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SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization.? It is important to know what trends are being used with SEO.? Knowing what search engines are going to be looking for is just as important as keyword optimizations and pay per clicks.? You want to generate traffic and have high search rankings on every search engine on the internet.

The outlook on 2010 SEO is going to be based on content more than keyword optimization.? This trend began in 2009 and it is not going to change much for 2010.? If anything, content is going to be more important in 2010 than it was 2090.? For this reason, article content needs to be highly optimized just as much as keyword density is going to be looked at.

Another trend that was started in 2009 that is going to be more relevant in 2010 is traffic.? Search engines are going to be looking at not only the click-throughs and keywords; they are also going to be ranking according to traffic that is on your site.?

The more traffic you have, the higher the rankings you are going to get from the search engines.? For this reason, you need to utilize as many of the tools that are out there that are going to drive traffic to your site.? Article marketing and pay per clicks are going to become even more important than they are now because of this.

If you keep these tips in mind for 2010, you are going to be a forerunner on other sites that may have similar items or services for sale as yours.? You want to pay attention to what countries you are getting hits from and optimize your site for geographical locations as well.

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