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Marketing is at the core of any successful small business. Without great marketing, your business will certainly fail. After all, it does not matter what product you sell or how well it’s made. It does not even matter how efficient your service is. Without doing marketing, you won’t be bringing products and services to the attention of the people who need them.

Luckily, there is no reason why you can’t use some great small business tools to make the most of your marketing efforts. Below are some of these small business tools that will maximize profits by improving your marketing skills.

AdWords – This is a great program put out by Google that helps you advertise for your business. It’s great because you can choose exactly what your budget is for advertising on a daily basis. You can choose to spend more on the weekends or on any other day when your demographic is more active online. The best part is that it’s free to sign up and it’s really easy to use. You may be daunted by how it looks, but you will find that it’s not at all as difficult as it looks.

Message Boards – This is a great marketing tool that is often overlooked. Message boards provide you with free marketing, but there’s a catch. You can’t sound like you’re trying to market toward the people there because that turns off a lot of users. Simply be helpful and make sure that you put a link to your website either in the profile for that forum or on the signature line if allowed.

Twitter/Facebook – Social networking sites are amazing for getting you in touch directly with your customers. It allows you to interact with your customers in a way that allows you to ask questions and basically get free marketing research out of it. If customers like your product, they will buy it, so ensure that you are always talking in a way that’s somewhat promotional, without being overbearing. Also, utilize Twitter and Facebook to manage the reputation of your business online. You will be surprised at how many people the whole world over pay attention

These are just a few of the small business tools available that will help your marketing efforts to be the best that they possibly can. Make sure that you use these tools as often as possible for the best results, and use them consistently.

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As a small business you will probably get approached by a local sports team or community event to be a sponsor. When marketing your small business this may seem an attractive marketing tactic to gain awareness or even perhaps trial of your product or service. However before you agree there are things you should consider.

What Are You Getting for Your Sponsorship?
Make sure you discuss with the organisation or event organiser how you can maximise your sponsorship dollars and get in writing what exposure your business will receive.

Some questions to ask are:

Where will my logo, brand or business name appear? How and how often will my logo, brand or business name appear? Is it an exclusive sponsorship or is it shared with other businesses? Who are the businesses that will be sharing the sponsorship and are they compatible with my business? What additional benefits will I receive for my sponsorship? For example, inclusion of an ad in their program, allocated seats to a game or event to entertain your customers, players of the sports team meeting your key customers etc

To ensure the quality of your logo is maintained, insist on approving any material where your logo or information on your brand or business will appear.

Cost Versus Benefit

With any marketing tactic you implement you need to be aware of the costs involved versus the results you want to achieve. Sponsorship as a marketing tactic should be no different. Analyse the cost of your sponsorship versus the estimated results you want to achieve. Compare your sponsorship costs to marketing tactic costs to determine if your money could be better spent on an alternative marketing tactic. For example, if you sponsor a luncheon how many leads do you hope to generate from the sponsorship? Would you generate more leads from a direct mail campaign to the same target audience?

If you are unable to afford a particular sponsorship you may be able to negotiate on price or contribute to a joint sponsorship. With joint sponsorships make sure your sponsorship is shared with a business which complements yours and is not a direct competitor.

Setting a Budget
Set a budget for how much you want to commit to sponsorship. Plan in advance what event, organisations etc you wish to sponsor for the year and stick to your plan. It is likely you will receive requests throughout the year from organisations that require sponsorship. Unless they offer a once in a lifetime opportunity, it is best to stick to your plan to avoid overspending and hasty sponsorship agreements that may not be relevant for your business and target market.

Relevance for Your Target Market
Choose sponsorships that are relevant to your brand or business and appeal to your target market. Try not to choose sponsorships that only interest you or a particular employee. It is no use sponsoring the local football team if the players or spectators are not your target market.

Tracking Results
Tracking of sponsorship tactics is often difficult due to the wide audience they have the potential to reach.

Some ways to track your sponsorship results include:

Measuring the media exposure from the sponsorship eg. mention of the event and your sponsorship in the local newspaper, on the radio station etc Measuring the exposure of your brand or business on other mediums eg. programs, clothing, signage etc New customers that have come from your sponsorship involvement eg. asking customers where did they hear about you or undertaking market research which analyses customer recall of where they saw your brand or business name Privileges you receive from the sponsorship eg. access to databases Contacts with people who may be influential that you could not ordinarily get to eg. members of parliament, sports stars etc

Sponsorship can be a great marketing tactic; however it is always wise to work out what it will do for your small business before you commit to spending your valuable marketing dollars.

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