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What Is SEO?

Hey, There are too many people out there that are unaware of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization which SEO stands for.

SEO is basically ranking well in the search engines, there are loads of different sections in SEO but there’s basically two different groups, Onpage SEO, and Offpage SEO.

Onpage SEO:

The online SEO is basically your keyword density, your tags, and your h1/h2/h3 titles.

Keyword density is the percent of which your main keyword appears in the article, if your article is a thousand words and your keyword appears 15 times then that’s a keyword density of 1.5%. Your keyword density should be around 1-2%, don’t over do it because that just doesn’t work.

Keep in mind to have relevant tags, like if your writing an article about how awesome video marketing is, then you should think twice about having “Article Marketing” as one of your tags, it could work depending on which points you’re making in the video, but try to keep the tags to your niche.

Offpage SEO:

Offpage SEO is basically backlinks. Creating backlinks with your keyword is the anchor text is just about everything you need to do, you should also get keyword from sites related to your. If you’re writing about cars then you should get backlinks from cars and not from sites about writing books.

Try to get backlinks from sites with high PR, PageRank. The higher the page rank is, the more value the link will have to your site. A site with a page rank of 4 will be worth a few thousand backlinks from a site with a page rank of 0.

Links from .EDU and .GOV sites tend to have more link juice. Google trust these sites more than regular.com/.info/.org/.net. So if you got a link from one of these then good game, you’ll rank higher.

So in short, get page rank 10 sites from .GOV sites related to your niche;).

SEO is easily the most popular way to drive traffic to your website, I would say that the reason for this is that it’s free. You can of course outsource most of your work but if you’re new to SEO then I would recommend that you do the work yourself so you get to know how it works.

The better your website is, the higher ranking you’ll receive in the search engines. And if you rank high in the search engines, you’ll get sales.

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Liza Fischer asked:

This Review of On? No software to SEO? An evaluation? No fair Internet Business Promoter (IBP) IBP which 11 are one of the main uses of SEO, along with SEO and WebCEO PowerSuite. Qu? IBP makes that distinction? other programs is that much more? s simple ym? sf? easy to understand how to work with her. Adem? S, comes with precise detail by detail instruction of the optimization work? No search engine. On top of that, dis? Thousand to other solutions, we offer a guarantee? A further: if you do not get top 10 rankings that make use of IBP, you are eligible for a refund for the twelve months total. Good deal Express Review of small business owners I l? Line and due? Website I work with IBP. This est? due to an impulsive? n to be robust in the first Web page of the engines of the search term. This amazing product can project SEO comprehensively the whole development of the optimization? No Search Engine starting point to finish. Quite simply, you get told what? done gradually. ? Qu? and expresses keywords you use? "C" mo should you fine-tune your web site? ? Qu? way relationships should you establish? ? Your Web page est? improving graduation? No search engine? "C" you are superior jer mo? Anarchic your competitions? N? With the internet business developer, you will not have? to worry about answering all of those concerns are. Exceptional vendors? The of? of Features? feel so confident about their product offer warranty? to the classification? No top ten. Failing to take your Web site the top 10 positions on Google mean? That you can get your money back. This warranty? A is the deal breaker – the reason? No major IBP to prefer? Main It? of Competitors.? is very simple to handle. There is a learning curve much less dif? Easy for the other? IBP 11 of? SEO tool.? has a size of the file or relatively small working o the same? It's? of rapidly.? includes loads of interactivity. There is a gu? To, a plan step by step. Adem? S, IBP offers a set of things you d? instructions for making. ? This one is sure not to leave anything important? It's? of the optimization? n project.? search engine optimization and create depth? n careful reports that you can use or display to customers. Loads of people have highly – IBP 'looked, the s reports and several reports have reported that countless times returned by the software package computer scientists to mesh tool? The of? from over.? Saves you hours to find places on the Internet to create? It Powerful? Backlinks.? gives ideas for custom and customized for the optimization? n on-p? page. You do not have to feel in issues? N about being character? LINE FANTASY t? Techniques of expert.? a? It's? the product of link building one way links only the structures? It leg? thymus and high quality? websites.? are relatively m? s din? monkeys the other SEO Tools. Almost all of the investigation? N based on the results in real time to try and find google. The file d? Bil aid of? The of? of points? not open in another window. You need the transition? N the rev? S forwards, resulting in a little? It's? of hassle.? occasionally compares your web page with ones that have keyword stuffing. For that reason? No, you need? make your mind up that rivals to follow. Therefore, a degree of viligance required. The total promoter opinionInternet business is one product that deserves a review and? No detailed software SEO. The developer of Internet business is a remarkable all in one software package computer scientists. The m? Modules all of the keywords, the optimization? N, links, the sumisi? N, and the rankings are combined to form a m? All reasonable and comprehensive to ensure that you do SEO effectively. IBP 'strong factor s very best are your warranty? To the classification? N 10 above, generation? No automated report and valuable tool link building. Its disadvantages are that it can be a bit tedious to read the help file while the program uses, and can make a comparison? N their p? Internet pages with ones that have keyword stuffing. Viscosity? Ndolo all, IBP is a great program report? Tico SEO to get your Web site in the first p? Page of the engines of the search term.

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Michael Moume asked:

SEO is a time consuming process. There are several tools which simplify SEO and save your time as a blogger. Here is a list of some necessary types of SEO tools that can help you make optimization easier.

1. Keywords finder

Keywords are the most important factor in determining your Google page ranking. After you have decided the topic for your blog or website, first thing you need to do is to find out the right keywords to be used in your content. These include the most common and popular searches by search engine users. Keyword tools give you the right keywords to be used in your content according to the title of the page or the phrases you provide. Keyword tools compare the given phrases with search results from majority of users. Google AdWords tool is highly recommended in this category.

2. Page ranking tools

These tools help you know your relative page ranking in different search engines. Page ranking tools let you know your progress through the search list. It is a must use tool for every blogger. Popular page rank tools include Google Page rank checker, and GoogleRankings.com.

3. Link checking tools

Links are very important factor to get traffic. Links determine the popularity of your website on the internet. These types of tools help you analyze your links and report broken links. Also, these tools will verify for links reachable and unreachable from your website. These report the status of various links. Popular link checkers are Site Link analyzer and Link Checker.

4. Sitemap generators

Sitemap is the version of your web page that is accessible to the crawlers. Crawlers are software used by search engines like Google to analyze a webpage. Sitemap generators generate the sitemap of your website as a list of pages in XML or document form. So, sitemap generators give you the version of your webpage read by the search engine spiders. Sitemap generators also report errors within the page and broken links. Many sitemap generators are available online like xml-sitemaps.com.

5. Content checking tools

To get traffic you must deliver quality content. The web traffic of your website increases if you provide quality content without loopholes. There are various online tools that check content for its originality, quality and grammatical and spelling errors. Online Plagiarism Checker and Spellcheck.net are easy to use tools for content evaluation.

6. Tags analyzers

These tools check the tags of your web page and compare them with search engine requirements. The Meta tags are used by search engines to compare web pages. The Meta tags are the most important in determining webpage ranking. The Meta tags provide the basic structure and data of the HTML document and therefore these are given preference by search engines. The web traffic of your website is dependent on the Meta tags of your webpage. Tag analyzer tools give you the assessment of your tags and help you improve them. Various Meta tag analyzers are present online.

There are many other useful tools available to perform different specific tasks for your website. By doing these properly, surely it will help you boost the amount of traffic. Optimizing sites can never be that hard whenever these tools are used.

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Through systematic and advanced internet marketing strategies, small business SEO firms help small business websites achieve top rankings on major search engines such as Google, MSN, AOL, You Tube and Yahoo. Simply having a website does not bring business sales because search engines provide innumerable search results on users’ queries and a low ranking website is always left out without getting attention from the users. Most of the people believe that coming to the top positions in search engines is very expensive, but it’s not so. Systematic and distinctively planned search engine optimization is beneficial for any type of business website.

Achieve Maximum Publicity and High Ranking on Search Engines

Professional small business SEO firms maintain a team of experienced and technically trained search engine optimization professionals for the proper optimization of small business websites. This helps websites to get maximum publicity and long term high ranking on search engines. SEO service advantages include:

• Enhances net traffic

• Boosts business sales

• Refined optimization strategies

• Provides a global identity

• A reliable business appearance

Creates Search Engine Friendly Websites

A range of modifications in text and code has to be made in order to make a website search engine friendly; therefore SEO experts initially assess a website and create definite outlines for optimization. Proper keyword optimization is very important to enhance the visibility of websites. Thus, SEO professionals search out and optimize the keywords that people use. The process of SEO includes a number of ethical optimization procedures such as:

• Link building

• Copywriting

• Content optimization

• Optimization of meta tags

• Web design and redesign

• Web development

• Article submission

• Evaluation and follow up

• SEO consulting

Search engine optimization from a leading small business SEO firm helps small business owners to come to the forefront of the business industry.

By: Shalini

About the Author:

Looking for Search Engine Optimising ? Make a Your Business at Understanding SEO For Your Business.

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Christine Abbate asked:

All SEO tactics used to get your site successfully crawled and positioned in the major search engines evolve with the technology used to render websites, but the basic fundamentals stay the same. There are three major aspects to SEO that you should be sure to concentrate on when optimizing your website – keywords, links, and graphics. Use this checklist to ensure that your site will achieve the highest possible search engine rankings :


1. Make sure the keywords that you are targeting are relevant to your website’s content.
2. Keywords should be phrases that are commonly used in the search engines. There is no point in having your website optimized with search words or phrases that search engine users are not going to search with.
3. The titles of your pages should start with your keywords.
4. The content of your pages should be full of your keywords and other related information.
5. All tags on your website should be optimized with your targeted keywords.
6. Be sure that your keywords are included in your website’s filenames.


1. External links are extremely important in search engine optimization. First, make sure that your site is listed in DMOZ also known as the Open Directory Project. DMOZ provides many of the search engine results for the most popular search engines, including Google.
2. Your website should be listed in human edited online directories.
3. It is essential you make sure that your website has a sitemap with text links.
4. Avoid linking with anyone who asks – focus on linking with websites that have a page rank as high as yours or better. Also, link with websites that relate to yours or are complimentary to yours. For example, if you have a fashion-related website, link with other fashion, accessory, or beauty websites.


1. Make sure that your website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What this does is completely separate the code that is used to “layout” the web site from the content (Keywords etc) of your website. What happens is the Search Engine Spiders are able to completely ignore the formatting code. This makes the search engine spider find your content / keywords etc right away without the possibility of getting caught in bad code or having to sift through unnecessary code in order to find your keywords / content etc.
2. The graphics that are on your website should also have descriptive and keyword rich alternative attributes that are useful for visitors.

Using these three aspects of Search Engine Optimization will surely help your website get ranked faster.

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John K. Taylor asked:

Like most website owners, the aim of your SEO strategy is no doubt to burst to the top of the first page on Google, Bing, and any other popular search engine. After all, first page listings are the holy grail for SEO specialists and business owners alike. However, if your website is not performing quite as well as it should, despite all your best SEO efforts, it may be time to consider which other factors could be holding you back from climbing the ranks of search listings for your industry. There are many factors that prevent high search engine rankings, but here are five of the important ones:

Domain Hosting: Make sure you know in which continent or country your hosting site is located. Your hosting company should be located in the same country as your company in order to achieve maximum SEO. Although remote hosting sites may appear more economical, the cheapest service is likely to be off-shore and could be holding your website back from scaling the search engine ranks. URL Structure: Always ensure that your URLs are structured in a brief and clear manner in order to boost SEO. Odd characters or strings of numbers, hyphens and other messy inclusions should be strictly avoided. URLs should ideally be one word or short phrase that is memorable and easy to type. Content: Although SEO may always be on your mind, when it comes to web content, make sure that it is written for your customers and not search engines. Text should be kept brief and to the point, with targeted key words and key word phrases distributed naturally throughout each page. Link Structure: To not leave any SEO stone unturned, ensure that your website has a clear navigational system and that all of your internal pages are correctly linked. Site visitors must be given a route through the website that is clearly marked and easy to follow, allowing them to find the information they are seeking, whilst directing them toward your goal activity (such as making an appointment or a purchase). Bounce Rate: If search engines observe that no visitors spend a very long time on your website, it could be a factor that eventually effects your search list ranking. Make sure that your site is immediately engaging to visitors by consulting a web developer who can assist you to implement new applications and features such as video, newsletter sign-up pages, quizzes, games and competitions that will guarantee, when someone clicks on your site, they are there to stay.

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This is the most important question that small and medium-sized businesses should be asking themselves, particularly if they aren’t tuned towards the international market. It has been noticed that most of the SEO service providers fail to ensure the most critical demand for any brand that has a neighborhood or regional presence—its visibility in the local search engines and the ability to gain online popularity for the regional audience.

The more established SEO firms like Trace Media provide packaged services for small businesses that are trying to occupy a share of the local market. Such SEO services are often highlighted as SEO for regional domains or Geo-targeted optimization.

These packages are also suited for a brand that has a country-specific focus. For instance, a business in New York might be trying to capture the increasing green market consumer trends in a south-east Asian nation. Thus, the brand needs something beyond the usual SEO services, i.e. its online visibility in a particular nation.

These services make sense since Google’s search patterns seem to have a distinct, regionalization pattern. Every time a search for a product or service is made, the results listed on Google’s SERP seem to be attuned towards listing a few, high-ranking sites followed by a preference for most of the local businesses that have been able to maintain their online marketing standards as per Google’s benchmarks.

In fact, most of the search engines seem a bit inclined towards listing the results with an emphasis on providing information with the viewpoint that local businesses in the vicinity or regional search engine results would be more useful to the browser.

If you are a small business or a start-up that is aimed towards promoting good or services in a particular city, province or the state, it is imperative that you establish an aggressive, regional search engine optimization outline for your website.

Most of the SEO specialists and webmasters agree that any local business should be following some basic SEO guidelines to make their site search-friendly for the regional, online searches. Some commonly-advocated recommendations in this regard include:

USING GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS—it is imperative that the webmaster taking care of a regional portal mentions the country in the Google Webmaster Tools. This Google application also provides the freedom of adding any specific, national association that the business might be associated with. Google refers to this application as Geotargeting. As a part of the tools, the webmaster can use the geographic target tool application that is oriented towards improving the relevance of geographic queries made on Google. Please understand that this kind of data is not meant to increase the page rank but to make the search results more relevant.

LISTING DETAILED CONTACT INFORMATION—rather than specifying a general address, a business should list local landmarks, business lanes, nearby markets, historic places in the vicinity and any other information that can underline the businesses’ presence in a particular geographical location. This makes the site more relevant to Google’s indexing patterns when indexing information for a regional audience.

LISTING LOCAL DIRECTORIES—nearly every SEO firm provides services like manual submission of the site in link directories and social bookmarking listings. However, a regionally-oriented business needs to ensure that its site is fed to the local directories rather than international directories that receive millions of submissions from across the world. This is a simple and effective way of targeting the local audience.

Most importantly, a business should be working with an SEO provider who can keep a check on the latest of trends that might affect the geographical or regional listing of the site. For instance, when Google launched its Google Places service, Trace Media was among first of SEO consulting New York firms that immediately used the application for its New York-based clients.

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Abhinandan Garg asked:

Finding specific information about tiny business information might not be simple but they have gathered helpful and relevant information about the general subject matter, with the final objective of helping you out. Even if your search is about other tiny business information information, such as tiny business grants ladies, woman entrepreneur, tiny business promotion or even beginning selling, this editorial will show helpful, to say the least.

Make definite that time spent on the tiny business partnership is dedicated to the business, and time spent together away from the tiny business partnership is not a forum to speak about business matters. If you are going to spend time together away from the tiny business partnership, spend time away from the business.

Tiny business start-up require not cost the earth, and you can approach it from a lot of directions. A recent press editorial covered some nice material for those thinking of beginning a tiny business. Quoting three cases of successful tiny business starts, it gave information on the background of the new business owners.

Tiny businesses in often cases can be present in private homes, for four main reasons. The first is because it is economical and in most cases convenient. The second reason is that there’s several benefits with taxed for having your business in your home.

Don’t forget that you are only a step away from getting more information about tiny business information or such related information by searching the search engines online. Google dot com alone can give you over results when you search for tiny business information.

On the positive side, you can qualify for tiny business medical health insurance designs with you and your husband or spouse as employees. As a result, how much is a medical health insurance plan for your tiny business going to cost you? That depends on plenty of different factors, which is a nice reason to do your research. You ought to start by getting quotes from a variety of medical health insurance firms that cover tiny businesses.

The result of following a well constructed promotion plan is that all of your different promotion efforts form part of a co-ordinate strategy aimed at attaining your predetermined objective. That is in stark contrast to the promotion efforts of most tiny businesses and immediately puts you ahead of the pack.

Clip Art: Ahhh, nothing in modern design and desktop publishing has been so helpful, yet as hurtful as clip art. Clip art’s a lot like dynamite; it is a nice thing in the hands of an specialist, and if you are not, you might think about leaving it alone. When used (usually) in a subordinate role in the general design, clip art can work well. A couple of speedy final thoughts on clip art: if your intended message and picture are professionalism and credibility, I implore you, no; I beg you, steer clear of hokey, cartoon clip art. Between cheesy clip art and no clip art – take no clip art. You can have an effective, fascinating layout with no graphics at all. With clip art – use where appropriate, use sparingly and use with caution.

It might interest you to know that plenty of folks looking for tiny business information also got information related to other tiny business advice service, breaking news reuters, and even tiny business advice london here with ease.

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Neeraj Arora asked:

The Basics

Organic SEO the oretically can save you expenses related to advertising, but you have to take a call because SEO requirements can also oblige you to hire professionals. Advertising requires constant investment, while organic SEO is a one-time investment over a period of a few months. Since Google started auctioning popular keywords to top bidders, advertising is no longer profitable for small businesses.

Advantages of Organic SEO

1. Organic SEO techniques draw more traffic than advertising.
2. Organic SEO techniques reward relevant content, not advertising gimmicks.
3. Because customers are wary of advertised products, they rely more on search engine results to guide them to a relevant website. Therefore, if your website shows up among top search engine results, you win their trust.

Techniques That Work

A good SEO expert can be very useful if you are serious about how your website is ranked on Google, Yahoo, or MSN searches. However, you must always hire an ethical SEO. SEO is not magic and there are no one-size-fits-all formulas here. Each website has different SEO requirements depending on the target audience, nature of website, and budget allocation.

1.Content – Content is king. You do not have to be an SEO magician to be able to generate good content. You do need to be an expert in your business area though, while the ability to draw people in through writing is a bonus. If you are not a writer, hire experts. Content also refers to graphics, design, and various applications on your site.

2.Keywords – The first parameter is the nature of keywords and their variations. When web surfers look for information on vacuum hoses, chances are they will also look up “vacuum cleaners”, “cheap vacuum cleaners”, and “home appliances”. Being creative helps. The next parameter is keyword density. Remember that Google penalizes pages with a keyword density of more than 5 percent.

3.Site Navigation – Good site navigation invites visitors to explore the website further; poor site navigation sends them off to other websites, probably your competitors’.

4.Other factors – The other organic SEO techniques include extensive page interlinking, robot txt files, meta tags, and URL tweaking.

Organic SEO techniques require hard work, creativity, and diligence. However, if your website is genuine and you are not afraid of being scrutinized for relevance, organic SEO might turn out to be the more rewarding option for you.

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David Krauter asked:

Recently I reread one of the must read books in my collection. If you’re serious about marketing “My Life In Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins is a MUST READ, and as you’ll find out, most of it is even relevant to small business SEO… But more about that in a minute… First let’s see what Claude had to say.

In this book he discusses the power of a name. He reveals that in his experience “finding a good name is often the major step in good advertising. No doubt… such names often double the results of expenditures.”

And these teaching are very true… In this instance however, Claude is talking about a name that tells a great story which you can base your campaigns on. Stories which grab the readers attention, drawing them into your message. Stories such as the production of Palm Olive Soap, Puffed Rice or a recent example my good friend Pete Godfrey came across “Start Ya Bastard”!

All these names told a story themselves. All these names helped the companies to massively increase their sales.  And I could write a whole essay about choosing the right name for the sake of telling a good story in your sales message… But right now I want to talk about, choosing a good name for increased traffic to your website.

I want to talk about why google agrees with Mr. Hopkins. And Why the money is in the name…

You see. We all know that one of the biggest ways to get people to your website is by showing up for the words your prospects type into the search engines.

When I’m searching for something I usually don’t look past the first three results, because I’ll have found my answer by then.

Now the the big thing is that you have to get your website in the top 10, better yet… the top 3 rankings on page one of google, to get big traffic numbers flocking to your site.

And one of the key factors that’ll decide whether you conquer one of these money spots lies in your domain name.

A recent study, by one of the web’s best SEO resources, revealed that one of the highest on page keyword specific ranking factors is the use of a the keyword you’re targeting, in the root domain name.

They rated it with an overall importance of 60% (100% being the most important) in terms of your SEO efforts which in their scale considers it of “high importance”.

So if you ask me, if 72 SEO experts decided that having your keyword in your domain name is of critical importance, then I would follow this advice and do so!

And I know most of you already have a website and domain name, so you’re probably wondering how it is that you can make the most use of this golden information.

You don’t want to move your whole site over to a new domain name. That would be too much work and a big headache.


You want to be smart about it. You want to be able to use domain names that you are not only going to rank high in the search engines for, but you’ll also build back links to your site… and thus in effect gain higher authority in the eyes of google.

So you’re killing two flies in one hit! How awesome is that?

So you’re probably wondering what the big secret is to do all this…

And YES, I will reveal this golden answer to you!

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