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Every second of the day, the consumers are looking for so that the businesses and the nonlucrative organizations solve their product, or maintains the needs. Google.com only receives almost 6 billion searches every month.   Whereas you are reading this, million people are search in line for a product or they maintain supply to him. They are finding him?   If no, then to contract a consultant of the Christian CATHEDRAL it can be the answer. The last intention of the optimization of the Search Engine is to increase traffic of the Web site, because this one can give rise to higher sales, and more benefit. The users neither have the time nor the patience to look for each hiding place and corner of the Internet. They are in a hurry and they have a load of the information bombing of them. In order to reach a wide mass of users, you need to appear in front of them as soon as they type his particular key words in the Search Engine. The positioning of its business within the first results of the search is each goal of ? s of ? of ownerâ of the small company. There are many organizations who cannot align well in the motors of the search.   One of the reasons is that they cannot provide what it is looking for people stops in the network. One of the main reasons of this is that ? t of ? of donâ understands how the motors of the search work. A Christian consultant of the optimization of the Search Engine understands how the motors of the search work and will help to him to understand what they want the motors and the investigators exactly. With Christian services of CATHEDRAL, you obtain to the same ample range of services such as building of the connection, social optimization of means, contented management, and CATHEDRAL. The difference that is that one with a Christian company/signature of the optimization of the Search Engine you you will secure a commission to the ethical practices, to the right appraisal, and the results of long term for its small company or nonlucrative Web site.   Thus, the small companies as well as nonlucrative organizations can be allowed and to execute optimizations of the Search Engine also maintains. When you list the services of any commercial house of CATHEDRAL or the Internet, you must hope to receive: * Building in course of the connection of Consulting* of the utility of the Web site of Optimization* CATHEDRAL of the title of the page of training* of Research* CATHEDRAL of the key word for social means of SEO* that put & amp; The contented development of Optimization* and the public architecture in line ReviewBusinesses of the site of relations* CATHEDRAL of Marketing* CATHEDRAL of the article of Submission* of the directory of Consultation* need to keep the tongue-piece for than they are looking for the users, not what the company wants to give the user. Using cathedral a consultant will help to understand the market him, and secures that the crucial data so you can be placed in the results of the Search Engine to obtain traffic. The Internet is competitive and dynamic world of a highly -. A position optimized with respect to Search Engine can make the wonders for its site. It can: * It increases & amp of the conversions of the increase of traffic* of the fabric; the confidence of the consumer of the rise of sales* and image* of the trade name heighten the client who the ROI of the increase of service* of the businesses of siteAll of the fabric without concerning size must list the services of a consultant of the cathedral, because they shelter much information on the several motors of the search, how the world of the fabric works, and which are the strategies that will be followed to maintain the Search Engine of the content highly optimized.    To contract a consultant of the Christian CATHEDRAL gives to the added security and the confidence him that are being used the ethical practices of the cathedral (of the target-hat).   These ethical techniques or of the target-hat make sure that the work done is ambo legal, and friendly Search Engine.   Also aid to make sure that the work done today still will be truth and help its small nonlucrative company or to continue aligning in motors of the search then search of people for you.

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