When you are a small business owner, there is always the hope that one day you will either pass your business on to a family member or sell the business for a good sum of money for your retirement. Did you know that an email list is considered an asset and adds a great deal of value to your business worth?

Having an email list gives you the ability to generate revenue pretty much on demand. It is your client database and gives you the capabilities of generating repeat business with little effort on your part. If you provide good customer service and treat your email list with respect, they will reward you by being responsive to any emails you send to them.

As such, when it comes time to hand over the business to a new owner, you are not only selling them a business premises and product inventory, you are also handing them your clients and the ability to generate revenue from them from the very first day. A business with built in clientele will always sell for much more than a business without.

Because you have also taken the time to build your client mailing list and have capitalised on the opportunities to grow your repeat buyers list, you also will have a much higher yearly revenue than you would if you did not generate that repeat business. This also increases the resale value of your business as it will be a much more prosperous and profitable business.

It goes without saying, you will also benefit from your email list for many years yourself. Imagine being able to run a sale or offer a special to your mailing list once per month or to send out your weekly flyer to people who already know and trust you. It is easy to increase your sales when you maintain an active email list and stay in touch with your buying customers.

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