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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term that refers to a procedure that improves your site’s rank and searcheability on the net. Simply put, SEO makes your site very easy to access because it appears high in search results. Instead of focusing your efforts on marketing campaigns, optimizing your site is an effective way to bring your site to your customers or online shoppers.

The traffic of your site can be generated through natural means. Meaning people actually search for words or phrase related to your site. A searcher types the words of phrases then the search engine comes up with a long list of sites related to the words or phrase you have type. It is the top three sites that shows usually get the most traffic. Your goal should be to place your site at the top three of Google search results. So it is important to employs all SEO strategies to make this happen.

Traffic or the number of people visiting your site can also be obtained through artificial means through PPC or pay per clicks. The higher the traffic to your site the better it is for your business because these visitors are your potential clients.

Whether or not you are doing something to your site to rank, search engines will still rank it for anything. Traffic obtained by your site might not be relevant so that your site’s bounce rate is high meaning people don’t stay viewing your site so it’s conversion rate meaning whether your site’s visitors buys your product or services, is low.

If you want your site to rank for a keyword or phrase you should actively use the keywords as anchor text to link to your site. As a suggestion choose high ranking words or phrases with low competition as your keywords. Once you find the right keywords or phrase include it in your URL, meta tags, labels, or anchor text when doing article submission or blog commenting.

SEO techniques take time to learn and apply. Every now and then do research on how to pick out the most ideal words or phrase to use to optimize your site. When employing optimisation to your site, don’t expect for ranking to come immediately as this takes sometime or some weeks if you will for search engines to index what you are doing. Just remember to do search engine optimisation gradually and consistently soon you will see your site ranking improve.

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