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It is expected that the combination of SEO and social media is the perfect blend for online lead generation. With getting telemarketing calls deceased with each passing day, BPO units have little choice but to rely on online methods to get leads on her pussy. But several of these call centers are not really sure about investing in social media methods. The simple reason is the networks don 'means that social, t actually provide hard leads immediately. Since most projects are short term, it makes sense to create profiles on Facebook or Twitter and add to friends or to increase a network. For the moment you begin to respond to the founding of the lead generation business, you find that you are slipping out of time. The best way out, as they perceive, is to try SEO and other Web 2.0 tools to create leads. But social media serve to function well enough to be an important part of your SEO efforts. Â Let 's find out how social media is an important component of his method of lead generation. First, studies have shown that more than 70% of social media users depend on their friends and peers for suggestions when buying something online. This is way more than the percentage of people checking on the search engines to find your brand. As a unit of the call center, you have to have a voice in this social media buzz. You have to be part of the discussion that decides if you get new customers or lose them to the brands that have a strong social presence in the media. Social media, as units of customer service need to understand, isn 't a tool for lead generation as much as he is a tool to qualify. Brands and sell products. Â agents overseas call center may find it hard to convince the department to install? social share 'of? â methods; buttons on Web sites and blogs maintained by the BPO. The section of the follow-up of e may feel that it is not worth the effort. But if you are armed with statistics supporting your claim, you will find it easier. Use Google Analytics or other tracking tools to see how much traffic your website gets in their pages on Facebook and Twitter. You can also set the buttons on the website and check how many are sharing your pages with friends through social media or just email. You can always click on the following Web site and blog. To the aim of the team of lead generation sales is sure that he is tapping into the possible methods without fail. The market intelligence services need to look at the data that clearly define when? Like 'the? â the people, their links on Facebook, it can be beneficial for lead generation. You need more people as part of your network. Users to join up where multiple visitors and followers mentioned. The easy part about social media marketing is that once you get the ground work done, you can expect that the campaign go viral. When he finally does, BPO agents do not need to work on it. Also, it 's important to keep the customer service always ready to support.

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