Mark R Burdett asked:

Do you remember when?

If you wanted to watch something on television you stood up, walked to the television set and flicked between the 2 or 3 channels available If you ran out of milk on a Sunday afternoon you’d have to wait until the milk man delivered some more early Monday morning (or until the shops opened at 9am on the Monday) If you were doing research for school or work the only option really available was the library

Well ladies and gentlemen the truth is times they are changing. No forget that. Times they have a changed. Communications and the internet in particular have changed the way in which we live our lives and do business. And when it comes to your business this means you either:

Embrace new technology and take advantage of the opportunities that exist (and believe me there are plenty of opportunities out there) Sit back and reminisce about the “good old days” and watch as your competitors do what you could be doing – and become more successful than you

So what exactly does this have to do with writing an article? Indeed, what exactly is an article? And how can it make you money?

Well what is has to do with writing an article is that opportunities exist for everyone (and yes I do mean everyone) to use article writing as a way to promote your business, to increase awareness of your business (or you as an individual), to gain exposure and if done well to actually make you some money out of it.

Sounds good yeah?

But what exactly is an article? Well put very simply an article is just a piece of writing on a particular subject. And the beauty about article writing is that your articles can be about pretty much anything providing they follow some easy to follow and straightforward do’s and don’ts (which we’ll look at in more detail in the coming months).

Articles can be written about your business, your hobbies, things’ you have an interest in, topics that you have an opinion on and so much more.

And don’t forget the important part – the money. Not everyone is in business just to make money but it certainly does feel a lot better making it than not.

There are many ways you can make money from writing articles including offering re-sell rights, writing for a particular magazine, newspaper or organisation or indeed if you get good at it, writing articles for other people. The internet and modern communication has made the world such a small place that your article writing isn’t just limited to the UK (or whatever country you’re in).

If you write great content in your articles they can be must read pieces that:

generate traffic to your website create interest in your products or services make you an expert in your field of choice turn your business (however big or small) into a organisation with global coverage

Seems too good to be true right?

Well article writing done well can do all of these things and more so if you are a small or medium sized business who wants to grow then you should really consider trying writing a few articles or look to find someone who can do it for you. Small Business Marketing can consist of many parts including advertising, internet marketing and now article writing.

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