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The minute that you decipher the strategies of the increasing traffic of the fabric, its business in line will move definitively at the following level. The main target of all the businessmen in line is to attract visitors to its sites. With good traffic you are safe to make the money in line. This article will try to share the content valuable to attend its return of the small great company. The best strategy of the increasing traffic of the fabric is through the motors of the search. Although you can assign some bottoms towards the optimization of the Search Engine (CATHEDRAL), you you can be successful in equals without the investment of a single currency of ten cents. Before, one needed to be an expert to be successful in CATHEDRAL but any sharpened person to learn the tricks today can easy thick overflow. All what you need to identify is the questions that people in her place use to leaf through the Internet. The motors have taste of Google, Yahoo and the Web site of the drag Bing that look for the excellent content their users of Internet & #039; questions. Therefore, the content that you generate for his apparently small company must be optimized. With some changes you can also align overflow and thus increase traffic of the fabric to his Web site. As you work in his visible content, she cerciórese of which its content also hidden is optimized. By this I mean its labels of the HTML. &amp assures his; quot; META& quot; the content of the elements optimizes with excellent key words well. Since the motors of the search cannot read images, the images in their site are due to also identify with the alternating labels. It is good to this point to remember that diverse Google, Yahoo and Bing everything use tactics to align sites. For example Google considers the use of key words in his & quot; description& quot; The GOAL marks with label whereas other motors concentrate in & quot; keywords& quot; Labels or both of the GOAL.   Therefore, when choosing key words, that asegúrese of are common in their segment of the market and not so competitive. This will make easy so that their Web site is found in the first result of the motors page thus increasing traffic of the fabric. Important to observe besides securing a high graduation of the page it is the necessity to construct the rich content that assures the retention the reader. It follows the connections down to learn more in traffic in line frees of the fabric of the increase of the ideas of the commercialization therefore.

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