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SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization.? It is important to know what trends are being used with SEO.? Knowing what search engines are going to be looking for is just as important as keyword optimizations and pay per clicks.? You want to generate traffic and have high search rankings on every search engine on the internet.

The outlook on 2010 SEO is going to be based on content more than keyword optimization.? This trend began in 2009 and it is not going to change much for 2010.? If anything, content is going to be more important in 2010 than it was 2090.? For this reason, article content needs to be highly optimized just as much as keyword density is going to be looked at.

Another trend that was started in 2009 that is going to be more relevant in 2010 is traffic.? Search engines are going to be looking at not only the click-throughs and keywords; they are also going to be ranking according to traffic that is on your site.?

The more traffic you have, the higher the rankings you are going to get from the search engines.? For this reason, you need to utilize as many of the tools that are out there that are going to drive traffic to your site.? Article marketing and pay per clicks are going to become even more important than they are now because of this.

If you keep these tips in mind for 2010, you are going to be a forerunner on other sites that may have similar items or services for sale as yours.? You want to pay attention to what countries you are getting hits from and optimize your site for geographical locations as well.

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Small businesses are closing at an overwhelming rate due to the economic climate. Often the fine line between survival and closing is reliant on the amount of marketing of the business is actually done. Unfortunately, when faced with a choice of where to cut in the budget, the marketing is usually the first to go. This should not happen – and smart businesses know this, and put their marketing budget toward a more cost effective and targeted channel – online marketing.

A Changing Landscape

In November, 2010, Ad-ology Research conducted a survey of over 750 small businesses to see where their marketing budget would be spent in 2011. The results showed that more small businesses will be putting their budgets toward e-mail (72.7% in 2011 vs. 56.6% in 2010) and website development (70.5% in 2011 vs. 57.7% in 2010).

What this shows us is that online marketing is becoming the way companies promote their goods and services. Traditional forms of marketing are not going away – there will still be direct mail pieces sent, flyers printed, telephone directories used, and billboards utilized, but overwhelmingly there is going to be great growth in the online marketplace.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Why would a company want to market online? First, there is a greater reach to consumers, and more opportunity for growth. According to Google, over 85% of consumers are going online first when looking for products and services – totaling over 16 billion search queries a month. Secondly, of the over 20 million registered businesses in the U.S., only about 5-10% have any type of online presence, and only a small percentage of those are doing anything to market their company online.

Online marketing is not just limited to having a website, and marketing that, or an email campaign to prospects and clients. There is also a great push toward the utilization of social media. For businesses that are following a business to consumer model, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are an excellent source to get new business as well as connect with your current clients. Social media sites gather personal consumer information at sign up that businesses can use to target their ads. These ads cost a fraction of what it does on a major search engine. Also, social media sites allow a quick update to your “followers”. Posting relevant, timely information can establish a company as an expert in their field, and who doesn’t want to be known as an expert in their own field?

With such a large untapped marketing space, there is great opportunity to grow. No longer do small businesses have to focus on their own backyard for customers – their reach is only as limited as they want it to be. With the right marketing strategy, their small business can change from a struggling shop to a profitable entity quickly.

Analyzing costs

As with all comparisons, it turns into a question of numbers and dollars. Small businesses using a traditional form of marketing can spend over $10,000 on a direct mail campaign, see less than 1% response, and then a smaller closing rate, and consider the campaign a success. If they took that same $10,000 and invested it in online marketing they could see a much higher exposure, greater contact rate, and much better closing rates because they would be targeting to the consumer who is specifically looking for their goods and services. For example, one of the companies I have worked with wanted exposure for his website. In one month, and for under $1,000, his web traffic increased over 20,000%. Another client I worked with saw a 500% increase in web traffic when he started utilizing an email campaign.

Online marketing is a powerful tool, allowing small businesses to compete with, and beat their competition. Those who take advantage of the opportunities have a greater chance of success over those who continue to use more traditional forms of marketing. As the landscape evolves, and new opportunities arise, what is your small business going to do to succeed?
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Caroline N. Engstrom asked:

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the active practice of optimizing a website by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the website receives from search engines. Optimizing a website gives you free traffic and hence profit to you at NO cost.

How Does Search Engines Work

When a user uses search using keywords it compares the search string that the user has entered with the pages that are indexed in the database. While doing this the relevancy of each page I calculated.

There are two types of search engines and these are;

a.) Crawler Based Search Engines. Example to this I Google, they create their listings automatically. If you change your webpages, crawler based search automatically find these changes and affect your listing.

b.) Human Powered Directories. These include the Open Directory, the Yahoo Directory etc. They depends on human for its listings. Ranking using Human Powered Directories depends on the short description of your website you submitted when listing your website.

How To Optimize The Website For Search Engines

There are different ways of optimizing your website for search engine, but I’m going to explain 7 methods that I have been using. These are;

1. Have unique HTML title tag, meta keywords tags and meta description tag for every page on your website. Meta tags are are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on the web page after the title tag, these helps your website to be reached when people search for keywords or phrase you describe on meta tags. Meta description tags and meta keyword tags normally works together. Meta description tag is normally the summary of your web page contents. If you are using WordPress blog you can insert Meta SEO Pack plugin to help you with this.

2. Include your keyword or keyword phrase on the header of the page.

3. Begin the body of your page with your keyword phrase and repeat it as necessary throughout the page.

4. Show emphasis on the keywords or phrase by making it bold or italics.

5. Build a text site map and link it to and from every page of your site.

6. Establish your site by submitting to the major directories like yahoo directory, the open directory and search engines.

7. Build your link popularity. Link popularity is determined by the number of and quality of website that have linked to your website.

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Christine Abbate asked:

All SEO tactics used to get your site successfully crawled and positioned in the major search engines evolve with the technology used to render websites, but the basic fundamentals stay the same. There are three major aspects to SEO that you should be sure to concentrate on when optimizing your website – keywords, links, and graphics. Use this checklist to ensure that your site will achieve the highest possible search engine rankings :


1. Make sure the keywords that you are targeting are relevant to your website’s content.
2. Keywords should be phrases that are commonly used in the search engines. There is no point in having your website optimized with search words or phrases that search engine users are not going to search with.
3. The titles of your pages should start with your keywords.
4. The content of your pages should be full of your keywords and other related information.
5. All tags on your website should be optimized with your targeted keywords.
6. Be sure that your keywords are included in your website’s filenames.


1. External links are extremely important in search engine optimization. First, make sure that your site is listed in DMOZ also known as the Open Directory Project. DMOZ provides many of the search engine results for the most popular search engines, including Google.
2. Your website should be listed in human edited online directories.
3. It is essential you make sure that your website has a sitemap with text links.
4. Avoid linking with anyone who asks – focus on linking with websites that have a page rank as high as yours or better. Also, link with websites that relate to yours or are complimentary to yours. For example, if you have a fashion-related website, link with other fashion, accessory, or beauty websites.


1. Make sure that your website uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). What this does is completely separate the code that is used to “layout” the web site from the content (Keywords etc) of your website. What happens is the Search Engine Spiders are able to completely ignore the formatting code. This makes the search engine spider find your content / keywords etc right away without the possibility of getting caught in bad code or having to sift through unnecessary code in order to find your keywords / content etc.
2. The graphics that are on your website should also have descriptive and keyword rich alternative attributes that are useful for visitors.

Using these three aspects of Search Engine Optimization will surely help your website get ranked faster.

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Bill Ranieri asked:

Before the advent of Internet marketing, local businesses used print yellow pages, direct mail, business cards, and trade magazines to boost their sales and increase customers. While these mediums were proven to be effective, they were also expensive especially for those budding entrepreneurs. Today, Internet marketing is the new wave of product advertisement, and it became even more crucial when it gave birth to local small business Internet marketing to answer the marketing needs of local small business owners.

I am writing this article to give you all a brief run down on what is available out there. Essentially, there are a number of local small business Internet marketing options already available these days. And because they are localized marketing strategies, they are not as costly and as complicated as those used by larger corporations.

If you’d like to start on an easier ground, your first stop is to get your business listed on local directories like Yellowpages.com and SuperPages.com. Local online directories provide you opportunities to introduce your business to your local consumers. Most of these online directories offer free sign up, and all you have to make sure is provide updated information about your business. Keep in mind that these online directories are frequented by hundreds and thousands of people daily, looking for local businesses within their area. With that, you want to make sure that you’re giving your potential customers the correct means of contacting you.

Another strategy that has been made easy for local business owners is social networking. Unlike in the early stage of the Internet where social networking is all about finding friends, social networking nowadays is about connecting with old and new friends and promoting a business interest in a specific location. In the case of Facebook, you can create an official page for your local business to communicate with customers and fans. To make your official page localized, you will be given an option to choose city restrictions and age restrictions. These settings make your local business page only visible to the cities you selected.

Local search engine is also another local small business Internet marketing option for local small entrepreneurs. Google Local and Yahoo Local are two search engine giants that offer the system of connecting you to local searchers. Just like online directories, local search engines will require you to provide accurate business information as they will be visible in local listings on specific categories. With some search engines you will be required verification via phone or email. Local search engines, in general, helps you bring your local business to where your customers are.

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Richard Trott asked:

If you have a business and you wanted to make promote it, después you necesitarÃcertainly to make Facebook consider to make sure that you conseguirÃto promote it the way that want you it and that alguà is able to gain benefits ? good   n extinguished of él. AsÃ, costs what you cost if you have one pequeña company CATHEDRAL in his wheels, todavÃa necesitarÃto consider comercializacià ³ n of Facebook, since there is on five hundred million users aquà who can encounter on their distribution and even if 1% outside that número cavarÃn in his pÃgina, you conseguirÃto gain enormous benefits. In our modern society, the social networks are the best way than you can make his business of promoting and if you want to make sure that you conseguirÃto be right with his, you necesitarÃto consider some strategies of marketing sà ³ lidas of Facebook. If you dig in comercializacià ³ n of Facebook, you verÃthat of some dÃas, trÃfico to its Web site aumentarÃmuch. Asà then, to benefit than must offer Facebook to him, you necesitarÃto consider to work with announcements in its Web page. You verÃthat watches exactly like that you see outside in another Web site towards allÃ. The models of which you can choose you are 2 and they are PPV or PPC. There is million users in Facebook and you podrÃto have the announcements that you use, pointed in certain hearing and you can point them in a hearing of certain age, sex, localizacià ³ n and asà successively. And sÃ, whereas in Facebook, you podrÃto do its own pÃgina of the profile to create and allà you fijarÃany thing that you want around to his business of making promote appropriately it. Cercià ³ rese of which you contract somebody to take care of the content and to do it like possible convincing s. If you don& #039; t has too many ventilators, después you not tendrÃthat to worry about this too much, because you have ocasià ³ n to buy real ventilators. This makes sure that trÃfico to its Web page increases and you conseguirÃto have mÃs sales in a short calendar. The social groups can también be created by you and allÃ, you can invite any person who you choose a. The events, updates of the business are hardly some of the things that you podrÃto fix to this group and it leaves each knowledge of them. Âà ? remembers always that aside from services of the cathedral of the business of gettingsmall and of services of comercializacià ³ n of the Internet of pequeña company, Facebook is también one of the pillars of the right businesses that you cannot ignore! à ? makes sure to visit to us if you wanted to know mÃs on the services of comercializacià ³ n of the Internet of pequeña company and pequeña company CATHEDRAL.

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If you’re like many business owners, developing a logo is way down on your list of priorities. You may be waiting to build a bigger client base, become more established, or generate higher revenue. “I’ll wait until I’m bigger to develop a logo,” you think. The truth is, having a logo may get you there faster.

A logo is an image associated with your company, giving people a visual cue and an easy way to remember you. Some people remember words better, some remember images better. A good logo gives those visual learners something memorable. Everyone is more likely to remember you if they associate both words and images with your company.

Logos work hard for your marketing campaign.

Keep up Appearances

A logo positions you as an established business with staying power. Even if you’re just getting started, you don’t want to give your customers the impression that you won’t be there to deliver the results you promise.

Convey Confidence and Competence

A professionally designed logo backs your promise and shows that you believe in your business. You’re confident enough to develop a complete branding strategy and place your logo on everything from your letterhead to your delivery trucks.

Communicate Focus and Attention to Detail

When your marketing materials feature a good logo, you look like a professional. A logo is a unifying element for all your marketing materials. Professional designers can play on your logo in a variety of ways to keep it fresh and interesting but also identifiable.

Set Your Company Apart

If you’re thinking about postponing logo development, lots of other business owners are too. Get a jump on them with a well-designed logo that communicates your business’ uniqueness and creates a memorable impression.

So what makes a good logo? First, it should be eye-catching. Professionally designed logos have the visual appeal and impact of artwork. Your logo should also convey something about your company and accurately represent your business. A well-designed logo can make you appear professional, playful, helpful, experienced and a whole host of other characteristics.

Caution: The only thing worse than not having a logo is having one that is inconsistent with your branding or looks amateurish. This is not a job for your teenage nephew. A logo should look clean, clear and sharp whether it appears on a business card or the side of a bus.

A great looking logo that’s consistent with your branding strategy can be an important tool in establishing your business identity, increasing sight recognition and promoting your business. All the things you’re waiting to accomplish before you develop a logo. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

By: Lisa Hoffmann

About the Author:

Lisa Hoffmann is chief copywriter for PRstore, a full-service retail marketing franchise with 41 stores in 18 states. PRstore makes professional marketing accessible to small- to medium-sized businesses by offering affordable marketing solutions and eliminating the pricey retainers often required by traditional marketing agencies. For more marketing and business tips, visit the PRstore blog [http://prstore.typepad.com/marketing_made_simple]. To take your marketing to the next level without busting your budget, look for a PRstore near you.

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At the time of this writing the country and the world for that matter are in a fairly serious economic downturn that seems to be taking forever to climb out of. At the same time more and more people are starting small local businesses to make ends meet or to realize a dream they have had for some time but for whatever reason did not act on it. In this article we’ll be covering the impact that small businesses have on our economy and why the internet is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing for small businesses.

Why Marketing For Small Business Is Critical

Here are some powerful statistics that should tell you why advertising for your business is not only important but critical at this point in time. According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) small businesses make up ninety nine point seven percent of employers, create more than fifty percent of the non farm private gross domestic product in the US. Small businesses employ over fifty percent of all private sector workers and make up ninety seven percent of exporters. There are over five hundred thousand small businesses that start up every year and twenty five percent will be thriving four years later and will create more that seventy five percent of the net new jobs that add to the economy. Due to the economic downturn many people that have been downsized or laid off are starting businesses according a USA Today article “Recession, layoffs fuel many to start small businesses”. What this means is that marketing for small businesses is not only very important but critical in order to help pull ourselves out of the economic downturn.

I Already Know Marketing For Small Business Is Important, Now What Do I Do?

This is where we get into the real cool part about how online marketing can be very cost effective. While the internet is very large and vast and a little misunderstood, it is a great asset when used in marketing for small businesses. Starting with your web presence or your website, you have a twenty four hour presence to the world that can start to create relationships with your potential clients.

How To Use Internet Marketing Correctly

Where a lot of businesses drop the ball is that they don’t make the website work for them very well in terms of developing that relationship. You as a business owner can be generating leads by simply setting up an opt in box on your website to collect contact information and let your potential customers learn more about your products and services as well as offer discounts and invite them to events. Utilizing the power of social networking is also an important and cost effective way of marketing simply setting up a like page or fanpage on Facebook opens your presence up to another five hundred million people that spend at least thirty minutes a day on this giant social networking site. Here again is a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers mostly by word of mouth, the best kind of marketing for any business.

Developing long term relationships with people on their terms and offering them products and services that will help them in their daily life is what marketing is all about. The internet has cleared the playing field for anyone operating a small business and is quickly becoming the most cost effective form of marketing for small businesses.

By: Rome Saranto

About the Author:

The internet can be a very cost effective way to advertise your local business and is becoming more effective every day as the search engines evolve and get more geographically oriented, as a business owner it is important to take advantage of these changes for it to grow. We are counting on you to help get the economy back on track and sincerely hope that you are more than successful. To get a free report on How to Avoid The Top 7 Revenue Killing Mistakes When Marketing Your Local Business Online click here on Marketing For Small Businesses


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James A Connolly asked:

There are many different methods of SEO, not one set rule or indeed one set of specific rules, however there are a few fundamentals that I will discuss in a later article.

Different industries that are in good positions in Google all have different rules for why the are ranking well. The exact same techniques used for say a PC Shop would need a different kind of SEO application than say a Camera store.

There are however, some SEO factors that are always required such as inbound link building, submission to major search engines and correct use of meta tags. Be sure to avoid over submitting your site as it may get rejected! Try and make sure your site is included in directories relating to your sites content and where possible add anchor text.

There are also underhand methods of SEO that do not have longevity and are mostly ignored or rejected by major search engines. These methods should always be avoided as they will eventually get your website banned for good.

Meta tags are another important factor in good SEO, be sure to make the title informative, not too long and have one instance of your desired key words. Write the description as a proper description of what is on the page, do not be tempted to spam as many key words into the description field as possible, this will work against you in the long run. There is some debate over use of the keywords META field, some don’t think it is necessary, well I believe they are wrong, it is necessary. True, Google may not hold it in the same regard as say Yahoo but it is still crawled by the robots, Google may not hold them in the same regard as other search engines but they can be used. Make sure you add any words or terms that are important and are mentioned in your page in the keyword field. Try not to overuse the same terms!

Learning SEO is very difficult unless you have the desire to succeed, there are so many aspects and methods to learn. Start with the basics first and if you are unsure about something use Google, Bing or Yahoo! Good luck!

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John K. Taylor asked:

Like most website owners, the aim of your SEO strategy is no doubt to burst to the top of the first page on Google, Bing, and any other popular search engine. After all, first page listings are the holy grail for SEO specialists and business owners alike. However, if your website is not performing quite as well as it should, despite all your best SEO efforts, it may be time to consider which other factors could be holding you back from climbing the ranks of search listings for your industry. There are many factors that prevent high search engine rankings, but here are five of the important ones:

Domain Hosting: Make sure you know in which continent or country your hosting site is located. Your hosting company should be located in the same country as your company in order to achieve maximum SEO. Although remote hosting sites may appear more economical, the cheapest service is likely to be off-shore and could be holding your website back from scaling the search engine ranks. URL Structure: Always ensure that your URLs are structured in a brief and clear manner in order to boost SEO. Odd characters or strings of numbers, hyphens and other messy inclusions should be strictly avoided. URLs should ideally be one word or short phrase that is memorable and easy to type. Content: Although SEO may always be on your mind, when it comes to web content, make sure that it is written for your customers and not search engines. Text should be kept brief and to the point, with targeted key words and key word phrases distributed naturally throughout each page. Link Structure: To not leave any SEO stone unturned, ensure that your website has a clear navigational system and that all of your internal pages are correctly linked. Site visitors must be given a route through the website that is clearly marked and easy to follow, allowing them to find the information they are seeking, whilst directing them toward your goal activity (such as making an appointment or a purchase). Bounce Rate: If search engines observe that no visitors spend a very long time on your website, it could be a factor that eventually effects your search list ranking. Make sure that your site is immediately engaging to visitors by consulting a web developer who can assist you to implement new applications and features such as video, newsletter sign-up pages, quizzes, games and competitions that will guarantee, when someone clicks on your site, they are there to stay.

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