I have one question for you…

Is your marketing producing results?

If your marketing is not going well, there could be reasons why your marketing is not working.

Here are 5 areas to fix, that may be hindering your marketing from bringing you loads of new customers you deserve.

1. You are doing it yourself.

If you don’t have a major degree in marketing – then the truth is that you are probably not very good at it, or average at best.

If you hired a low to average marketing person what results will you get?

You need to get help from a professional marketing consultant that has had proven results – to get the results you want.

2. You are spending too much time on it.

If you are spending more than 10 hours a week on marketing, then you are taking precious time away from your business.

If you are not able to get results in 10 hours, then you are not going to get it putting more time in.

As they say, “You need to work smarter not harder.”

Get help from a professional to learn the right things to do, so that you don’t waste your precious time…and money.

3. You are doing the wrong things.

Sometimes we spend a lot of energy on marketing efforts that bring little results.

It’s time to try something different.

My philosophy is to follow the pattern of 3, which is: keep doing what has worked (check your ROI), do what always works (like asking for referrals), and try what has worked really well for someone else.

4. You are working with the wrong marketing company.

If you have not seen results after working with your marketing company after 90 days – you need to fire them.

Any good marketer will drive results. And some even get you results in less than 30 days.

The flaky ones give you excuses like “you have to wait 6 months to see results.”

Don’t believe it. Fire them right now.

5. You are not automating your marketing.

If you didn’t know, there are many tools and resources for you to put your marketing on autopilot.

The goal is to get your customers to chase you, instead of the other way around.

Your website, blog, affiliates, email are only a few. Its time you started automating your marketing and got customers even while you sleep.

So if you are not getting the results you want in your marketing, fix the 5 areas that I mentioned above. Then you will start seeing a flood of customers coming to your door…even in as little as 30 days.

By: William U Pena

About the Author:

Will Pena, MBA is the founder of a small business consulting company, Sapient Business Solutions Inc – specializing in helping small businesses to get more customers, close more sales and make more money in as little as 30 days.


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