Russell J Barnstein asked:

SEO basics are actually rather complicated for many people outside of the search engine marketing industry. Most search engine optimization professionals will either educate their clients on SEO and SEM, or they will simply refrain from using these terms. However, if you’re trying to increase traffic to your website, you need to understand SEO basics in order to be successful with any type of internet marketing campaign.

SEO basics: Guide for Laymen

Like an investment banker attempting to hoodwink a potential investor, SEO professionals throw industry slang around in order to confuse and misdirect clients. When you’re trying to improve website traffic and achieve more conversions on your site, you need to understand what SEO is and how to apply it in order to avoid being ripped off. Essentially, there are two types of SEO:

On Page Optimization. This refers to the actual structure and content found on your site. Things that will be appealing to consumers are also appealing to the search engines and so on-page optimization should utilize relevant titles and keywords, simple navigation processes and high quality content.

Off Page Optimization. The relevant keywords and high quality content that you provide on your site should be showcased out in the rest of the “internet world.” Off-page optimization involves your website’s relationships with other websites and is implemented through search engine marketing techniques such as article marketing, social media, video marketing, blogging, and many other techniques.

When you need to increase traffic to your website, understanding SEO basics is essential not only to get that traffic, but to improve the quality of that traffic. After all, thousands of visitors per day to your website ultimately means nothing if they don’t convert to a sale once there.

In order to get this highly relevant traffic, you need an SEO or “Search Engine Optimizer”, as professionals in the industry are called. Because algorithms used by the search engines to determine your results page ranking are exceedingly complicated and subject to frequent changes, SEO basics begin with understanding that it’s best to use a professional SEO company. Outdated SEO practices or shady SEM techniques can actually get your domain banned from the search engines. Therefore, a good strategy for success is to understand SEO basics and leave the implementation to an SEO professional.

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Swadesh Rohilla asked:

If you are not aware about the world of SEO article writing then this piece of article will help you understand it. The business world know SEO article writing very well because it helps them to get potential customers. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization the term is familiar for those who are in the software field. The websites play an important role in the demand of the product by the customers. The progress in the ranking of the website depends on the content that it uses. The Search Engine Optimization also helps in the higher rankings of the website.

Let’s talk about the SEO article guidelines to make the concept clear for the people who don’t understand it. Article writing needs some specialization for the writer to be successful in this field. The guidelines given below will help you in getting that necessary perfection for your future.

First of all, the entire article should be well written and must interest the readers. The companies hire good writers for short time to get the ‘wow’ effect in their content. The important thing that makes the article appealing for the readers is the information that it deals with. The information that you present must be according to the demand of the readers.

The other thing that is also crucial for the higher ranking of the website is the keywords. The key words should be appealing and very common for the readers. The key words must signify the topic and matter that the content wants to convey to the readers. These key words lead the reader to the website of the company. The key words should make a sense for the article; that should not be away from the theme of the content.

Last but not the least key word density plays an important role in the higher ranking of the website. The limit of key words should be discussed before starting your work. The keywords must not be used excessively or in shortage. The number of keywords must be according to the requirement of the content. The excessive use of keywords makes the content look awkward and appropriate use makes it look awesome.

If all these points are kept in mind then the article get its aim and gives profit to the company or it is worthless. These guidelines are necessary for the SEO Content Writer to achieve masterpiece that he was missing before.

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Kevin John Lewis asked:

One of the questions I sometimes get asked by someone I meet for the first time, is “Why SEO?”

When this question is being asked by someone who is completely new to web marketing, then it’s completely understandable – and I simply explain what SEO means, and the question is answered. But occasionally the question “Why SEO?” comes from someone who knows exactly what SEO is, but is unsure as to why they need to bother about it.

I think this question comes from the common misconception that SEO has to be worked on constantly in order for it to work. If this were the case, then it could be argued that there would be no point, you may as well just concentrate on pay per click marketing & other forms of paid marketing rather than continually invest in the services of an SEO consultant – or to continually invest with our own time & effort.

However the truth is that you do not have to work constantly on SEO for it to work properly – not if it’s done correctly! If you’re trying to use cheats, shortcuts & loopholes, then yes you will have to constantly work on SEO, changing tactic constantly every time you lose your ranking, but if you do it the safe way, the white hat way – SEO which starts with good keyword research, and ends with lots of relevant & valuable content – then? you will continue to benefit from targeted, free organic search engine traffic for a long time after the work is complete.

I still have clients with top google positions from work I did 3-4 years ago, I’m not saying this is possible all the time, but SEO if done correctly will last for quite some time, and it is not the case that you continually have to work on SEO to keep positions.

So, to answer the question “Why SEO?” the simple answer is that it is has always been, and still is the most effective form of internet marketing, in terms of return on investment, and return on time invested.

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Michael Moume asked:

SEO is a time consuming process. There are several tools which simplify SEO and save your time as a blogger. Here is a list of some necessary types of SEO tools that can help you make optimization easier.

1. Keywords finder

Keywords are the most important factor in determining your Google page ranking. After you have decided the topic for your blog or website, first thing you need to do is to find out the right keywords to be used in your content. These include the most common and popular searches by search engine users. Keyword tools give you the right keywords to be used in your content according to the title of the page or the phrases you provide. Keyword tools compare the given phrases with search results from majority of users. Google AdWords tool is highly recommended in this category.

2. Page ranking tools

These tools help you know your relative page ranking in different search engines. Page ranking tools let you know your progress through the search list. It is a must use tool for every blogger. Popular page rank tools include Google Page rank checker, and GoogleRankings.com.

3. Link checking tools

Links are very important factor to get traffic. Links determine the popularity of your website on the internet. These types of tools help you analyze your links and report broken links. Also, these tools will verify for links reachable and unreachable from your website. These report the status of various links. Popular link checkers are Site Link analyzer and Link Checker.

4. Sitemap generators

Sitemap is the version of your web page that is accessible to the crawlers. Crawlers are software used by search engines like Google to analyze a webpage. Sitemap generators generate the sitemap of your website as a list of pages in XML or document form. So, sitemap generators give you the version of your webpage read by the search engine spiders. Sitemap generators also report errors within the page and broken links. Many sitemap generators are available online like xml-sitemaps.com.

5. Content checking tools

To get traffic you must deliver quality content. The web traffic of your website increases if you provide quality content without loopholes. There are various online tools that check content for its originality, quality and grammatical and spelling errors. Online Plagiarism Checker and Spellcheck.net are easy to use tools for content evaluation.

6. Tags analyzers

These tools check the tags of your web page and compare them with search engine requirements. The Meta tags are used by search engines to compare web pages. The Meta tags are the most important in determining webpage ranking. The Meta tags provide the basic structure and data of the HTML document and therefore these are given preference by search engines. The web traffic of your website is dependent on the Meta tags of your webpage. Tag analyzer tools give you the assessment of your tags and help you improve them. Various Meta tag analyzers are present online.

There are many other useful tools available to perform different specific tasks for your website. By doing these properly, surely it will help you boost the amount of traffic. Optimizing sites can never be that hard whenever these tools are used.

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Jason Nyback asked:

Search engine optimization, as the name implies, is a systematic process by which the ultimate goal is to match the algorithms being used by the search engines in order to win points with them and eventually be rewarded by being put on top of the search engine results page. When this occurs, you increase the possibility of being chosen by the searchers when you show up on their screen after they have put in the keyword corresponding to your website or link and this boost in the number of visits may result in the swelling of your conversions, or in a more common term, sales.

To be positively noticed by the search engines, at least the major ones, requires a deeper understanding of how Google, MSN Bing, and Yahoo determine who they will rank high in their result pages, and in this regard, keep in mind that the search engines do not only count the number of relevant links that are attached to you (emphasis on the description relevant, but that is another discussion), but they also assess and evaluate the worth and value of your content – your text content.

So how do you ensure that you comply with what the search engines are looking for in a content, text and tags and all? This is where SEO copywriting plays a very essential role.

SEO copywriters know too well the main principle behind the way search engines examine the content and text of each of your website. Of course the algorithms that they use are only privy to them but after years of exposure to SEO and numerous experimentation’s on what strategy works and what does not, they have honed in on some of the most important moves in SEO which they apply in their copywriting tasks.

For example, what the search engine does is they check what web pages browsers visit more, copy the whole text and then divide them into two parts, the bare text and tags. Once the whole web page has been divided, the search engines check the spelling of the tags, combine them all and search for words that are highlighted which can be links to other pages that discuss in a more in depth manner specific topics on the website,

In order to keep in line with the requirements and to make easy the work of the copywriter and to rank well in the SEO results page, the amount of keywords or keyword phrases should only be in the range of 3-5% of the total content text and each keyword should totally be consistent with the main topics of your website.

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Vikash Singal asked:

It is a well known fact that SEO services are made to ensure that your web presence is established. You do that using 2 main methods. You optimize using keywords and you use link building. These are the most popular ways in which we can get that presence in the web. However, this is just one side of the deal. We need to make a marketing strategy. There is a critical curve with how much you get from search engines. One day, the search engines could just stop sending the visitors. And what happens after that? As a measure, you can still use one more bullet aside from organic search results.

You can go for links from the other websites or link building. Your presence in other websites can drive significant relevant traffic. You can go for cross linking where one website and another one makes a deal to link together to drive the traffic to each other. If other websites recognize your relevance and link your site to theirs without the need of cross linking, you immediately increase your presence online and get a unique channel of users not dependent on the search engines. The fact is combining those 2 SEO services can boost your presence, ranking and furthermore, potential customers. It is necessary to use these methods hand in hand so that you can have a more stable presence online. This is very critical for those who are just starting up but equally important for established websites on the web.

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Joe Marsh asked:

E-mail marketing can be a great advantage for business owners. As we said in one of our previous articles, the Direct Marketing Association said in 2008 that the e-mail marketing was about 300% better return on investment. So this is definitely a marketing technique to add to their arsenal to promote your business. In this article we will talk about 13 common marketing mistakes email business owners do
Error # 1 -. Do not add an opt-in form or a landing page to your website. It is estimated that about 90% of all business owners have a website does not even have a volunteer registration form on their websites
Error # 2 -. Provide useful content irrelevant or not. Think about it, why bother to read e-mails if they do not offer anything useful or relevant to what your interest was. Your visitors are the same, they want useful information on the topic you are interested in.
Error # 3 – Do not place a record (optin) on every page of your website. This will remind your customers that is required to join the list so that you can send valuable information, coupons and notification of special offers
Error # 4 -. Make the registration process difficult. Ask for the right information too far can scare people. Many people ask for information such as address, phone, etc. All you need is your name and email address
Error # 5 -. not meet their visitors about privacy concerns. People get a ton of spam every day, and have provided your name and email address on other sites. Let your visitors know that you will not share or sell your email address and you can not use it for any other purpose than to communicate with them about your business
Error # 6 -. Not associated with nearby businesses or others to grow your business. It's a good idea to create partnerships with companies that do not compete but have similar clientele. Then you and your partners can encourage each other to their customers
Error # 7 -. Do not give your coupons to customers or anything of value for free. For their subscribers to stay on your list of what needs to provide valuable content and a reason to stay. Things such as coupons, free reports or notification of special offers are just some things that you could share with your list of
Error # 8 -. Do not ask your customers to spread the word. One of the best ways to increase business is through referrals or word of mouth. Most businesses fail miserably here. Ask your customers to share their experiences with their business with other people and ask them to refer people to your website
Error # 9 -. Do not use a professional email autoresponder. Did you realize that if you do not have an "opt-out link somewhere in your email that you could be fined thousands of dollars for every email you send. This is part of the FCC guidelines to protect people from spammers in Internet
Error # 10 -. Excluding the testimony of other customers in your newsletter or near your voluntary subscription form. If people are happy with what you do, why not publish this information on your website or in your newsletter. Did you know that 78% of consumers believe that the recommendations of peers, but only 14% believe that employers say in their ads
error # 11 -. Not including the video with your voluntary subscription form. The video is one of the greatest forms of communication. It allows people to realize a connection with someone. They are allowed to hear his voice, see his face and hear the inflection of the speaker's voice
Error # 12 -. Do not approach the e-mail messages in order to build a long term relationship with its customers. Is necessary for its clients (the list, or name each time you want to call them) actually know about them. If you are always trying to get sales messages in the throat that let you quickly. Some things you can do include delivery of gifts, you can make videos of them and teach them about how to use your product or service
Error # 13 -. No comment on your list. imagine how your customers would feel if you really wonder what kind of information they would like. You may have to fill out a survey or you may be asked to respond to an e-mail. People like to feel important and they also like to help.

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Cheow Yu Yuan asked:

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website to rank well on the natural listings of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. As the industry becomes more educated on the topic of SEO, many companies are now engaging in the optimization process so as to get high rankings for their websites.

However, SEO is not always about ranking and position. You need to look at traffic and conversion too. When your site is being optimized, you need to track the amount of organic search engine traffic that comes to your website. For most web statistics tracking software, you will be able to know the exact keywords that searchers type to find your website. Tracking of organic traffic is very important as you can analyze the information and fine tune your optimization process.

Now that you know the amount of organic traffic that you are getting, it is time for you to calculate conversion rate. Before you can calculate conversion, you need to determine the goal of your website. In other words, what you wish to achieve from your website? Is your website an e-commerce store that generates direct online sales? Or are you intending to use your website to generate leads for your services or products, and close the deals offline? After you have determined the goal of your website, we will have a KPI or Key Performance Indicator to work on.

If you run an e-commerce site, your conversion calculation will be pretty straight-forward. You need to have a web statistic tracking software to track the path that visitors take when they reach your site. Then, use the number of sales resulted from organic traffic and divides it by the total organic traffic to your website. Then multiply it by 100. This will be your conversion rate for SEO.

If your business deals with offline sales and services, what you can do is to place an unique phone number on your website that is not use elsewhere. So whenever there is any enquiry to this phone number, you will know that it comes from your online marketing effort. Then, instruct your phone operator to always ask anyone who calls in on how he or she finds your website. When tracking conversion for offline sales and services, it is near impossible to get a 100% accurate number. But at least, you will have some numbers to work on.

Any marketing effort needs to be measured in order to produce good result. I know that it is very tedious to measure some of the online marketing campaign like SEO. You can choose to just look at keyword rankings and positions. But if you do not know the actual conversion rate and numbers from your SEO effort, you will never know how well your website fares in the optimization war.


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Jason Nyback asked:

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization.? It is important to know what trends are being used with SEO.? Knowing what search engines are going to be looking for is just as important as keyword optimizations and pay per clicks.? You want to generate traffic and have high search rankings on every search engine on the internet.

The outlook on 2010 SEO is going to be based on content more than keyword optimization.? This trend began in 2009 and it is not going to change much for 2010.? If anything, content is going to be more important in 2010 than it was 2090.? For this reason, article content needs to be highly optimized just as much as keyword density is going to be looked at.

Another trend that was started in 2009 that is going to be more relevant in 2010 is traffic.? Search engines are going to be looking at not only the click-throughs and keywords; they are also going to be ranking according to traffic that is on your site.?

The more traffic you have, the higher the rankings you are going to get from the search engines.? For this reason, you need to utilize as many of the tools that are out there that are going to drive traffic to your site.? Article marketing and pay per clicks are going to become even more important than they are now because of this.

If you keep these tips in mind for 2010, you are going to be a forerunner on other sites that may have similar items or services for sale as yours.? You want to pay attention to what countries you are getting hits from and optimize your site for geographical locations as well.

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Small businesses are closing at an overwhelming rate due to the economic climate. Often the fine line between survival and closing is reliant on the amount of marketing of the business is actually done. Unfortunately, when faced with a choice of where to cut in the budget, the marketing is usually the first to go. This should not happen – and smart businesses know this, and put their marketing budget toward a more cost effective and targeted channel – online marketing.

A Changing Landscape

In November, 2010, Ad-ology Research conducted a survey of over 750 small businesses to see where their marketing budget would be spent in 2011. The results showed that more small businesses will be putting their budgets toward e-mail (72.7% in 2011 vs. 56.6% in 2010) and website development (70.5% in 2011 vs. 57.7% in 2010).

What this shows us is that online marketing is becoming the way companies promote their goods and services. Traditional forms of marketing are not going away – there will still be direct mail pieces sent, flyers printed, telephone directories used, and billboards utilized, but overwhelmingly there is going to be great growth in the online marketplace.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Why would a company want to market online? First, there is a greater reach to consumers, and more opportunity for growth. According to Google, over 85% of consumers are going online first when looking for products and services – totaling over 16 billion search queries a month. Secondly, of the over 20 million registered businesses in the U.S., only about 5-10% have any type of online presence, and only a small percentage of those are doing anything to market their company online.

Online marketing is not just limited to having a website, and marketing that, or an email campaign to prospects and clients. There is also a great push toward the utilization of social media. For businesses that are following a business to consumer model, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are an excellent source to get new business as well as connect with your current clients. Social media sites gather personal consumer information at sign up that businesses can use to target their ads. These ads cost a fraction of what it does on a major search engine. Also, social media sites allow a quick update to your “followers”. Posting relevant, timely information can establish a company as an expert in their field, and who doesn’t want to be known as an expert in their own field?

With such a large untapped marketing space, there is great opportunity to grow. No longer do small businesses have to focus on their own backyard for customers – their reach is only as limited as they want it to be. With the right marketing strategy, their small business can change from a struggling shop to a profitable entity quickly.

Analyzing costs

As with all comparisons, it turns into a question of numbers and dollars. Small businesses using a traditional form of marketing can spend over $10,000 on a direct mail campaign, see less than 1% response, and then a smaller closing rate, and consider the campaign a success. If they took that same $10,000 and invested it in online marketing they could see a much higher exposure, greater contact rate, and much better closing rates because they would be targeting to the consumer who is specifically looking for their goods and services. For example, one of the companies I have worked with wanted exposure for his website. In one month, and for under $1,000, his web traffic increased over 20,000%. Another client I worked with saw a 500% increase in web traffic when he started utilizing an email campaign.

Online marketing is a powerful tool, allowing small businesses to compete with, and beat their competition. Those who take advantage of the opportunities have a greater chance of success over those who continue to use more traditional forms of marketing. As the landscape evolves, and new opportunities arise, what is your small business going to do to succeed?
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