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Video Content: Video is a great way to create content, it’s also good for exposure and back links. So here we’re going to give you a few different ideas that you can use to create videos.

There are a few different ways to create videos. If you’re just doing a straight forward video the simplest way is to use a Flip video camera. You can find the Flip video camera at many local stores and you can also get it at Amazon. If you would like to include screenshots or other special effects in your video you could use Camtasia. You can get Camtasia by visiting their website at Camtasia.com.

So after you have some way to create videos the next step is to decide what kind of video you would like to make.

The videos you create could include:

A video testimonial from one of your customers. You could do an interview with a customer or ask them to share their experience with you and your business and record the conversation. A video case study with a client. You can conduct an interview with a client, asking them to share statistics, findings, results, their experience, basically the overall story of their results. A video teaching your viewers how to do something. For example… If you sell calendars for instance, what could you possibly teach in a how-to video? Perhaps you can do a video on better time management and organization, how to balance life and work, and how to add inspiration to your work and living environment with inspirational calendars. A video showing people how to use your product or service. What you’re creating here is an excellent video on how to use your product and not a sales pitch. So if you have a service or product that is complicated or if you’re involved in a complicated industry you can actually teach people how to use your product or service. An interview with a leader or a famous person in your industry or area. You may be surprised by how easy it is to get interviews with influential people. Just reach out to 10 people you would like to interview with a brief one-page proposal about what you would like to interview them on and how the interview would be used. You will probably get one or two of these people to accept your offer. A controversial, funny or inspirational content. People love these kinds of videos and you could get large amount of traffic from this type of video, but it’s hard for companies to pull this off. You may want to play it safe and stick with inspirational type content. User generated content. You could hold a contest or encourage your customers to submit videos.

The possibilities are endless. A good rule of thumb is that anything you can write about, you can craft into an interesting video. The same rules apply – keep it short and sweet, actionable and informative, and try to be interesting, funny, or engaging without sacrificing your professional image.

Videos can rake in views and traffic.

Videos also build trust because they see you’re giving valuable information without beating them over the head with a sales pitch.

An incredible example of this is Wiley Books’ promotion of the book, “Brewing Up a Business.” They held a contest on YouTube inviting people to read the book and then submit a short video showing how they implemented the business advice and approach explained in the book and what their results were. The book was fun and funky and they kept that vibe in their contest and materials promoting the contest.

The result was over 60 videos from 60 different video makers all discussing and promoting Wiley’s book in a creative and engaging way. Think about innovative ways you can get your audience involved in discussing and promoting your company and its offerings.

Another great tactic for creating popular, viral videos is to monitor trends in your industry and hit hot topics as soon as they pop up. If a hot new iPhone is coming out, and you sell phone accessories compatible with the iPhone, then hop on that popularity wagon and do a video about iPhone innovations. You don’t even have to mention your site except to introduce yourself and the company you’re with.

Regardless of the type of video you create, you can brand your company without ever pitching it in your videos.

Options include… Adding the URL to your company website at the bottom of each video and branding your YouTube channel with your company’s URL, brand identity, and calls to action to your site.

So regardless of what type of videos you decide to create, the biggest thing is to get started. Get out there and create some videos and get them posted online.

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