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For those who have lived and worked anywhere near big companies such as Microsoft and EMC, these terms are familiar. A Value Added Reseller, or VAR, is a business that essentially lives off of reselling someone else’s product. They usually add their own services around that product to make their offering more competitive. Thus the ‘value-added’ part. In the search engine optimization space, there has been a recent movement toward the VAR approach. A number of SEO reseller organizations have brought packages to market to help other business get into the SEO space, but without needing their own delivery capabilities. Much in the same way Microsoft and EMC have used the VAR approach to distribution, these SEO reseller organizations are recruiting other firms to do the selling. In return, they see a healthy profit margin. White label SEO is a variation on this VAR distribution model. Unlike a Microsoft VAR, with a white label SEO program, the delivery group is invisible to the client. All work, correspondence, emails and reports are privately labeled with the SEO reseller information and logo. This is the essence of the white label SEO approach. There are several distinct advantages to a white label SEO strategy. The first is that the client has no awareness that the delivery of the search engine optimization work has been outsourced. While noone is trying to deceive the client, there are advantages to having the end-customer believe that their vendor does all the work in-house. A second strong advantage of the white label SEO tactic is that the customer relationship lies squarely with the reseller. If the delivery work turns out to be sub-par, the reselling organization can change delivery vendors. Because the end customer had no awareness of the sub-contracting relationship, you do not have the communication burdens often associated with this type of change. In summary, you can profit by joining a white label SEO program if you are good at sales and account management or have solid contacts or leads in a related space. This approach is particularly appealing to web development and other IT firms who do not currently offer search engine optimization. For these businesses, they can become an SEO reseller and add this service to their list of complementary offerings.

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