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When thinking about Insurance SEO, try classifying or sorting your search engine marketing efforts into major categories. For example, Wikipedia states that, “SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines.” This statement seems like a good place to start, as your organization should ask the following questions:

Is your agency leveraging images on sites like Flickr? Have you posted videos or vlogs to YouTube? Have you submitted your company information to Google Places, etc.? Have you been optimizing your insurance agency website for local searches (local SEO)? Have you submitted information to reputable, vertical, search engine directories? And last but not least, have your made on page optimization changes to your insurance agency website to ensure your website it search engine friendly?

These are some of the more important categories applicable to insurance agency SEO. Though this is sometimes be referred to as insurance search engine marketing, as the questions above can apply to both insurance SEO, and to SEM (search engine marketing). For example, a YouTube video about your insurance agency can result in a valuable backlink, improving SEO, ultimately resulting in better Search Engine Results Page rankings (SERP). However, the YouTube video can also result in an agency prospect viewing the video and acting upon the call to action at the end of your video, resulting in a direct inbound lead to your agents or producers.

If you haven’t considered these questions, the time is now to get your insurance web marketing plan in place, with an SEO strategy as one of the fundamental components of that plan. Though a comprehensive insurance web marketing plan is best, at a minimum, agents should be thinking about these basic insurance SEO questions, emphasizing respective marketing initiatives within each of these major categories.

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