If you are not taking advantage of Internet marketing for small business, then as a small business owner you are missing an enormous opportunity. Self-employed business owners, like you, often overlook how the Internet can promote their businesses. You will be familiar with all of the following excuses:

• I have been in business for 25 years. I do not need the Internet.

• I do not have time to figure out how to market online.

• I have a little dress shop in a small town. What good is the Internet to me?

• I am a local business; not a global business. I do not need the Internet.

No matter where you live or where your business is located you are heading down the road to extinction, if you are avoiding the Internet.

How can Internet marketing for small business help you?

Think about this: A group of people arrive in your town and want to find out where the restaurants are located; and where those interesting small shops can be found. What do they do?

(a) Find the nearest phone booth and check the Yellow Pages book.

(b) Stop and ask at a gas station.

(c) Check their iPhone where they can easily search for restaurants and shops plus a map for directions.

If you chose (a) the phone booth, your visitors will have a hard time finding a phone booth. They will have an even harder time finding a phone booth with a phone book dangling on a wire chain.

If you chose (b) the gas station, depending on the size of your city, may not be able to give accurate directions. If your potential customers do get directions, they can easily get lost again or discover something else.

If you chose (c) check their iPhone, then you understand the effect the Internet has on every business. More and more people are checking the Internet for locations and directions.

Start your Internet marketing for small business today.

Follow these instructions:

(1) Do a Google search for your business. For example, restaurants and the name of your city.

(2) A list of restaurants will come up.

(3) If yours comes up, look over to the right of your business name it will say, “Edit this page – Business Owner?”

(4) As the owner of the business, you can verify the listing then add more information about your business, plus pictures, comments and a link to your website (if you have one).

Small business owners, who use Internet marketing for small business, will have many advantages over those who do not use the Internet. Firstly, customers will easily find them because they will be searching online rather than using the Yellow Pages book. Secondly, depending on the business there could be opportunities to ship products abroad. Thirdly, Internet marketing is less expensive than radio and newspapers. Lastly, customers can be directed to your website for more information and discount coupons.

Getting your business set up on Google Places is an excellent start. Your next steps involve getting listed in online directories, setting up a website and social marketing. Now is the time to begin your Internet marketing for small business.

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Rodrigo Olivares asked:

& lt; br/& WP; It seems that more and more these days start, or think à démarrer a company. This n& #39; is certainly not an unexpected situation taking into account the current récession, we are in (compliments of the government) who has apporté massive quantités of dismissals and the chômage. & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; act of marketing, publicité or the promotion of your small d& #39; businesses of some manière that it is, will be (à my opinion) the most difficult tâche, you will have à to treat, without forgetting qu& #39; it can also être très teux coÔ in time and silver. J& #39; have thus décidé to give you some councils to obtain your brain goes and can-être cause novel modes of marketing, you and your biz. & lt; br/& WP; Démarrage d& #39; a company & lt; br/& WP; You heard all that before right? … you need some calling cards, a Web site, can-être some facts house flyers, and can-être a certain paying form of publicité. & lt; br/& WP; All above are correct, but c& #39; is l& #39; approaches and time that you devote à each one of those which will make the différence & lt; br/& WP; Let us take the traditional way of the promotion of your company:. the invincible calling card. If you want to really make a good impression, you must transport a face color and à l& #39; arrière à high brightness calling card, they are so good marché to make these journées qu& #39; it is worth the sorrow of it. You ensure that you lay out d& #39; a professional designer to pose it for you… the brilliance in front of and back of chart is not worth anything without a clean and professional design. & lt; br/& WP; Now, if you want to take that on the next level sophistication (and to save the ground), then ensure you that you record a format numA©ric on your téléphone portable so that you can the text easily or by email à a right of the potential customers on the spot. As a propriétaire d& #39; company, I leave the principle which you have an intelligent téléphone like a Blackberry or a iPhone which will allow you text and images by électronique mail thus. Ensure you that you have a numA©ric image of your calling card, not only not to take one photograph of your chart with your téléphone, that will not give you good the qualité. It would be like l& #39; impression of your own calling cards à the house with the design that your cousin made for you! & lt; br/& WP; Next étape, language SMS. You must ensure yourselves that you établir an effective façon to collect numéros of téléphone of your customers and to ask them for s& #39; they wish to receive messages text sometimes of you (your company). If you have a iPhone like me, then you can télécharger easily an application which will enable you to gather your customers to send massive SMS. & lt; br/& WP; Email marketing… ouais, c& #39; is always a great importance, and still gives you another façon  “to remain in contact& quot; with your existing, even of the potential customers. J& #39; had a customer l& #39; another day to say to me that some of its former customers who reçoivent his bulletin d& #39; information have été to recall to require an estimate! this n& #39; is not that something. & lt; br/& WP; Put something on your car, but qu& #39; it appears more professional. packing of car can être enough teux coÔ, but you can always obtain stickers for cars made with your logo, can-être a slogan or a dA©claration of mission. You can également obtain magnets for l& #39; car à an accessible price très, ensure you to make them good façon. Not to try to draw 200 words là – inside! it is enough to place relevant information at the point, like your Web site, the numéro of téléphone and what you made, for example & quot; Web & amp; Graphic Services&amp Design; quot; or & quot; Peinture& quot;. For a car of normal size, you will probably need d& #39; one 24 & quot; X 12& quot; magnet, or you can même être able assemble one 24 & quot; X 18& quot; & lt; br/& WP; Ah yes… your Web site (I coils this one!). You and me soaps that very undertaken now &amp days; quot; will not be pas& quot; to survive during too a long time à less qu& #39; they have a Web site, it is absolutely vital. Well sÔ R, that will nécessitera a very new station which I probably will work in the next days, but for l& #39; moment I can tell you two things: you can is to use and to pay for one of these services C-it-yourself or you can engage an accessible Web and graphic design. Like anything else, it ya of the advantages and inconvénients of these two initiatives, but we will enter later. & lt; br/& WP; Important thing à to retain is that you want être in liaison with your customers as far as you can and as often as possible… n& #39; do not have quite simply to take this advice à l& #39; extrême and their text or e-mail all the journée & lt; br/& WP; The Councils:! If you have décidé démarrer your own company, marketing is l& #39; one of the things which must spend to you much time on, word of councils, never négligez this tâche….

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