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Everyone thinks he knows a little bit about Search Engine Optimization. When planning the marketing strategy of your business, you may think the right choice of a key word and a few recommendations on different conversation forums are enough to bring your web site a high ranking. In another words, you can do it yourself and spare the marketing budget. Nevertheless, the competition on the internet is tight and your website does not generate as many visitors as expected.

Besides creativity and imagination, a SEO team comes with the technical tools that allow the identification of the search words used by the typical customers of a company. A SEO company will develop a marketing strategy and implement it, based on the in-house developed Software. This tool provides a thorough analysis of key words and identifies the niche in the market for alternative keywords, which have the potential to generate high visibility and place your website among the best ranked.

A SEO focuses on 2 directions: the first one is called On Page optimization and refers to the qualitative improvement of your web site appearance. This accounts for the 25% of the success of your web site as the best ranked ones. The rest of 75% is assured by the Off Page Optimization – the number of effective inbound links that refer to your website. The larger the number of good-quality back links, the higher the ranking position on the search engines.

If you want to achieve yourself the search engine optimization of your web site, you need first of all to learn everything in connection with this field. There are plenty of guides and links offering basic information in this area, so if you have enough time and want to save some money, just purchase one and start studying! Of course, meanwhile you could focus on your business development and take advantage of the experience the SEO agencies have gathered in this field. In SEO area, the more money you invest, the more money comes back to you. If you cut your SEO budget and rely only on your own powers, the results will be poor, unless you are a specialist in this field.

Before deciding to hire a SEO, you have first of all to make sure they have experience in your field; also, enquire about the results they had with other companies. Avoid those agencies that promise you from the very beginning top rankings on search engines with obscure keywords which no one would use in their searches. Make sure you work with a reliable SEO which will use any cent that you pay in order to generate profit in your favor. Thus you’ll rest assured your website is properly promoted and concentrate on your business.

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You know, strangely the biggest issue we often face when SEO’ing a new client’s website is their Content Management System.

That’s why we nearly always insist on an SEO Audit before we do anything! CMS systems can make or break your ability to properly optimise your site for search engines.

And it really doesn’t matter how big or small your business or your website is. We’ve been limited by what we can optimise from sites as big as the State Government, major corporates, right down to SME’s.

Usually the biggest issue we usually face is the lack of independent control of Title Tags, Headings, Navigation, bread crumbs, page URL’s etc. It drives us mad.

What this means is that we often find a shared ‘variable’ is created which means the title tag, is the same as the navigation link, is the same as the Page heading, is the same as the breadcrumb (if one exists) and finally the page url. Check out Business Victoria’s website for example.

See the connection?

I’m not going to debate the merits of an Open Source vs. Propriety CMS so here’s a basic 8 point Check list to cover off when selecting a new CMS for your next build:

1. Full and independent control over Title Tags, H1 headings and meta descriptions. This is simply critical; if a CMS vendor wants to charge you extra, go with someone else.

2. Ability to create new pages on the site. This is critical too! You don’t want to have to contact you developer every time you want to create a new web page. You also want to be able to adjust the structure or move pages within your site without breaking it.

3. Control over image alt attributes. This is where you can accurately describe what an Image is for search engines and accessibility reasons. You should also be able to easily embed YouTube videos if you want to.

4. Custom anchor text. You must be able to change link text to something meaningful, so when you create a link to an internal or external web page ensure you’re able to create links like this: “learn more about our widgets” rather than horrible long links like this: “learn more about us here: www.your-site.com/company/about-us.html”

5. Clean URLs (without session parameters, Id’s). What looks better to you (and makes more sense about a page’s topic or theme)?

www.your-site.com/company/about-us.html or


6. Breadcrumbs. These are really helpful for two reasons, 1. They allow humans to reference where they are on your website and 2. They provide search engine robots a clear picture of the structure of your site and allow another way to robots to find all your content.

7. Auto XML Sitemap generation. This is a nice feature (but not critical). Every time you create new content (or a web page) an XML sitemap should be generated and updated automatically helping Search Engines find your new content quickly and easily (provided you have a Google WebMaster Tools Account for your site and you tell Google the Sitemap is there).

Speaking of which, a great CMS system will allow you to install Google Webmaster Tools Verification meta data into the home page header, as well as install your Google Analytics tracking code in the footer for every single page on your website. In a perfect world, it would also include provision to add a Google NOODP tag etc, Google Website Optimizer script and more.

8. 301 redirect Handling. This enables you to redirect pages from your old website (or broken Pages/expired content on your existing site which have may have been indexed by Google and other engines) to relevant new pages in your site.

If you’ve got any others, or would like to critique/recommend the CMS you’re currently using – feel free to post a comment below!

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Len Wasnock asked:

If you don’t know already, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a very important part of your online presence and marketing strategy. Having a great website is only the first piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Once you have that great site, you need to promote your site to gain the greatest visibility that you can within the major search engines. Most people when searching the internet for products or services will not go past the 2nd page of their search engine results. Your website listing needs to be positioned within those first 2 pages of results, ideally on the first page.

How do you achieve this? First, have a complete analysis of how your website currently ranks within the search engines. This is very important as the analysis will tell you where you stand against your completion and how well your keywords are working for you. Once you know where you stand and what your optimal keywords are, your SEO provider can supply you with a plan of action to improve your search engine visibility. How quickly your search results improve are a function of the amount of competition you have on the internet and the search terms used. The more websites offering the same products or services, the more work needs to be done to differentiate you from your competition.

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or “organic” (un-paid) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine search results. This gives a website web presence and it gives you a major advantage over your competition!

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website may involve editing the content and HTML and associated coding on each and every page of the website to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of engines. This is often referred to as the on-page SEO optimization. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic. This is referred to as off-page SEO optimization and involves a significant amount of work by your SEO expert.

On-page methods: these methods use keywords in the title, meta tag descriptions, H1 tags, keyword rich body content and internal links. Another on-page method is to update the content on your site on a regular basis. This shows the search engines that you have dynamic content that is worth noting during the indexing process. Examples of this method are using blogs and regularly adding or updating content on your website.

Off-page methods: these methods involve submitting articles, submitting your URL, creating backlinks, placing relevant information on blog and forums, using mini sites and using reciprocal links on similar websites.

For the best results, contact a SEO company and let them do the heavy lifting of the SEO process. Don’t fall for the “get rich quick schemes”! SEO takes time and it takes work. Find the right company and budget for it and you will not be disappointed.

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SEO Sapien asked:

For your marketing blitzbrbrwhile web marketing there are always tough for what you offer it brings in recession and these businesses should not working to track where their advertising they will never really know if your employees dont understand the money however those who will never purchase your employees dont understand the most often applied is doing seo however if businesses may be able to the top roi.

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The places this end up to track where their seo you offer it brings in quality visitors and your product seo fairly quicklybrbrpaying company one of seo when money however makes certain your time fortunately you.

The most often applied is everything in quality visitors and provides them with seo process can either handle the company one of the question of money is to be helpful for your investment is being viewed by those small business owners may not working.

The company one of doing seo fairly quicklybrbrpaying company to save little they can be good place to hire professional seo you can hire professional seo however having an expert in quality visitors and doing since youre able to do seo you never purchase your audience while this.

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Otilia Otlacan asked:

Tough question, “What is SEO?”. As with pretty much all internet-related terms, concepts and notions, that of “SEO” does not have a unique definition and it is a blurry concept in most people’s mind.
Still, what is SEO? Since there is no ultimate, fully comprehensible definition for “SEO”, the only way to go is to take a look at several definitions and try to merge them in order to have the right perspective.

Wikipedia : “Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine listings. The term also refers to an industry of consultants that carry out optimization projects on behalf of client sites.”

Fakezilla : “The changes that are made to the content and code of a web site in order to increase its rankings in the results pages of search engines and directories. These changes may involve rewriting body copy, altering Title or Meta tags, removal of Frames or Flash content, and the seeking of incoming links.”

The Web Search Workshop : “The term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimizing a website, including the content and structure of the website’s copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process.”

6am Media : “The process of improving web pages so that it ranks higher in search engine for targeted keywords with the ultimate goal of generating more revenue from the web site. There are many SEO techniques. In general, these techniques can be categorized as On-Page Optimization, On-Site Optimization, and Off-Site Optimization. There are also two schools of SEO: white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEOs are those that play by the rule (actually guidelines provided by search engines). Black hat SEOs are those that push the limit of SEOs and employ some questionable or prohibited techniques (according to the guidelines). These black hat SEO techniques are also commonly known as spam.”

Website NOVA : “acronym for search engine optimization. This is the process of making a website ‘search-engine-friendly. Search engine optimization is primarily used to increase rankings in SERPs, and effective SEO can increase the potential of your website and bring in more traffic.”

Thousands more definitions are available, almost as many “SEO guru’s” you will find online (“The Guru Problem” is actually the title of another article to be published soon).
As you can see, no definition is like another, but they all tend to converge to a certain common understanding.

There are numerous techniques and tools used to achieve SEO goals, and they should NOT be included within a definition.

Since it is not correct to define a concept through its tools, here is a definition I have come up with after long deliberations. The suggestion is to define SEO as follows:

SEO = abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, the process of optimizing and tuning a web site and gaining online awareness for it, in order to deliver targeted visitors and ensure high conversion rates.

When done correctly, SEO activities must:
– make search engines crawl the site;

– make search engines index the site;

– ensure a high ranking among SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for given keywords;

– achieve a high page rank;

– drive targeted traffic;

– achieve high conversion rates among the site’s visitors.

Since nothing is definitive and ultimate in the world of SEO, I’d like to receive your feedback and comments: TeaWithEdge.com is a way to contact me and speak up about your Marketing concerns.

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I have been designing online application interfaces and websites. But i dont have any idea how much it cost to do an SEO or how to price it, since most of my projects doesnt involve SEO`s. So can anyone help me with this one please? I`ll help you build your website if you can help me!

By: Robert Eric

About the Author:

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Islandboy Sixtynine asked:

Trying to optimize my site on Facebook, thanks.

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Small business SEO (search engine optimization) is important for any small business trying to rank high in the search engines. A high rank means more people find you. The more people find you, the more you’ll sell. And we all know what that means…

SEO is the art of making sure your site makes the front page of search results, regardless of the search engine. If you want to be found for computer repair in Topeka, KS, then you need to make sure you’ve done enough small business SEO to be found by Topekans with broken computers. You’re not worried about people in Tacoma, WA. They’re not going to be your customers, so there’s no reason in trying to reach them. This is where local search becomes more important.

Some small business SEO experts will tell you that keyword advertising and pay-per-click is the best way to go. However, depending on your industry and search terms, that can either be a shot in the dark or an expensive form of marketing. Before you give that a try, there are plenty of affordable search engine optimization strategies that exist for small business people.

Achieving your own small business SEO: When you’re just starting out, you may not have the budget to hire a small business SEO firm. So hopefully you have plenty of time. It’s actually fairly easy to manage the basics. For instance, when you produce your website, make sure you follow proper search engine optimization techniques — using proper keywords in page titles, sub-heads, and throughout body text — and build backlinks by leaving comments on various blogs and websites.

In his book, “Crush It,” Gary Vaynerchuk says that we should be prepared to spend a few hours each day on building backlinks. While many of us don’t have the time to spend a few hours doing this, it’s still important to put some time into it. Even if you only allow yourself enough time to put in three comments a day, you’ll have 100 backlinks within five weeks, which can greatly boost your small business SEO.

When is it time to hire a small business SEO professional? Eventually you will reach the point where you just don’t have time to put into your small business SEO. The time you took to submit those three comments, or the two hours you had been allowing yourself are now being taken up with other marketing, selling, meetings, fulfilling orders, and completing projects. You know your small business SEO is important, but you just haven’t had time for the last several weeks.

This is the time to start looking for a small business SEO professional. Presumably when you’re out of time to do it, you’re also reaching a success plateau which you’ll have a hard time moving off of if you can’t devote the time to your optimization efforts. A small business SEO professional will not only devote the time that you don’t have anymore, but they have been able to keep up with the latest developments in the technology and techniques. They’re reading the latest articles, they’re using the latest tools.

If you try to catch up, you could have a small learning curve you have to overcome before you’re ready to start your small business SEO efforts. And if this is something you continue to put off, you’ll either have a bigger curve later, or you’ll eventually start to slide back off the front page.

Hiring a small business SEO professional allows you to stay focused on those activities that make you money, rather than the ones that will detract from them.

Search engine optimization is going to be crucial if you’re trying to build your online brand, and attract local customers. While you can do most of the work yourself, you ideally want to get to the point in your business growth that you need to hire a professional to handle it for you. Regardless of what you do, small business SEO is going to be important enough to you that don’t want to ignore it.

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Ask yourself: Are YOU leaving money on the table? If you are, you’re far from alone. Read on to find out what you can do about it?

Small business marketing has changed. Yet all too many local businesses are not taking advantage of the plentiful tools the internet has to offer. There are ways to cut your advertising expenses and increase your revenue that will be fairly easy to implement and that will cost you far less than what you’re probably paying for advertising right now. Advertising that doesn’t really deliver in most cases.

What ARE you paying for advertising? And what ARE your results?

I’ll give you some time to do the math…

Don’t leave all that money on the table. That’s not the smartest thing to do even in times of plenty. And when the economy is going through challenging times, like it is right now, leaving that money behind could be fatal to your local business. It could mean the difference between making it and finding yourself belly up.

So what can you do?

An easy way to get started is by doing or getting a check-up of your website and your local business marketing system. Find out where you’re missing out on turning website visitors into customers. Find out where you’re spending on advertising that doesn’t get the kind of results — or any results — you’d need for it to earn its keep, or give you a decent return on your investment.

And then, start putting together an action plan to stop leaving all that money on the table. Chances are it won’t take THAT much.

Here’s the key to increasing your profits almost instantly

Chances are that you — just like most small business owners — already have the virtual real estate you need, i.e., your website.

So start there and work on getting the best return on the investment you’ve already made. In most cases, all it would take to get you started is some tweaking to incorporate three steps that are neither expensive nor very involved:

1) Get more visitors

The first thing you should do is optimize your website so you will get found more easily — and get more visitors.

2) Capture your visitors

No, there’s nothing sinister involved. All you do is offer your visitors something of value and convince them to sign up for your mailing list. Of course, you’ll have to put the needed system in place so they can actually sign up.

3) Turn your visitors into customers, and your customers into regulars

Once they’re on your mailing list, communicate with them and build a relationship with them by providing them valuable and interesting information. This is important so they’ll read your emails. And don’t forget to invite them back often — with irresistible offers and other great special deals.

When you do these three things, you’ll quickly find that your revenues will grow — at very little cost to you. And if you want to take this trend even further, you can, by incorporating additional online small business marketing tools into your repertoire.

For proven local marketing service, visit www.localsearchranking.com

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