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& lt; br/& WP; l& #39; optimization of the search engines became an important aspect très plan of marketing very undertaken. Especially for the small companies, buildings of the SEO became a component nécessaire d& #39; to help customers à to find the companies in their région. As people become more dépendants search engines, it becomes important extrêmement for the small companies for visible être on Internet oà ¹ the customers are local carrying out research. Here some let us façons d& #39; accroître the visibilité of online search and to stimulate the sales. & lt; br/& WP; Words-clés Words-clés & lt; br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP; and sentences clés are the angular stone of any d&amp plan; #39; optimization of search engine. Seek the words-clés dominant for an industry particulière contributes à to direct the contents of the site. Many words clés not only to provide information on the words which are popular, but they give also données on the words clés which are utilisés in a gA©ographic zone particulière. The targeting of the words clés utilisés in l& #39; site d& #39; a company in the final analysis to help the search engines to locate the site of l& #39; company and générer of the traffic towards the site. When you think à & lt; strong& WP; buildings of the SEO & lt; /strong& WP; , the customers are à proximité of the more high importance. practices d& #39; training of research their is essential. & lt; br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP; Web site Société & lt; br/& WP; Once the words-clés are identifiés, it is nécessaire d& #39; to optimize the Web site of l& #39; company. Démarrage d& #39; a blog is excellent a façon to put à day the site with relevant contents. the écrits messages would owe être axés on the marché target together d& #39; intérêts. For example, if l& #39; company is épicerie, tickets of blog on the receipts, sales à through the store, and the important news concerning food is all large the thèmes to keep in rotation. The blog should concentrate on the words-clés identifiés at the time of initial research and put être à day régulièrement to follow the tendencies. The site should également have more d& #39; information à day that possible. That is particulièrement true for information on the société such as l& #39; addresses and the numéro téléphone. One of the main objectives of & lt; strong& WP; buildings of the SEO & lt; /strong& WP; is d& #39; to have the localization of the companies appear on the charts on line. An exact address is nécessaire with this intention. & lt; br/& WP; Réseaux social & lt; br/& WP; that the réseaux social ones are développent, they are more and more of power for l& #39; construction deed a bond. Sites like Yelp and Foursquare, which encourage an social aspect to visit and d& #39; to examine various places, have the capacity of créer broad a intérêt in a company. They help also à to communicate local companies and easy à returns it  to work together towards a common goal. reinforcement of the bonds réciproques can être incorporées in a plan of marketing for accroître the visibilité of the search and with the bénéfice for all impliqués. & lt; br/& WP;

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