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Our next few posts will dispel a number of SEO myths that have been plaguing our efforts to teach and educate America to have a transparent and clear understanding of what SEO is really all about. Additionally, let me also take a moment to encourage you to pick up the phone, and ask one of our search engine optimization experts about anything here, or anything else you might have heard regarding search engine optimization.

•  You don’t need to link to all your pages for the search engine spiders to see them. Simply list all URLs in the XML Sitemap.

Solo, or lonely pages rarely rank for anything but the most prolific and specific of search terms. If your web page is not good enough for even you to want to link to it, what conclusion do you think the engines will come to about the quality and worthiness of this page to rank? Truth is, the pages are search engine optimization friendly by way of the sites architecture, and as long as you focus on it, the deeper pages will get crawled also. Ask us about a search engine optimization campaign that can magnify your efforts.

•  Google will not index the pages that are only accessible or available by the website’s search feature.

This used to be the case, but Google has been able to fill out forms silently and then crawl the results and contents since approximately 2008. That said you should certainly not deliberately neglect your site’s accessibility for the search engine spiders. You’d certainly be disappointed with the results and ultimately, your domain. Our can show you the path to increased ranking, just call us.

•  Placing links in extremely small font on the bottom of your sites homepage is a smart and effective strategy to raise the rank and position of the pages deep within the body of your website.

Who ever started this rumor probably believes that an even stronger strategy would be to make the links the same color as the page background, and/or use CSS to push the links way out to the side so they won’t detract from the homepage’s visual look and feel. Certainly, all three of these methods are malarkey and nonsense to say the least. With SEO services, our SEO experts will always tell you, these back alley tactics do not work. The best way to get your page rank or position increased is to follow the common and publicly accepted strategies advised by Google. If you don’t know what they are, call it one sided, but you can certainly Google it. Or better yet, ask one of our search engine optimization experts, or web design specialists how to incorporate these effective strategies. Also, keep in mind, even if you’ve followed all the suggestions, they need to be done time and time again, and in great bulk. Just making sure that you’ve met every requirement, will make basically no difference with SEO. A lot of people often look at the Google guidelines, as a checklist. In reality (although it is a checklist of things to take care of) it’s far more of a list of things that need to be done over and over again. Whether it be good quality inbound anchor texted links, or just keywords well placed throughout the content, it is critical to SEO.

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