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SEO is a time consuming process. There are several tools which simplify SEO and save your time as a blogger. Here is a list of some necessary types of SEO tools that can help you make optimization easier.

1. Keywords finder

Keywords are the most important factor in determining your Google page ranking. After you have decided the topic for your blog or website, first thing you need to do is to find out the right keywords to be used in your content. These include the most common and popular searches by search engine users. Keyword tools give you the right keywords to be used in your content according to the title of the page or the phrases you provide. Keyword tools compare the given phrases with search results from majority of users. Google AdWords tool is highly recommended in this category.

2. Page ranking tools

These tools help you know your relative page ranking in different search engines. Page ranking tools let you know your progress through the search list. It is a must use tool for every blogger. Popular page rank tools include Google Page rank checker, and GoogleRankings.com.

3. Link checking tools

Links are very important factor to get traffic. Links determine the popularity of your website on the internet. These types of tools help you analyze your links and report broken links. Also, these tools will verify for links reachable and unreachable from your website. These report the status of various links. Popular link checkers are Site Link analyzer and Link Checker.

4. Sitemap generators

Sitemap is the version of your web page that is accessible to the crawlers. Crawlers are software used by search engines like Google to analyze a webpage. Sitemap generators generate the sitemap of your website as a list of pages in XML or document form. So, sitemap generators give you the version of your webpage read by the search engine spiders. Sitemap generators also report errors within the page and broken links. Many sitemap generators are available online like xml-sitemaps.com.

5. Content checking tools

To get traffic you must deliver quality content. The web traffic of your website increases if you provide quality content without loopholes. There are various online tools that check content for its originality, quality and grammatical and spelling errors. Online Plagiarism Checker and Spellcheck.net are easy to use tools for content evaluation.

6. Tags analyzers

These tools check the tags of your web page and compare them with search engine requirements. The Meta tags are used by search engines to compare web pages. The Meta tags are the most important in determining webpage ranking. The Meta tags provide the basic structure and data of the HTML document and therefore these are given preference by search engines. The web traffic of your website is dependent on the Meta tags of your webpage. Tag analyzer tools give you the assessment of your tags and help you improve them. Various Meta tag analyzers are present online.

There are many other useful tools available to perform different specific tasks for your website. By doing these properly, surely it will help you boost the amount of traffic. Optimizing sites can never be that hard whenever these tools are used.

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