for example, in the user-agent command , i can specify google by type in Googlebot, specify MSN by typing in msnbot

Is there a list for all the search engines? what would it be for yahoo? altavista? etc etc

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If you are a small business owner reading this article, you are probably looking to enter the world of online marketing and advertising.  Even if you didn’t set up a business website yet, you are thinking about it and considering your next strategy.  Having an effective plan of action is one of the most crucial rungs on the ladder to success.  Your plan outlines the way you intend to get your business name out there to attract customers to your website.  Now that you’re ready to develop a strategy, it’s essential to study SEO techniques before you get started.  The letters SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO refers to the strategy that will push your business website to the top of the major search engine results.  Skilled SEO strategies and techniques are the key to success for your small business for several major reasons.

A common-sense reason to use SEO strategy is to get your business name out into the world so people know about it.  Consider the countless websites on the internet today.  It makes you wonder how many websites only a few people will ever see.  Is there something wrong with these websites?  Are they bad websites with little to offer?  The bottom line is visibility does not relate to how good the website actually is.  A poor website might soar to the top of a search engine list while a terrific site could get buried at the bottom of the results.  The biggest reason one website gets recognized over another is because the top website has better SEO.  Thanks to SEO strategy, the website climbs to the top of the search engine results while the competitors lag behind.

This leads us to the next SEO strategy and whether search results are only good for visibility.  The answer is both yes and no, since SEO is rather like a cycle.  It is crucial to post plenty of articles and blog entries on the internet with content related to your business.  They must include relevant keywords for your target market to attract attention.  These techniques are imperative to get noticed by the search engine bots crawling around the web to gather info.  Once you get on these lists, more people will see your business offerings and click on your website.  As you get more hits, your site creeps toward the top of the search engine list.  The higher you get on the search engine results, the more hits you will receive.  You can easily see the SEO cycle and how it feeds itself.

For those just getting started, SEO strategy can be very difficult to understand.  It is essential to have web specialists assisting you in getting your business website to the top of the search engine lists.  Successful online marketers study keywords to know which ones will work and which ones won’t.  The higher your website ranks, the more people will visit it.  Web marketing specialists increase your website visibility to make your business more relevant and profitable.

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