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Perhaps, you heard the term Linkwheel, but you just can’t connect it with something useful to you. Linkwheel is an SEO technique use by expert SEO’s to increase the quality of their site.

Just what do you mean by quality of the site?

Quality of the site refers to the attractiveness of your site to the major search engines as well as to your target visitors. Websites in the search engines’ top ranks for a certain niche are more likely quality websites, same goes with websites having 500+ visitors and up per day.

Pretty crafty, isn’t it?

So, how do you do a Linkwheel?

Basically, Linkwheel is the term used to describe the “Hexagon Wheel” structure of links between 7 sites. Just try to imagine a hexagon, each edge of that hexagon is composed of a site.

Logically, each site is connected by a one-way link each other. It could be clockwise or counterclockwise Linkwheel. Please note that you are advised to use just a one-way link between sites.

I just mentioned 6 sites, where’s the 7th site?

The last site will be your main site where you want your target visitors to arrived. Each of the six sites mentioned above will have a one-way link to this main site of yours. In short, the 7th site will be the hub for the other six sites.

That is why it is called the “LinkWheel”. Making one would only take ten minutes of your time. No hassle, no frizz- just pure SEO trick! Extraordinary cool!!!

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