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Online Social Media Networks are the fastest growing channels. According to a recent report, the Internet is about to hit 2 billion users by the end of this yearwhich means, in the future, companies will increasingly compete in cyberspace with the companies that are using online marketing strategies, the latest tools and technologies more effectively to grow their business online. In one of our posts we shared how fortune 100 companies are using social media tools to effectively manage their online marketing strategies.
In the online world, media has become an effective way for companies to engage with people to achieve not only sales but also to get new ideas and solve problems that ultimately , to help grow and develop their own businesses. Online communication is a way to meet business objectives by creating trust relationships. It is gently apply your skills in marketing to social networks and do business happen
Here are some ways of the effective use of social media to grow your customer base.
1. Identify social media platforms to their target clients are on and create a profile that describes you, giving both professional and personal information that contains a link to your website. Remember, your profile should not be purely business oriented and would mean that only want to sell and are not interested in people
2 Find the profiles of their target customer ".. Study to better understand them. Find out what social media platforms they use and how they use them, seek information and how to reach their customers. And based on this customized approach.
3. Writing a good social media strategy, finding the right platform, the location of customers and the creation of presence does not extend to his word. Regularly with people. Send the message if you think you have something in common with them. Ask them what they want, what is the problem you want solved. Be ready for talks with people and sharing knowledge and not just promoting a product.
4. Be active in your profile. Periodically update and review and respond to messages. Advice and connections and contribute regularly to maintain visibility. Social networking works best when it helps other members of the network and not just push his agenda.
5. Demonstrate their expertise by participating in relevant discussions in groups and forums in their chosen platforms and blogs. The customer have an idea of ??their competence and skill.
6. Make it easy for people to find. By posting in the forums or comments on blogs, including a link to your website, your blog, your profile on social media (s), your Facebook page, your twitter account and so on. It is essential that you are and you will not unless you have links all over the place.
7. At the appropriate time, organize online presentation or a meeting or a phone call to make connections with potential online sales.
8. Whenever possible, use keywords relevant to your industry, product or service or experience, often. These will be collected by the search engines and make your potential customers to find.
9. Set your goals and periodically measure and review their progress against them. Many social media platforms with tools that let you know how it is. If they are not meeting their goals, review your strategy and change their approach.
10. Last but not least, do not expect instant results. It takes time to build relationships and reputation. Social media marketing benefits from a slow burning and indirect approach. Remember, it is a social world where commercial success is a by-product of good networking.

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