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Generally, having your business’ website appear on the first page or two of a Google search result generally is a good thing, if your website doesn’t help searchers become customers all the first-page ranking results will do nothing for you. A good SEO placement knows this and will work to create an affordable SEO campaign that’s effective for you.

An SEO placement campaign is only as good as your keywords. Sure, lots of traffic to your website is a good thing, but the kind of traffic you really want is traffic to your site from people who are looking for what you offer.

For example, if you’re an attorney who specializes in wills and estate planning, especially for divorced people, an SEO placement campaign that gets folks to your website who are looking for a real estate lawyer is a wasted campaign — and a waste of your precious marketing dollars.

But if your SEO marketing company creates an affordable SEO campaign that targets people who need estate planning services, you will have spent your marketing budget in a highly targeted and very successful manner. People just looking for an “attorney” won’t come your way; people who are looking for “divorce estate planning,” or “estate planning second marriages” will.

So beware of SEO companies that tout they will get you “on the first page of Google, guaranteed!” Be sure to ask them what they will do to ensure you’ll wind up on the first page or two of results of people who truly are looking for you. That kind of affordable SEO company  — the one that understands targeted traffic — is the one to hire.

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