expert working seo services company would do for your online business would be to build brand identity and handle reputation management by handling social media analytics about your organization from twitter, facebook etc. fundamentally, what they effort on would be your online presence, and they would work on the HTML tags and also the interactive and unique user friendly and search engine friendly text on your website.

we should know and understand that outsourcing is much better decision as recruiting and organizing inhouse team is time consuming and efficient utilization of time is necessary for successful business and most interesting part of outsourcing is these seo firms offer customized and most economical cost effective packages which are reliable and affordable as compared to inhouse team. These professional organization have years of experience in the arena of search engine marketing and they provide guaranteed inclusion of your website in Google, Bing and Yahoo with 100 % money back guarantee if not satisfied with performance.

Do you want a pleasant future for your business contact small business seo experts well known seo services companies in India today.

By: rahul sharma

About the Author:

Seospidy is Seo Services Company India company provide guaranteed inclusion of your website in niche business keywords in top 10 listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are expert in Content writing, directory submission, email marketing, pay per click advertising, software development, social media optimization, social bookmarking. We are most reputable Internet Marketing India company contact us today for Interactive website analysis + business generated consultancy.

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The concept of marketing revolves around the proper presentation (promotion) of diverse products and services for the general public. It evolved some time ago and today new strategies are still being discovered. If large companies have an effective army of marketing specialist to provide them with the latest information and advertising strategies, a lot of small businesses suffer from the lack of experience and disappear before they can even say they tried. For them, specialists in small business marketing have appeared and they are ready to provide all the assistance needed in order to help them succeed.

As it was already said, marketing equals the advertising of products, services and even information. If you want to reach potential clients, you start advertising and frankly there are so many ways to accomplish effective promotion that a newbie would be amazed. Starting from the traditional advertising methods in the already popular Yellow Pages, going to other print advertising sources (newspaper and magazine ads) to modern technology (online advertising with search engine optimization and PPC campaigns), one thing is certain: it does take a lot of effort to succeed in today’s complicated world.

The importance of traditional advertising cannot be denied no matter how much technology has advanced in the past few years and how many people declare that it’s not fashionable to advertise in the Yellow Pages or in the newspaper anymore. Yes, the statistics are worrying and we should all be prepared to move online soon but there is still a large segment of the market to be covered by print advertising. Many people do not have Internet connection and they still rely on sources like the Yellow Pages in order to search for both services and products, especially if we were to talk at a local level. The best thing for anyone to do when it comes to small business marketing is to go both online and print. That is only way to cover a large portion of the market and present one’s business to as many customers as possible.

If traditional advertising has its own advantages for small business marketing, the Internet has even more and without a doubt it will increase in popularity as time passes. Every day, more and more people become Internet consumers and they start to rely on online Yellow pages or the most popular search engines to search for the products they are interested in. Effective advertising does start with finding the right company to help you out with your small business marketing needs, providing you with all the assistance needed and the latest advertising strategies, that including search engine optimization.

What does search engine optimization actually refer to and how can one benefit from it? Well, SEO represents one of the most popular advertising strategies of the modern world and every day a larger percent of people take their time to find out about it. Specialists have started to provide seo training toronto Canada, hoping that more business owners will understand the importance of search engine ranking and other related strategies. Search engine optimization is not a thing that can be accomplished over night; on the contrary, it takes some time to be understood and perhaps a little more to be implemented. Still, once applied, the results will be noticeable and the client perfectly satisfied.

If you are interested in seo training toronto Canada, then you should know what kind of things are these specialists ready to teach you and how you can put them to good use. SEO might seem a simple notion at first but it encompassed a wide variety of techniques and strategies, representing perhaps the basis for effective advertising and the most important thing for a strong online presence. Seo training toronto Canada refers to many things and you should take your time to discover all of them, step by step.

First of all, any good specialist in seo training toronto Canada knows that he/she should start with keyword importance. Without a doubt, keywords are extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization but they must not be used more times than necessary and without relevance to the website’s content. Also, these experts will point out how important is to have high-quality content and sturdy structure in order to have a website optimized for the major search engines. These are just a few pointers for anyone interested in seo training toronto Canada and small business marketing in general; more information can be found online and it is quite important that you read it in order to make a breakthrough!

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Howard Bradley asked:

Everyone thinks he knows a little bit about Search Engine Optimization. When planning the marketing strategy of your business, you may think the right choice of a key word and a few recommendations on different conversation forums are enough to bring your web site a high ranking. In another words, you can do it yourself and spare the marketing budget. Nevertheless, the competition on the internet is tight and your website does not generate as many visitors as expected.

Besides creativity and imagination, a SEO team comes with the technical tools that allow the identification of the search words used by the typical customers of a company. A SEO company will develop a marketing strategy and implement it, based on the in-house developed Software. This tool provides a thorough analysis of key words and identifies the niche in the market for alternative keywords, which have the potential to generate high visibility and place your website among the best ranked.

A SEO focuses on 2 directions: the first one is called On Page optimization and refers to the qualitative improvement of your web site appearance. This accounts for the 25% of the success of your web site as the best ranked ones. The rest of 75% is assured by the Off Page Optimization – the number of effective inbound links that refer to your website. The larger the number of good-quality back links, the higher the ranking position on the search engines.

If you want to achieve yourself the search engine optimization of your web site, you need first of all to learn everything in connection with this field. There are plenty of guides and links offering basic information in this area, so if you have enough time and want to save some money, just purchase one and start studying! Of course, meanwhile you could focus on your business development and take advantage of the experience the SEO agencies have gathered in this field. In SEO area, the more money you invest, the more money comes back to you. If you cut your SEO budget and rely only on your own powers, the results will be poor, unless you are a specialist in this field.

Before deciding to hire a SEO, you have first of all to make sure they have experience in your field; also, enquire about the results they had with other companies. Avoid those agencies that promise you from the very beginning top rankings on search engines with obscure keywords which no one would use in their searches. Make sure you work with a reliable SEO which will use any cent that you pay in order to generate profit in your favor. Thus you’ll rest assured your website is properly promoted and concentrate on your business.

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Len Wasnock asked:

If you don’t know already, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a very important part of your online presence and marketing strategy. Having a great website is only the first piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Once you have that great site, you need to promote your site to gain the greatest visibility that you can within the major search engines. Most people when searching the internet for products or services will not go past the 2nd page of their search engine results. Your website listing needs to be positioned within those first 2 pages of results, ideally on the first page.

How do you achieve this? First, have a complete analysis of how your website currently ranks within the search engines. This is very important as the analysis will tell you where you stand against your completion and how well your keywords are working for you. Once you know where you stand and what your optimal keywords are, your SEO provider can supply you with a plan of action to improve your search engine visibility. How quickly your search results improve are a function of the amount of competition you have on the internet and the search terms used. The more websites offering the same products or services, the more work needs to be done to differentiate you from your competition.

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or “organic” (un-paid) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine search results. This gives a website web presence and it gives you a major advantage over your competition!

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website may involve editing the content and HTML and associated coding on each and every page of the website to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of engines. This is often referred to as the on-page SEO optimization. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic. This is referred to as off-page SEO optimization and involves a significant amount of work by your SEO expert.

On-page methods: these methods use keywords in the title, meta tag descriptions, H1 tags, keyword rich body content and internal links. Another on-page method is to update the content on your site on a regular basis. This shows the search engines that you have dynamic content that is worth noting during the indexing process. Examples of this method are using blogs and regularly adding or updating content on your website.

Off-page methods: these methods involve submitting articles, submitting your URL, creating backlinks, placing relevant information on blog and forums, using mini sites and using reciprocal links on similar websites.

For the best results, contact a SEO company and let them do the heavy lifting of the SEO process. Don’t fall for the “get rich quick schemes”! SEO takes time and it takes work. Find the right company and budget for it and you will not be disappointed.

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Otilia Otlacan asked:

Tough question, “What is SEO?”. As with pretty much all internet-related terms, concepts and notions, that of “SEO” does not have a unique definition and it is a blurry concept in most people’s mind.
Still, what is SEO? Since there is no ultimate, fully comprehensible definition for “SEO”, the only way to go is to take a look at several definitions and try to merge them in order to have the right perspective.

Wikipedia : “Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine listings. The term also refers to an industry of consultants that carry out optimization projects on behalf of client sites.”

Fakezilla : “The changes that are made to the content and code of a web site in order to increase its rankings in the results pages of search engines and directories. These changes may involve rewriting body copy, altering Title or Meta tags, removal of Frames or Flash content, and the seeking of incoming links.”

The Web Search Workshop : “The term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimizing a website, including the content and structure of the website’s copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process.”

6am Media : “The process of improving web pages so that it ranks higher in search engine for targeted keywords with the ultimate goal of generating more revenue from the web site. There are many SEO techniques. In general, these techniques can be categorized as On-Page Optimization, On-Site Optimization, and Off-Site Optimization. There are also two schools of SEO: white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEOs are those that play by the rule (actually guidelines provided by search engines). Black hat SEOs are those that push the limit of SEOs and employ some questionable or prohibited techniques (according to the guidelines). These black hat SEO techniques are also commonly known as spam.”

Website NOVA : “acronym for search engine optimization. This is the process of making a website ‘search-engine-friendly. Search engine optimization is primarily used to increase rankings in SERPs, and effective SEO can increase the potential of your website and bring in more traffic.”

Thousands more definitions are available, almost as many “SEO guru’s” you will find online (“The Guru Problem” is actually the title of another article to be published soon).
As you can see, no definition is like another, but they all tend to converge to a certain common understanding.

There are numerous techniques and tools used to achieve SEO goals, and they should NOT be included within a definition.

Since it is not correct to define a concept through its tools, here is a definition I have come up with after long deliberations. The suggestion is to define SEO as follows:

SEO = abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, the process of optimizing and tuning a web site and gaining online awareness for it, in order to deliver targeted visitors and ensure high conversion rates.

When done correctly, SEO activities must:
– make search engines crawl the site;

– make search engines index the site;

– ensure a high ranking among SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for given keywords;

– achieve a high page rank;

– drive targeted traffic;

– achieve high conversion rates among the site’s visitors.

Since nothing is definitive and ultimate in the world of SEO, I’d like to receive your feedback and comments: TeaWithEdge.com is a way to contact me and speak up about your Marketing concerns.

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Liz Jones asked:

So many small businesses have no idea about the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and the energy that can provide your business. Small businesses have been led to believe that all you need to do to harness the power of the Internet are throwing together a website and the masses will come and beat down their doors. Regrettably, many national ad campaigns for larger companies represented this same scenario in their television commercials, where business owners took their website live and 30 seconds later had more business that could support next year. In the real world of internet marketing, things are not that simple. The secret to having a successful online business is the effective implementation of a well thought out SEO. Once you have convinced small business owners who need a campaign optimization, the next hurdle is the cost typically associated with this type of work. Many small business owners can not understand why the cost of most optimization schemes is so expensive. These business owners have a valid concern. In many cases, the high costs associated with a typical campaign promotioin are very difficult to justify on your perspective. This is why optimization affordable site that deliberately targets local businesses is critical. The high cost of a campaign is understandable for a company the size of a major department store of the box, but for a mom and pop coffee shop, the cost must be reasonable. Building plans affordable for smaller businesses, professionals, search engine optimization can help to reinforce the main street America that SEO brings value to their Internet marketing efforts. The brutal truth is that without effective SEO techniques, local patrons never find local businesses in their community at the top of the search engines without the implementation of an effective SEO Plan.There are many moving pieces to a effective optimization strategy, and all take time and money the instrument. Small business owners may believe they can create their own site using Web design software page, published it online, then they tell their clients about it as a way to maximize the investment they have put into the site. However, this approach reaches just to patrons who are serving and not now attract new customers. Hiring an individual or a company with affordable prices, the return on investment realized by the business owner will be much higher. The primary reason for this being the SEO expert knows how to get website to number one spot in the major search engines, and when dealing with local projects that SEO is not that difficult to achieve. Small business owners should carefully evaluate their entry into the online realm, and the exact plan how they intend to maximize the dollars of information technology that happen. Using a qualified SEO expert who has affordable rates will help maximize your return on investment in the online world.

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Claire Moore asked:

& lt; br/& WP; rA©ussy of marketing Internet small company needs d& #39; optimization of the search engines, or SEO. référencement is a word à the fashion which grew with l& #39; ère of l& #39; Internet. He ya twenty years nobody worried SEO. Now, if you have a site and that you want to make small marketing Internet d& #39; businesses, SEO is an immense considA©ration for a profitable présence on Internet. It ya maintaining many companies which are spécialisent in référencement the & lt; br/& WP;. Qu& #39; is SEO exactly heard? référencement is l& #39; art to make that your site appears on the première page of résultats of search… for préférence the première quotation. The search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and to ask, inter alia. When quelqu& #39; a slap some words in the research field, the  “moteur” will ramènera several résultats qu& #39; she judges relevant. Many factors come into play for déterminer the résultats. The search engines preserve to them & quot; algorithmes& quot; secret signal. Why? Whereas experts SEO cannot mislead them! sociétés such as Google wants être in measurement of contrôler ” the résultats and to provide relevant Web sites which répondent à their users of their needs for the users (plutôt that sites which ont “trompé ” l& #39; algorithm by registering them on the première page). & lt; br/& WP; & lt; Br/& WP; Before making marketing Internet for your company, you owe conscious être that the SEO for a local company is très différente SEO for an Internet or of l& #39; national company.  “local” is company which has four walls and a roof (what is known like a  “brick and mortier”) and n& #39; (well qu&amp is généralement not généralement a chaîne; #39; it can être d& #39; a frankness which is responsible for its own marketing). & lt; Br/& lt; br/& WP; & WP; When you made marketing Internet for your local company, your goal is d& #39; to attract the customers in your gA©ographic zone. In fact, à to make small buildings of marketing on Internet d& #39; company, you n& #39; do not need really d& #39; to have a Web site (même if ça helps). Why? Parce qu& #39; there exist many directories of local research! These répertoires is on line, like the yellow pages – only in time réel. And majority, if not the totalité d& #39; between them, allow you d& #39; to register your company in free! Usually, you can enter more than your name, l& #39; addresses and the numéro téléphone. You can list your hours d& #39; opening, a Web site or a bond blog (if you have one of them), of information générales on your company;! Some allow you même télécharger images & lt; br/& WP; And believe me, these répertoires of local research will be almost always être stronger of your Web site d& #39; businesses in the search engines (what means, they will be placés in first, before your Web site, in the résultats of research). & lt; br/& WP; If you wish to register your company with succès at the local level basée on l& #39; Internet, the local directories of research are a must. With correct marketing by Internet with the small companies, you will be à the tête of list of the search engines via the local directories of research. And if your company has most relevant and of information à day is entré in the répertoire, the new customers of sélectionner your company on the others, the advertisements of less informative. Cha-ching!

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