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At a time when even the smallest business uses the Internet to keep in contact with their clients or to enlarge their customer base, a company’s website plays an important role in achieving better results. For that a website needs to be not only pleasant to the eyes and users’ friendly but also rank high on search engines’ search results.

By ranking high for specific searches it will attract visitors looking exactly for products or services your company offers. That’s called targeted traffic and comes to your website at zero cost. If you want your website to make money and help grow your business, you must take advantage of this free traffic.

Designing a website is simple and cheap but without a minimum of search engine optimization it will hardly pull any organic search engine traffic.  

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the act of introducing or changing elements of a webpage in order to improve its ranking in the listings of search engines. Having your website listed within the first ten search results is an ideal situation that will most certainly result in lots of free targeted traffic.

Here are some on-page optimization tips that will help you rank better and benefit your web site and your company:

1. People type in keywords to find what they are looking for. You need to do some thorough research to define clearly the keywords related to your business/service you wish to rank high for.

2. Once you have selected your keywords use them in the description and the headers and, in appropriate densities, along the content of the page.

3. If possible your internal linking URLs (the links from the main page to other pages of your website) should be named after some of your keywords and be easily memorizable. Make them as simple as possible by using descriptive words instead of complex letters and numbers combinations.

4. Make your site easy to navigate and create a sitemap page that will help visitors find the content they are looking for.

5. Offer unique, quality content. That’s going to build your website’s reputation, make visitors come back and also direct others to it. Regular updates inserting helpful articles, hints, tips, will add more value to your website from both users and search engines point-of-view.

These simple search engine optimization techniques are easy to implement and will surely bring positive results to your web site.


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