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In a world run by Fortune 500 large businesses, you may be surprised to know that small businesses still hold their place in the business sector. In many cases what starts as a small business can, over time, become a large well-known business that operates worldwide. However, before any business can grow and let alone attract business, some sort of marketing plan needs to be put in place and implemented at various times throughout the fiscal year.

For small businesses, advertising may be a challenge as it is usually quite costly. But, with the right marketing plan you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to advertise your business. Using the right promotional products you advertise your small businesses properly without having to worry about going over your budget.

Consider the 3 promotional products below as a way to market your business. Each of these products is relatively inexpensive and has proven to bring about plenty of success when they are marketed properly. Remember, advertising doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.


Promotional pens can be customized with your company’s name and contact information and can be handed out to clients. The great thing about pens is that they can be ordered and personalized in bulk for a pretty inexpensive price. Pens, though small, are an everyday must have for some people so they work perfectly as promotional items.

Tote bags

Tote bags are one of the most popularly used promotional items in today’s world, most specifically those that are said to be environmentally friendly. Tote bags are praised for their versatility as they can be used to carry groceries, clothing, and other items. Tote bags are well liked and make great promotional items.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs make for practical promotional products as there is a large amount of people who use coffee mugs on a daily basis. These can be customized with your company’s logo and name and can be handed out at any time. These can also be given to your own employees!

Small business marketing is important for any start-up business that is looking to grow and succeed in such a competitive business world. Without advertising a small business will more than likely never experience or see true success. Marketing is crucial to any business as it is the best way to get new clients to buy or use your products and services.

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Tim Nagle asked:

Those that publish a website know the website needs to rank high in Google in order for it to experience much visitor traffic. Even novice website publishers realize that there is a clear need to take part in Google SEO to increase website rankings.

In order to make sure SEO is performed correctly, many will search throughout the internet for tips and advice on how to go about the process the right way. While this is a noble path to take it has one common problem associated with it: not all the info out there is accurate. In fact, there are tons of myths flying around the internet. What are some of these common myths? The following are among the most egregious:

Myth #1 – Meta tags will greatly boost your rankings

Many SEO experts will tell you that meta tags will help you get top rankings. It would not be inaccurate to say meta tags help. However, the value of meta tags is more than a bit overrated. There are websites that are ranked fairly high in the search engines that do not even employ meta tags. So, while it would not hurt to use meta tags, they are not completely necessary for SEO success.

Myth #2 – URLs should end in.com

How many times have you heard that URLs should end in.com? Honestly, how your URL ends is irrelevant. In fact, this may be the least consequential of all things that the search engines take into consideration when ranking your website. Don’t worry about URLs beyond their length.

Myth #3 – You need to update your content daily

You do not need to update content daily in order for Google to consider your site to be valid. It is certainly true that updating your site keeps Google from considering your site has gone dead. But, you most definitely do not need to update the site on a daily basis to experience positive results.

Myth #4 – The higher your Google PR is the higher your site will be placed in the search engines

If your Google PR (page rank) is high, your site will place high in the search engines. Well, maybe and maybe not. There is no pure guarantee that the page rank you hold will automatically yield any particular ranking in the search engines. Look at it this way: millions of websites will fall under the category of PR0 to PPR7 (PR8 and above would be very tough for the average website to reach) and that means not all of them can automatically be ranked at a certain level. PR has much value but its value is also limited.

Myth #5 – A high keyword density will automatically lead to great Google rankings

Nothing is automatic in the world of Google search engine rankings, including the myth that a high keyword density will automatically lead to great search engine rankings. Keyword density is important. Too little in terms of keyword density will undermine the ability for the search engine robots to pick up on the subject of your website. So, 3% or 4% keyword density would be worth pursuing. But, you will not see any automatic results deriving from employing a particular keyword density strategy.

Of course, the varied Google SEO myths could go on and on. In order to be sure you do not fall victim to the common myths of search engine optimization, you will need to perfect proper research into quality online resources that present legitimate information that is free of inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

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