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& lt; br/& WP; for the three dernières weeks, j& #39; have firm été with work to explore popular guides SEO & lt; strong& WP; & lt; /strong& WP; who has travaillé for the small companies. Contrary to the large competitors, the small companies n& #39; does not have personnel or advertising budgets of the marché in l& #39; Current A©conomy, but fortunately, the matière none of these factors makes marketing on line because small companies SEO is the best means of flying of the shares of marché and well sÔ R on the level of the playing field. & lt; br/& WP; Après to have exploré best sources and to communicate with popular experts SEO, j& #39; understood that & lt; strong& WP; référencement organic & lt; /strong& WP; is best the façon to support a modest portée but ciblée. What follows is the list of the 7 councils Google SEO that j& #39; have trouvé nécessaire for small companies à to produce résultats and j& #39; espère that this list helps the new companies and inexpérimentées which is à the search for high New SEO. & lt; strong& WP; & lt; br/& WP; To make a site which is easy à to charge & lt; /strong& WP; Now that Google has lancé speed in l& #39; algorithm of classification of the search engines, it is time to ensure you that your site is easy à to charge. By increasing the speed of your site you have également améliorer l& #39; expérience customer, which helps à to convert your visitors into customers. To use tools like YSlow or Web page Analyzer for vérifier the problème derrière slow speed. To make a site which is SEO Google and easy à charge so that you made not await the users d& #39; to buy your products. & lt; strong& WP; To optimize for the local research & lt; /strong& WP; Local Going is the most advantageous technique for the small companies. Approximately 70% of the local consumers use Google SEO local advertisements to seek information on companies à proximité. Vérifiez your company on the local lists, such as Local Yahoo, Bing buildings or Google places to obtain the d&amp maximum; #39; advantages. & lt; strong& WP; You with the customer connect by adding a personal key à your site & lt; /strong& WP; The main advantage which the small companies have of the chances to communicate with the customers by adding a personal voice. While making hear your voice, are not to you only d& #39; to add confidence, but also to emphasize your autorité on the marché. To add recommendations and comments as well as the caractéristiques ones of the product and the façon whose your services can bénéficier the customers. & lt; strong& WP; To give l& #39; importance with the contents & lt; /strong& WP; Contents always have été the king of the search engines and it is still. Search engines not only to give more d& #39; importance with single contents SEO friendly, but, the possibilités of better qualité are provided to the users to find your products and services. To explain all that – you to provide services, the customers can obtain advantages, comments, améliorations, all that makes it easy for the customers to bâtir confidence. & lt; strong& WP; To filter your internal bonds & lt; /strong& WP; You ensure that your système of navigation is d& #39; to obtain all your contents. Internal bonds not only to bring one value ajoutée à your Web site but also happy customers and search engines. Développer a spirit of connection, thinks professional on l& #39; structure of connection of your Web site or sites use like Copyblogger to return older messages in your articles. You can également add older sitemaps, messages and related products as your informative contents are old, but considering or liés Ã. & lt; strong& WP; Not receiving noise to continue the bonds & lt; /strong& WP; Not to let itself carry only by testing d& #39; to obtain entering bonds terrible lack not-follow-up. You cannot gérer the façon of which search engines to act. To provide better services and the satisfaction of the customer is your guide SEO. If you concentrate on good contents, the search engines will concentrate on the various aspects of the SEO by them-mêmes. Contained better attracts the best bonds and it is good for the two SEO and the customers in même time. & lt; strong& WP; Créer of the contents for people not only for the search engines & lt; /strong& WP; If your only goal of créer the contents is d& #39; to impress the search engines, you êtes absent on all the profits of your company. As by the guide Google SEO, crA©ation d& #39; easy contents à to use can help you more than by report/ratio à the simple crA©ation of contents for the search engines. A user visits your Web site to see how your services can profit to him, but when it comes on your site and finds contents which prête à confusion, it can leave and not return. If you want more bonds entering and the bénéfices of the companies, you ensure d& #39; écrire for the customers because it does not matter à what a not the search engines, they cannot bénéficier of your services!

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