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For each 1 $ which is dépensé on purchases on Internet in Amérique, another 5 $ à 6 $ go local purchases d& #39; businesses off line which have été influencés d& #39; some façon by online search local, which is according to étude appearing in a numéro of 2005 of Technology Review, which is publié by Massachusetts Institute off Technology (MIT). This tendency east can-être seen in d& #39; other countries also, but this qu& #39; it means primarily that the companies must more concentrate their efforts on marketing Internet and of the small companies optimization of search engines à to influence the sales and to attract more customers in the process. & lt; br/& WP; l& #39; optimization of the search engines & lt; br/& WP; consist à to use a variété techniques to communicate with the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These techniques, s& #39; they are utilisés correctly, the more favorable résultats in the search engines. Some examples include l& #39; inscription of your address and numéro of téléphone local on your Web site like d& #39; to have your site hébergé on a waiter in your country d& #39; origin, the techniques which result in a better classification. Here d& #39; other éléments d& #39; information essential that you must know SEO the small company, if you want to réussir & lt; br/& WP; optimization of your site -. Use of words clés & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; ingrédient essential of succès with SEO local small companies is l& #39; optimization of the pages of your Web site. It s& #39; d&amp acts; #39; a méthode by which you use words clés and expressions spA©cific à through all your site which is ciblés aiming à to attract the local consumers. For example, if you offer services of plumbing à Denver, in Colorado, then a sentence of research which will be crucial for your site & #39; optimization d& #39; is & quot; Denver plumbers & quot; or & quot; plumbers Denver & quot;. By using these expressions of local research your site &amp pushes correctly; #39; S higher classification in the résultats of the search engines. & lt; br/& WP; Seek Words-clés & lt; br/& WP; To find the witty remarks clés à to use is essential. There exist several d&amp types; #39; tools available to help the words-clés; these tools SEO to say to you what the sentences of local research are recherchés more the à to find your products and services. Google offers free its own words clés which you can use to help with your small made efforts SEO. & lt; br/& WP; Importance of the backlinks & lt; br/& WP; You must également put l& #39; accent on the reinforcement of the backlink. Backlinks are crucial for the succès local of SEO à long run of your Web site. Backlinks are the bonds that d& #39; other Web sites contain indeed that the bond towards your site d& #39; company. Each one of these backlinks of your site gives a stronger assertion to the search engines. Backlinks can come from large Web sites répertoire and même sites of bookmarking social like Digg. If a façon d& #39; to obtain backlinks is to work the process manually, take account of time nécessaire. L& #39; other façon consists à to use a software of référencement which allows créer backlinks for you more quickly and more easily than if you can work by you-même. & lt; br/& WP; First steps with SEO & lt; br/& WP; & lt; p/& WP; L& #39; nature même of posséder a Web site d& #39; company means that you & #39; L is necessary to have a plan of small company SEO à to apply the techniques to gain l& #39; optimization of the local search engines. Training of the méthodes d& #39; optimization of search engine takes time, time that you cannot-être if you N & #39; êtes actively construction d& #39; other aspects of your company. L& #39; another option is l& #39; externalisation – recourse à professionals of research d& #39; optimization of engine. It ya of the advantages and inconvénients à the time at C-it-yourself and the méthode of l& #39; externalisation like a propriétaire of small company and the succès can come with two options. However, nothing to make and éviter SEO small company n& #39; is not an option like a growing number of consumers to continue à to use l& #39; Internet like d&amp independent source; #39; information to find products and services of local small companies.

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