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Like most website owners, the aim of your SEO strategy is no doubt to burst to the top of the first page on Google, Bing, and any other popular search engine. After all, first page listings are the holy grail for SEO specialists and business owners alike. However, if your website is not performing quite as well as it should, despite all your best SEO efforts, it may be time to consider which other factors could be holding you back from climbing the ranks of search listings for your industry. There are many factors that prevent high search engine rankings, but here are five of the important ones:

Domain Hosting: Make sure you know in which continent or country your hosting site is located. Your hosting company should be located in the same country as your company in order to achieve maximum SEO. Although remote hosting sites may appear more economical, the cheapest service is likely to be off-shore and could be holding your website back from scaling the search engine ranks. URL Structure: Always ensure that your URLs are structured in a brief and clear manner in order to boost SEO. Odd characters or strings of numbers, hyphens and other messy inclusions should be strictly avoided. URLs should ideally be one word or short phrase that is memorable and easy to type. Content: Although SEO may always be on your mind, when it comes to web content, make sure that it is written for your customers and not search engines. Text should be kept brief and to the point, with targeted key words and key word phrases distributed naturally throughout each page. Link Structure: To not leave any SEO stone unturned, ensure that your website has a clear navigational system and that all of your internal pages are correctly linked. Site visitors must be given a route through the website that is clearly marked and easy to follow, allowing them to find the information they are seeking, whilst directing them toward your goal activity (such as making an appointment or a purchase). Bounce Rate: If search engines observe that no visitors spend a very long time on your website, it could be a factor that eventually effects your search list ranking. Make sure that your site is immediately engaging to visitors by consulting a web developer who can assist you to implement new applications and features such as video, newsletter sign-up pages, quizzes, games and competitions that will guarantee, when someone clicks on your site, they are there to stay.

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