If you’re an internet marketer then you already know the importance of SEO. But all of your SEO efforts are for naught if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to create a successful small business. The reality is that creating and sustaining a successful online business can be very difficult, but you can position yourself for success by following these 4 guidelines:

1. Sell the Right Stuff. This step assumes that you’ve already done ample research about what customers want and about what they’re willing to spend money on. The next step is to actually offer your target audience what they clearly want. One sure way to fail is to build your small business around what you think your audience wants rather than what they actually do want. So listen to your audience and give them what they want!

2. Get Help. If your SEO efforts have paid off and your search engine rankings are increasing, traffic is increasing, and an increasing number of people are interested in your product or service, then you’re on the right track! But one easy mistake to make is to try to do everything related to your business on your own. You have several gifts that make you a successful small business owner. Stick with those. Find other people with other gifts to take care of the other aspects of your business. Take some time to think about the things that you have to do yourself. Then figure out how to outsource everything else. It may be one of the most important things you have to do in the life of your small business. After all, you’re the one with the grand idea and you want to maintain some control over every aspect of your business. But you’ll find that your small business will get stronger and you let talented people help you with aspects of your business that don’t correlated with your talents

3. Manage Your Time Well. Some things that can suck us in and keep us from focusing on the bigger picture of business include email, media, and loose boundaries. Limit the amount of time you spend answering email each day. In fact, commit to only checking it once or twice per day, and only answers the emails that you have to answer. Every one else can get in touch with you by phone if they desperately need to speak to you. Turn of the television if you work at home. It’s too distracting. Finally, establish clear work hours. Honor them yourself, and expect others to honor them as well. This means letting friend and family know that you aren’t to be disturbed during work hours, and that when the workday is over, you close up shop and focus on the rest of your life.

4. Too Much Multi-tasking. If you have too many irons in the fire, or too many incomplete projects, your small business is losing money. Focus on starting and completing one project or one product. You’ll at least be making money on something! Keep an idea file for yourself to take the pressure off. Every time you have a great new idea, write it down and put it in the idea file. Then you when complete your next product, complete the necessary SEO, and get it on the market, you can allow yourself to start on the next product. Slowly but surely you’ll increase your sales, which isn’t going to happen if you never complete your first product because you have too much going on.

If you’re struggling in your small business, consult with an internet marketer, or even an SEO professional, for tips on how to get on the right track. These four keys should start you off on the right foot for a successful small business!

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