Angela J Parker asked:

What is SEO? A large number of people are still unable to understand the true meaning of this term, it’s not a myth but I have personally observed about SEO is that as many companies are offering SEO services for big products or very intense marketing, people who try to search for it are normally unable to understand that it is not that hard as it looks like, anyone who knows that how to build a website can do SEO for his own website. Today we will discuss small things that can make SEO a very simple and easy process to understand and to work upon.

1) The content of your website should be user-friendly where user friendly means that it should be written in a manner where it is understandable by the people who visit your website.

2) There should be no grammatical mistakes in your text as it gives a very bad impression to the visitors of the website and it hurts the ranking of your website while the google bots crawl on your website.

3) Every website that sells something should have a clear refund policy written on the website.

4) To make sure that your customers trust you, please make sure that you have a About Us page on your website as this page makes your website trustworthy and people are more comfortable to place their orders.

5) Blogging is one of the most important aspect of SEO, start blogging but not in a manner that it looks like spam, remember that search engines, especially google loves blogs and it also helps you to bring more traffic to your website for free.

6) Once you write your own blog, remember to comment on other’s blogs as this is the easiest way to let others know that you also exist and probability that others will comment on your blogs and/or start following your blogs will increase.

7) Write articles about the products that your offer, its free and simple but remember that search engines including google pick these articles quickly in their rankings and this can bring more traffic to your website then you can expect.

8) People who follow your blogs or pick your articles, start paying more attention towards them and assure that you comment on their blogs or give them extra content.

9) Start to share your articles and blogs on other webmasters.

10) Tell your friends to visit your article and if they find that information good, then ask them to use it as references.

11) 1 very important but very simple way to get free submission is to find a list of directories which are allowing free submissions like DMOZ.

12) With the submission of your website in unpaid directories you should also try to submit your website to paid directories.

13) A friend in need is a friend in deed, so start calling your friends and tell them to tag your website on social networks, as when they will do that other bloggers will also start doing it for you.

14) Join Better Business Bureau to improve the credibility of your name and company.

15) Website of your local chamber of commerce is very important, so get a link from it and you will definitely improve in the web ranking.

16) Submit the link of your website in local listings of your city and state.

17) List your website in the website of your local county’s library

18) Try to get links from your business partners, retailers and/or manufacturers of your product, which will enhance the number of visitors plus the credibility of your company.

19) Once you are done with the website, launch an affiliate program, this thing might not help you to get a large number of links which may help you initially or provide you links with some good SEO value but they will obviously result with more link requests coming in future out of which few will be definitely important and having SEO value.

20) Try to use yahoo answers as a potential traffic bringing platform as many people search for a variety of stuff on it, by answering them correctly and not doing SPAMMING on it, you will be able to bring a lot of traffic on your website.

21) Use Google Groups and provide the link of your website where you think that will attract someone to visit your website.

22) If you are doing a real business then try to write about it on http://wikipedia.org remember that millions of people visit Wikipedia every day and articles written on Wikipedia are ranked very high on every search engine.

23) A majority of forums allow their members to leave signature links and/or personal profile links, a major quantity of people will visit those links if your content is not spammy is worthy to read. This will bring more traffic to your website and increase your sales volume.

24) Use amazon.com and other online stores where most of them are free to use, this will not just help you to bring direct customers but also secondary links

25) Another very simple and successful tip is to sell on www.eBay.com and offer to donate a particular amount of your profit to charity and you will find a lot of charity websites offering link exchange.

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Craig Lee Wilson asked:

SEO for local business… What is it and how does it affect your hometown small business owners? We’ll cover this in a second, but first a fact.

Fact-It doesn’t take an ivy league college professor of economics and business to know that the way large incomes and wealth is acquired is to recognize lucrative trends. You don’t just “see” the trends and ignore them though, you dive right in and capitalize on them before everyone else does.

That being said, a white hot new trend is occurring right now and for those fortunate handful of entrepreneurs who sees what’s going on, will benefit in a huge way. What is this trend? It’s known as SEO for local business.

Even as recent as just 1 year ago,many local small business owners still thought that their local walk in traffic would remain steady and that their print ads in the phone book would sustain them. Well, fast forward a little and you’ll see a total change of heart in these brick and mortar owners.

This change has come about by the growing industry of SEO for local businesses. Local mom and pop shops finally realize that the phone book is dead, the newspapers are not getting read as much as they used to and everybody has a smart phone… and they use them to search for things “online”.

Business owners are waking up to the fact that if they are not found online in the search engines, they are going to lose out to their competitors who are. However, they find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They don’t know the first thing about getting ranked in the search engines, they don’t know how to build a website and they don’t want to know.

See, the average small business owner puts in 60 to 80 hours a week running their businesses and they don’t have time to master Internet marketing. This is what makes them a perfect candidate for your SEO for local business service. They are used to monthly expenses to run their business, so paying you to get them customers online is simply an added expense to them.

Here’s another fact- Many SEO for local business owners are making in excess of $5,000 and $10,000 per month by helping small local business owners. Many of which don’t even do the work themselves as they have it outsourced. They simply act as the “middleman” and make great money.

Mom and pop shops need this service now more than ever. They are scrambling to get websites built and to get in the search engines. Right now is perhaps the largest gold rush since the real gold rush of the 1800’s, because millions need this service, yet very few are offering it…for now anyway.

This is your chance to become the expert in the eyes of your local business owners, because most of them won’t have the fist clue where to begin. Some will, if they are already Internet savvy, but 90% will want to hire it out just as they do for everything else.

An SEO for local business service is truly one of the best businesses that can be started today. This is not a trend or fad either. There are millions of businesses out that that need help so if you’re looking for the perfect business to start, this is it.

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