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Recently I reread one of the must read books in my collection. If you’re serious about marketing “My Life In Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins is a MUST READ, and as you’ll find out, most of it is even relevant to small business SEO… But more about that in a minute… First let’s see what Claude had to say.

In this book he discusses the power of a name. He reveals that in his experience “finding a good name is often the major step in good advertising. No doubt… such names often double the results of expenditures.”

And these teaching are very true… In this instance however, Claude is talking about a name that tells a great story which you can base your campaigns on. Stories which grab the readers attention, drawing them into your message. Stories such as the production of Palm Olive Soap, Puffed Rice or a recent example my good friend Pete Godfrey came across “Start Ya Bastard”!

All these names told a story themselves. All these names helped the companies to massively increase their sales.  And I could write a whole essay about choosing the right name for the sake of telling a good story in your sales message… But right now I want to talk about, choosing a good name for increased traffic to your website.

I want to talk about why google agrees with Mr. Hopkins. And Why the money is in the name…

You see. We all know that one of the biggest ways to get people to your website is by showing up for the words your prospects type into the search engines.

When I’m searching for something I usually don’t look past the first three results, because I’ll have found my answer by then.

Now the the big thing is that you have to get your website in the top 10, better yet… the top 3 rankings on page one of google, to get big traffic numbers flocking to your site.

And one of the key factors that’ll decide whether you conquer one of these money spots lies in your domain name.

A recent study, by one of the web’s best SEO resources, revealed that one of the highest on page keyword specific ranking factors is the use of a the keyword you’re targeting, in the root domain name.

They rated it with an overall importance of 60% (100% being the most important) in terms of your SEO efforts which in their scale considers it of “high importance”.

So if you ask me, if 72 SEO experts decided that having your keyword in your domain name is of critical importance, then I would follow this advice and do so!

And I know most of you already have a website and domain name, so you’re probably wondering how it is that you can make the most use of this golden information.

You don’t want to move your whole site over to a new domain name. That would be too much work and a big headache.


You want to be smart about it. You want to be able to use domain names that you are not only going to rank high in the search engines for, but you’ll also build back links to your site… and thus in effect gain higher authority in the eyes of google.

So you’re killing two flies in one hit! How awesome is that?

So you’re probably wondering what the big secret is to do all this…

And YES, I will reveal this golden answer to you!

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