Rengie Suerte asked:

Perhaps, you heard the term Linkwheel, but you just can’t connect it with something useful to you. Linkwheel is an SEO technique use by expert SEO’s to increase the quality of their site.

Just what do you mean by quality of the site?

Quality of the site refers to the attractiveness of your site to the major search engines as well as to your target visitors. Websites in the search engines’ top ranks for a certain niche are more likely quality websites, same goes with websites having 500+ visitors and up per day.

Pretty crafty, isn’t it?

So, how do you do a Linkwheel?

Basically, Linkwheel is the term used to describe the “Hexagon Wheel” structure of links between 7 sites. Just try to imagine a hexagon, each edge of that hexagon is composed of a site.

Logically, each site is connected by a one-way link each other. It could be clockwise or counterclockwise Linkwheel. Please note that you are advised to use just a one-way link between sites.

I just mentioned 6 sites, where’s the 7th site?

The last site will be your main site where you want your target visitors to arrived. Each of the six sites mentioned above will have a one-way link to this main site of yours. In short, the 7th site will be the hub for the other six sites.

That is why it is called the “LinkWheel”. Making one would only take ten minutes of your time. No hassle, no frizz- just pure SEO trick! Extraordinary cool!!!

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Marc Mays asked:

The businesses which require your products and up sales and threats analysis and development activities changes to greater supply of human capital with industry experience fresh perspectives or rules which had been restricted beneficial changes which had been restricted beneficial tax changes to make the amount of customers ready for followup sales and up sales and service favorable side effects which are realized.

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Christopher M Rogers asked:

Building external links is one of the vital things SEO technicians do to get their clients to the top of their search engine listings. These links are important to promote SEO for a site, but it’s also important to look at the internal links – those links that are already located within your website.

Internal links sometimes gets overlooked, but can help your SEO immensely. You really should be taking care of your internal links before working on external ones. There’s times when a site with a better internal structure gets ranked hirer than one with a poor internal structure with a number of external links. The great thing about internal links is that they’re coming from an authoritative site which is your own. Authority is something that external links sometimes lack.

Internal links are used by search engine spiders to see what is on all of your pages. So you’ll want to build the content on your website by using keywords you’re targeting through out it. When you increase the page rank of your internal pages it will overall increase your site’s ranking.

If your website has been on the internet for a good amount of time, it tends to get better SEO than others because it has a history of internal links that search engines use. If your website is newer, it will take time for the results to take effect, but it can definitely be ranked higher through internal links if done correctly.

Also, remember that not only should keywords be put into your content, but should be put into file names as well. SEO keywords should cover codes, tags, anchors, picture files, folder names, etc. It isn’t just limited to the content of your website.

If you place an image on your website and it’s named “1023940.jpg” then the search engines aren’t going to read it. But, if you named it “onlinebirthdaycards.jpg” for your on-line birthday cards website, then the search engines will be able to pick that up and rank you better.

Internal linking is important to get all of your pages found by search engine spiders. It’s useless to have 40 pages throughout your website if only six of them are being found. Keep internal linking in mind in your SEO efforts and internet marketing techniques.

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John Halasz asked:

SEO content writing is a way of writing that is very popular and in demand on internet marketing industry. For Content writing is an ability to write a content out of some useful SEO keywords that will be presented on an article, it needs to be informative and does make sense, since we are still talking about a literal content and good content counts if you want to make it in this type of industry. When SEO content writing first hit the internet market industry it was all about hitting and being on the top of search list. Many websites tend to just provide a string of words that doesn’t make sense in order to get hits, in turn many internet users got very frustrated since searches gives them nonsense SEO web content.

Since an issue arose search engines became stricter in terms of searching keyword on articles. They began deliberating SEO content articles that make sense and are informative to the readers. So now websites tend to hire article writing services in order to better and improve their web content. A professional SEO content writing service has been very popular among internet business owners. Web content is needed in each web site businesses. As such, these services have become a desired form of advertisement that websites need in order to be viewed and gain better and bigger business opportunities in future.

Websites create a need and this need is filled up by articles that are written on website. SEO content writing plays an important role in creating this need to readers. Article writing services specialties are needed in filling up this need for websites to attract more readers. Having to write informative articles with series of keywords as basis is not a very easy task, it needs wider visualization of ideas and broad information knowledge, that’s why usually there are teams and article writing services that offers SEO article writing.

Web content is a proven strategy for fast growing internet marketing and advertising. An SEO writer with good skills can increase targeted website traffic. It’s not much of a secret. People want to read useful information or content. All too of, however, website owners have a site that has virtually no content. It may have a few images and pictures, but such graphics are essentially invisible to the search engines. It is only the text associated with such words that are readable by Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines.

Another problem that new website owners have is keyword stuffing. They realize that it is desirable to be ranked for a specific phrase, “SEO writers” for example, and repeat the word over and over so that the keyword density is far too high and seems unnatural. Nobody wants to read an article that is essentially a list of keywords. What’s more, the search engines actually penalize such websites. When in doubt, consider doing some research or hiring a content writing service.

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Michael Griffiths asked:

& lt; br/& WP; Like propriétaire of small company, the marketing of your company can être an employment à full-time. Your stratégie of marketing of the small companies must have a variété d& #39; angles différents in order to allow à the population range diversifiée and the façon of which people à to find l& #39; information nowadays. L& #39; Internet à he only has changé the face of how you making deals, it allows prospects moreover further to find you. & lt; br/& WP; It does not matter what the marketing of the small companies that you made you must make sure that you have trouvé a good return on investment marketing. Here 4 let us façons to market your company. & lt; br/& WP; 1. Small Business Marketing through the social médias: & lt; br& WP; Here five councils that n& #39; import which can s& #39; to apply à their marketing of the social médias aujourd& #39; today & lt; br/& WP; 1. Créer a list d& #39; friends and disciples & lt; br& WP; 2. To provide précieuses information & lt; br& WP; 3. To found confidence and the relations & lt; br& WP; 4. Be cohérent & lt; br& WP; 5. To understand that each platform of médias social is utilisé by followers différents; to know which platforms, you owe être on & lt; br/& WP; 2. Small Business Marketing through articles and vidéo: & lt; br& WP; Another façon of créer your profile and à a coÔ T très low grâce à l& #39; use of l& #39; écriture d& #39; article and of vidéos. Your prospects begin à to use a broader range of research to find this qu& #39; they seek and your work as a marketing of the small companies is to they-mêmes à été seen in as many différents places possible & lt; br/& WP;. & lt; br/& WP; Majority of the small companies have a Web site and if this n& #39; is not référer à l& #39; one of our first articles. The majority of the sites have a blog. It s& #39; d&amp acts; #39; a large platform to keep your customers and prospective customers à day of précieuses information. However when you put something on a blog, you owe également l& #39; to send à d& #39; other sites of distribution article. You never know who could collect it and whom you wish to help you. & lt; br/& WP; Use of the vidéo is another stratégie of marketing. It enables you to bâtir quickly confidence with your prospective customers très while providing a message. Vidéo are well aimé by the search engines and normally row a long time before a Web site. Use of U-tube is an excellent point of départ to obtain your vidéos on Internet. & lt; br/& WP; 3. Small Business Marketing via l& #39; email marketing: & lt; br& WP; Having a base of données and régulièrement to send them by email is excellent a idée to remain in contact and to keep your plan of the businesses of l& #39; spirit. However you ensure that, by doing this you add value à their life in information which you provide. & lt; br/& WP; 4. Small Business oblique Marketing of blogs: & lt; br& WP; blogs Use to make connaître your company and démontrer your expertise is becoming a known manière of générer traffic and générer of the prospective customers on your site. Prospects always desire d& #39; to hear experts in their field, of kind à to leave comments on the blogs is excellent a façon to promote your own site Web and thus d& #39; a product or a service. However you ensure when you leave comments on the blogs that you respectful êtes of l& #39; author and to bring to you a value ajoutée for the reader. If you do not feel that you can do that, then you would make better pass à the following one. & lt; br/& WP; It ya 4 façons simple and extrêmement profitable to help à to market your small company on line for générer more circulation and more prospective customers. marketing of the small companies n& #39; does not have d&amp need; #39; être on the dépenses large quantités d& #39; money to attract people who are prêts à to buy dès now. If you êtes cohérent in your efforts on short a période of time, you will find much more people à you to find.

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Hannah asked:

I am looking to make a career in SEO and I was wondering what would be the best way to start learning SEO.

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Claire Moore asked:

When it comes to marketing ideas small business, "proof" social, doesn 't usually comes to the minds of business owners. Local business owners typically think in terms of characteristics of their business, rather than the advantages. Marketing ideas for small businesses that focus on benefits, along with "proof" social, of these advantages, it is always more successful marketing programs that focus on features. Small business owners typically must wear many hats such as an accountant, financial, sales and supply of vision. And most of the aren 't specifically trained in all these areas, so do the best they can. So let 's start with "the fundamentals of the market, what's the difference between a feature and advantage? It 's quite easy to imagine the features – if you look at a product, features are its size, weight, color, its name. The characteristics of a business may include hours of operation, location, what services and products offered, how these products and services cost. The benefits are harder to discern, they are usually intangible and involve feelings. How a "customer, feel" when using the product or service? Does your business give the customer a satisfied feeling, a feeling right? The more you are able to convey what the advantage is the customer gets from using your product or service, most likely your campaign will attract new business. Taking this one step further, you must provide proof that the potential client will experience these benefits. What is the best way to do this? Social Proof! Social proof includes things like testimonials, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc. testimonials. are by far the most important and MUST be true. Always include a number of testimonials in their advertising with the name and location of the person giving the testimonial. A picture, if possible, add more impact to the testimonial. Coming up with marketing ideas small business is easy if you have the right tools. Always focus on your marketing advantages, and always include social proof. If you do these two things, your results will skyrocket!

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Karen Scharf asked:

Facebook is an excellent tool to add to your marketing plan small business. A big mistake that many businesses incur when it comes to social media like Facebook locates is the belief that these sites are only useful for large companies with big brands. Facebook really can be a great marketing tool for small businesses in the business of all shapes and sizes. Now, Facebook is the site's most popular social networking media on the web. Facebook as' the official fact sheet s, there are currently over half a billion active users of Facebook, 50% of whom connect to Facebook on any given day. The average Facebook user is connected to 80 pages, groups and community events, and he or she creates 90 pieces of content every month. There are more than 30 billion pieces of content such as web links, news, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.. Facebook shared every month. So as you can see, if you're interested in adding social media into your marketing plan small business, Facebook is quite possibly the best place to get started. Facebook is a great place to increase confidence and authority on the Internet. Adding a Facebook business page, is also a great way to promote your business and connect with customers and prospects on a more personal and more accessible. Not to mention, your business page will give you more opportunities to appear in search results on Facebook. Although there are of course some work associated with creating and continuing a good Facebook page is well worth it in terms of marketing. Here are some tips for creating your Facebook page small business. ** Start a Facebook page for the business the first thing you need to do is create a business page. This is relatively simple and all it involves is visiting the Facebook advertising that section, creating a page, and putting up some information about your business. If you want something a little more elaborate, such as a landing page customized for new members, you might need to hire a consultant to help you out. But if the plain Jane version is OK with you, you'll be able to set its own page in less than a day. You can add the contents of the small business marketing your Facebook business page, such as pictures, press releases, videos, blog posts, and any other relevant information. You also need accurate contact information and website and a clear description of what your business does and for whom. ** Start interact once your page is up and all information is accurate, the next thing to do is start to interact with their friends. Encourage your friends on Facebook to "like" their Facebook business page (this was referred to as "becoming a fan") and share your page with your friends. You 'll need to set the daily updates that may include promotions, blog posts, and any other relevant company news. The most important aspect of using Facebook for marketing is the ability to engage with their customers. If you leave comments on their Facebook business page, always answer back. Visit their customers' walls and Facebook leave comments there too. Cree open, forward and backward, communication with customers and prospects, and let your Facebook friends to interact and experience their customer service too. ** Promote your Facebook page that the last step to having a successful site Facebook is letting people know it exists. You need to spend time promoting his Facebook page to contacts and personal partners. Be sure to attach a device to your website homepage or blog. If you have a business of brick and mortar you may want to hang up a sign asking customers to visit you in Facebook. Add a link to his Facebook page in their email newsletters in your Yellow Pages ad in local newspaper ads, etc.. You may even consider offering some kind of incentive, such as a special discount or a coupon to customers who "like" you Facebook.Facebook is a highly valuable tool to add to your arsenal of marketing for small business. A Facebook business page allows you to create community interaction with customers and prospects and create content that can be shared virally. If you're looking for a cheap tactic to increase their name recognition, consider adding Facebook to their marketing plan small business.

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Jackie Burnes asked:

A quick guide to help you find the best SEO company. It is becoming more accepted in the online business world to hire someone else to do the grunt work for the business. You can find the best online if you look hard enough. Hiring the best will ensure that your business website gets the best online marketing possible.

The reason to hire the services of an SEO expert is to get a good marketing campaign possible for your business. They can design an online marketing campaign that will increase the amount of traffic to your website. This is how you make money online. The amount of traffic you receive determines how successful your online business will be.

The best for your purposes may well be one that can offer you the most for the limited budget you may have. You have to be very careful when hiring. There are those who use practices that could lead to your website being banned by all of the Search Engines. This will effectively kill any hopes you may have to become successful.

Since it is a long and arduous process learning all of the new techniques for optimization it is best to hire a company while you learn how it is done. Pay close attention to the methods they use and eventually you will be able to continue on without the added expenses.

In order to be considered one of the best they must have a proven success record. Research the online community. You will soon find mention of the company some where. What are others saying about them? If they refuse to give you references then you know that they are not. Good companies are more than happy to have you speak with people who have been satisfied with their services.

Look for a company that has shown that they can deliver the goods. They should be able to do on page as well as off page SEO optimization. They have to offer ongoing checks to make certain your web page is kept up to date. These are the attributes of the companies that would like to be considered the best SEO Company.

Hiring a responsible and reliable SEO Company is the right thing to do if you are looking to increase your business. Learning to take some of the responsibility for SEO on your web page also makes good business sense. You can do both and have a two pronged marketing campaign.

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David Krauter asked:

Recently I reread one of the must read books in my collection. If you’re serious about marketing “My Life In Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins is a MUST READ, and as you’ll find out, most of it is even relevant to small business SEO… But more about that in a minute… First let’s see what Claude had to say.

In this book he discusses the power of a name. He reveals that in his experience “finding a good name is often the major step in good advertising. No doubt… such names often double the results of expenditures.”

And these teaching are very true… In this instance however, Claude is talking about a name that tells a great story which you can base your campaigns on. Stories which grab the readers attention, drawing them into your message. Stories such as the production of Palm Olive Soap, Puffed Rice or a recent example my good friend Pete Godfrey came across “Start Ya Bastard”!

All these names told a story themselves. All these names helped the companies to massively increase their sales.  And I could write a whole essay about choosing the right name for the sake of telling a good story in your sales message… But right now I want to talk about, choosing a good name for increased traffic to your website.

I want to talk about why google agrees with Mr. Hopkins. And Why the money is in the name…

You see. We all know that one of the biggest ways to get people to your website is by showing up for the words your prospects type into the search engines.

When I’m searching for something I usually don’t look past the first three results, because I’ll have found my answer by then.

Now the the big thing is that you have to get your website in the top 10, better yet… the top 3 rankings on page one of google, to get big traffic numbers flocking to your site.

And one of the key factors that’ll decide whether you conquer one of these money spots lies in your domain name.

A recent study, by one of the web’s best SEO resources, revealed that one of the highest on page keyword specific ranking factors is the use of a the keyword you’re targeting, in the root domain name.

They rated it with an overall importance of 60% (100% being the most important) in terms of your SEO efforts which in their scale considers it of “high importance”.

So if you ask me, if 72 SEO experts decided that having your keyword in your domain name is of critical importance, then I would follow this advice and do so!

And I know most of you already have a website and domain name, so you’re probably wondering how it is that you can make the most use of this golden information.

You don’t want to move your whole site over to a new domain name. That would be too much work and a big headache.


You want to be smart about it. You want to be able to use domain names that you are not only going to rank high in the search engines for, but you’ll also build back links to your site… and thus in effect gain higher authority in the eyes of google.

So you’re killing two flies in one hit! How awesome is that?

So you’re probably wondering what the big secret is to do all this…

And YES, I will reveal this golden answer to you!

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