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Google has release yet another update – Caffeine, and with it comes the next wave of people claiming that SEO is dead. This happens almost once a year, it seems. Not Google’s updates, but the clamoring for the death of SEO. Let’s examine some reasons why people think it this time around, and whether or not SEO is really dead.

For one thing, Google has changed the look of their home page for the first time in a while. People feel that their ranking in Google matters less now, because of the squeeze caused by the new left-hand column that they’ve added. This may sound ridiculous but it’s true. Between this, and the fact that Google was already displaying products, images, and videos in the top area of the search results, people feel their sites are getting squeezed right out of the fold sometimes even when they’re number 1.

There has also been quite a shuffle this time around, with many sites losing pagerank, backlinks (as spam sites get deindexed) and in turn, rankings. Some people have even owned perfectly legit sites that have been marked for deindexing. What this means is that Google is really trying to clean up it’s search results, but does it really mean SEO is dead?

The reality is, that this was a long time coming, but the fundamentals of SEO still hold true. You can still manipulate your rankings in Google by employing advanced SEO tactics, but even basic SEO efforts will yield positive results, same as they always have. This includes all the cliche tactics like making sure your all of your title, H1, and alt tags are in line with the keywords you’re trying to rank for, and campaigning for properly anchored back links.

SEO is not exactly rocket science; it’s all very basic stuff. The more complicated people try to make things, the more easily they are thrown off by a simple Google update. All you have to do is use fundamental SEO, and SEM (search engine marketing) and you’ll find your sites gaining position in Google in no time.

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If you are not taking advantage of Internet marketing for small business, then as a small business owner you are missing an enormous opportunity. Self-employed business owners, like you, often overlook how the Internet can promote their businesses. You will be familiar with all of the following excuses:

• I have been in business for 25 years. I do not need the Internet.

• I do not have time to figure out how to market online.

• I have a little dress shop in a small town. What good is the Internet to me?

• I am a local business; not a global business. I do not need the Internet.

No matter where you live or where your business is located you are heading down the road to extinction, if you are avoiding the Internet.

How can Internet marketing for small business help you?

Think about this: A group of people arrive in your town and want to find out where the restaurants are located; and where those interesting small shops can be found. What do they do?

(a) Find the nearest phone booth and check the Yellow Pages book.

(b) Stop and ask at a gas station.

(c) Check their iPhone where they can easily search for restaurants and shops plus a map for directions.

If you chose (a) the phone booth, your visitors will have a hard time finding a phone booth. They will have an even harder time finding a phone booth with a phone book dangling on a wire chain.

If you chose (b) the gas station, depending on the size of your city, may not be able to give accurate directions. If your potential customers do get directions, they can easily get lost again or discover something else.

If you chose (c) check their iPhone, then you understand the effect the Internet has on every business. More and more people are checking the Internet for locations and directions.

Start your Internet marketing for small business today.

Follow these instructions:

(1) Do a Google search for your business. For example, restaurants and the name of your city.

(2) A list of restaurants will come up.

(3) If yours comes up, look over to the right of your business name it will say, “Edit this page – Business Owner?”

(4) As the owner of the business, you can verify the listing then add more information about your business, plus pictures, comments and a link to your website (if you have one).

Small business owners, who use Internet marketing for small business, will have many advantages over those who do not use the Internet. Firstly, customers will easily find them because they will be searching online rather than using the Yellow Pages book. Secondly, depending on the business there could be opportunities to ship products abroad. Thirdly, Internet marketing is less expensive than radio and newspapers. Lastly, customers can be directed to your website for more information and discount coupons.

Getting your business set up on Google Places is an excellent start. Your next steps involve getting listed in online directories, setting up a website and social marketing. Now is the time to begin your Internet marketing for small business.

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G Alan Davis asked:

All of the major search engines have built into their ranking algorithms what is known as link popularity. Google has long been well known for its PageRank, which was named after its creator, Larry Page. A big part of PageRank is link popularity. How many links does a page have pointing to it and how related content wise are those links. Yahoo! search and Bing too now have as a major component of their ranking algorithms page rank.

Years ago Webmasters who desired high organic search rankings on the major search engines, would do what is known as reciprocal linking. As its name implies, in reciprocal linking, you would place a link to another Web page and in exchange the other Webmaster would place a link on their site back to your page. There were several inherent problems however with doing reciprocal linking. First off, unscrupulous Webmasters would of course accept the link from you’ but often would wait a month or longer before they finally (after several email reminders) placed a link back to your site. Sometimes they NEVER did reciprocate the link.

Another problem with reciprocal link building is that it is very labor intensive… it requires a lot of work doing searching on the various search engines, sending link requests to other Webmasters, placing a link on your site back to theirs and at the end of the day most of these Webmasters never returned the favor. Also, at some point the search engine engineers caught on to all this reciprocal linking to artificially inflate a page’s link value and they responded by devaluing reciprocal links.

Today, all of the major search engines place a lot of emphasis on one way links. In the Google algorithm, a link from another page on the Internet is counted as one vote for your site. Think of it as a popularity contest. While it is estimated that the Google ranking algorithm has well over 100 ranking parameters to it, the fact is that link popularity is still the single most important ranking factor. This is why getting *quality* one way links has become so important in obtaining high search rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There are several ways to get one way links pointing back to your Web pages. The easiest of course is just to rent them by the month. There are a couple of potential drawbacks to that method however. First, renting backlinks to your site can get really expensive, thus counter productive in terms of your ROI. Second, the search engines, especially Google frown upon this practice and that is putting it mildly! While all Webmasters have the right to advertise on other Web pages to get traffic…it is when they do so to artificially inflate their link popularity that the people at Google have a problem with it. Now, this gets into a gray area, how can the Google algorithm programmers get inside someone’s head to read their mind? Well, they can’t of course; but there are several signs that certain links have been purchased to get higher rankings.

Purchasing a large number of backlinks too quickly can and often does raise a red flag, which can lead to getting a lower ranking in the short term at least and can even get your entire Web site placed into the now infamous Google ‘Sandbox’. Which, trust me, is the last place you want your Web site to end up. Some better ways of getting those coveted one way links are by doing directory submissions, both paid & free, writing articles and then submitting those articles to article directories which allow you to have links in the article footer area usually back to your home page or any page of your site.

There are several other ways to get one way links pointing to your site, such as signing up at several social networking sites and placing a link there back to your site. Also, you can publish your own blog and place one way links in the blog back to your Web site. All of the above can be very labor intensive. Most Webmasters and company owners don’t have the time to do their own search engine optimization. They would rather concentrate on actually running their company and leave the heavy lifting that is involved with doing SEO to someone else.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/seo-one-way-links-3810551.html#ixzz17paxanWH
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Michelle Symonds asked:

It is surprising that many websites are still being designed without any consideration for how that site is going to attract visitors in the competitive world of the online marketplace. Of course a small business is likely to use traditional marketing and advertising methods to promote their services or product but there is also the expectation of hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of visitors just finding their website on the internet.

The reality is that no-one is likely to just “find” a website. Search engines want to be seen to deliver useful sites in the top positions. They have a vested interest in doing so to ensure their own success because searchers on the web will not continue to use a search engine that lists useless sites in the top positions. Of course, this gives a huge advantage to large companies with large budgets but where does that leave small start-up businesses. Can they compete with the big guns? 

Well any business must first of all have a great product or service to sell and must be able to present it to a potential customer in a way that makes that person want to buy. But assuming a business has got those things right and has done some traditional marketing and advertising, how can they make it on the internet? 

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it’s known, is the process by which a website becomes “visible” to the major search engines and starts to appear at the top of the search engine ranking positions (SERPS). SEO involves 3 main steps: 

1. Determining which visitors to target

This involves researching and analysing what search terms people browsing the internet are actually typing in. The results can be surprising and often the search terms that members of the business initially think of are not the terms that the average browser would use. It also involves an assessment of the competition for certain search terms. If page 1 of Google is already full of established, well-known companies for a particular keyword, then there is little point a small, new business targeting that same keyword. 

2. Specifically adjusting the content and structure of your website for maximum advantage

This is commonly referred to as on-site, or on-page, optimisation and involves ensuring that many elements of the website, such as headings, titles and image descriptions include the target keywords. Also that the main text content includes the keywords in the correct proportion – enough to attract the attention of the search engines but not so much that they consider the site to be spam.

3. Building a reputation for your business throughout the internet

A business is considered by the search engines to be well-known and have a good reputation if it has a substantial number of links from well-recognised sites throughout the internet. One of the many elements that Google uses to determine whether a site linking to your site is reputable is through the Page Rank (PR) value it assigns. Other sites are simply recognised by the search engines as good indicators of reputation, particularly educational sites, government sites and the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 

So that doesn’t sound too difficult when put simply like that, but the internet can be a complicated place and each one of those steps involves many aspects of research and analysis, concerted and ongoing effort to achieve the goal of a Page 1 ranking in Google (which in the UK is the only search engine worth worrying about right now).

SEO has evolved over the past few years and many of the methods used successfully 2 or 3 years ago will now fail to have any impact. Worse, they may even get a site penalised by the search engines. Unfortunately there are still plenty of companies out there offering SEO services that will be next to useless so it is important to be very discerning when looking for a company to help your small business achieve online success. Try to get a recommendation from someone you trust and make sure the company you choose has a proven track record of search engine optimisation for small businesses. 

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Brian Kathenes asked:

Keeping in touch with your customers and existing customers is critically important parts of your marketing system for small business. The cost of insuring a new customer is much greater than the cost of getting to an existing customer to use their services and products again. Some studies show it takes seven times more money to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer the same product or service. It 's no wonder the value of the lifetime of a client or customer is estimated to be worth at least ten times the money you did the first time you did business with them. What you need to do is find ways to make your business, your product and / or services relevant to their customers and clients repeatedly. Some businesses have "one-time-use" products. These are the products once purchased are not purchased again. Finding ways to sell the same product or keeping again, requires some strategic thinking. I 'm not suggesting that planned obsolescence. Find ways to up-sell or sell in "cross-sell the same customer with our main product changes or is maintained. For example, if you sell an information product series in the form of audio tape, then offer a video version of the program. It is a matter of maintaining the customer relationship and then offering them more options. Here is a technique to keep customers and clients to teach at our bootcamp for small business marketing. We 'VE used it for years in our business, and frankly didn' t intend to share in this article to one of our "Plutonium Level" subscription members told me his story. It's called the "rip and read" technique. I read about 15 trade journals, magazines and newspapers every week. As I read, I find the articles and stories that may be of interest to my customers and prospects. When I see "R, rip it out and send it to my client with a comment on a post-it note:" He saw this and thought it would be of interest to you. Best, Brian "That 's all there is to it. Shipping probably 20 or so a month. I kept the front of my clients' minds. My associates think I look like "the fool constantly ripping on the drawings, in airport lounges, and on trains, but once you see the advantages of doing so, you start to rip as well. One of our "Inner Circle Member level" plutonium, is a financial planner. I gave this suggestion in one of our coaching sessions monthly marketing unambiguous and in less than a month he got results. Here 's what he wrote: "I cut an article out of star ledger (our newspaper of New Jersey) and sent it to one of my clients. He called back and sent me a check for $ 40,000.00 (deposited in your annuity). "A tried and tested system was a big commitment for him. All he did was use the limb. How often do you contact your existing customers? Customers need to contact at least 4 times per year. Try to stay in touch 8-12 times per year, depending on the type of services you provide to a particular customer. Commit yourself to using this technique for three months and see what happens. Follow your contacts and follow the results. We sell in value and I know you will continue using it. If you 're a small business owner who wants a more profitable customers and fewer sales small-paying aggravating, then you need to keep their VIP client base. Pick your favorite VIP clients and cortéjelos as they were king or queen. "Rip and Read" for all VIP guests.

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A small business usually has quite a few things to worry about that are a lot more important than business card printing. That is a bit like saying that a small airplane has more to worry about than keeping its engine running. It is advertising that makes a business fly and enables it to take off. The basic business card is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising available to the small business owner. Many small business owners view the business card as a status symbol frill for salesmen and executives of much bigger companies. The truth is that the simple business card is a necessary starting point.

The business card has several elements and it comes in several styles. Its primary purpose is to provide contact information. This includes name, address, phone number, email, and Web Site Url if applicable. Another element is telling what your business does, and how it can serve its customers. Although the business card can be very simple: a one sided card printed on plain white card stock, for example, it can also incorporate design features that will create a more favorable first impression for your customers. This could include graphics and color, and could also include a distinctive logo that will come to represent your business in the eyes and minds of potential customers.

The same design elements that go into the creation of your business card should be used in your flyer design. Flyer printing is even less costly than business card printing. The basic flyer is a logical first step in the important area of advertising. They can be placed on bulletin boards, or even distributed door to door in your neighborhood. Business cards and flyers can be handed out with your sales, and sent to customers with shipped orders.

It is important to take the extra time and effort to produce business cards and flyers that give a favorable impression of your business. The extra effort will show the customer that your small business is a serious endeavor and generate customer confidence. There will be a subconscious connection made between your company and the customer. The business card and the flyer are two early ways to give out necessary information about your company and the products and services it provides. Their function goes a step beyond that, however, and they also are valuable in the creation of customer confidence and business recognition. Any extra effort devoted to their design and the excellence of their appearance will pay dividends. They could very well be the engines that help your business take off.

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For cheaper compared to compete and internet experts in seo takes up website because of advertisement too expensivebrbrbrbrthe internet is cheaper compared to set up lot from this.

An seo takes up lot of this could cost lot of this is the labor cost lot from having website while others have limited budget entrepreneurs are usually made online marketing print and gain an airplane through the internet and more direct for hotel can gain an edge in.

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& lt; br/& WP; rA©ussy of marketing Internet small company needs d& #39; optimization of the search engines, or SEO. référencement is a word à the fashion which grew with l& #39; ère of l& #39; Internet. He ya twenty years nobody worried SEO. Now, if you have a site and that you want to make small marketing Internet d& #39; businesses, SEO is an immense considA©ration for a profitable présence on Internet. It ya maintaining many companies which are spécialisent in référencement the & lt; br/& WP;. Qu& #39; is SEO exactly heard? référencement is l& #39; art to make that your site appears on the première page of résultats of search… for préférence the première quotation. The search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and to ask, inter alia. When quelqu& #39; a slap some words in the research field, the  “moteur” will ramènera several résultats qu& #39; she judges relevant. Many factors come into play for déterminer the résultats. The search engines preserve to them & quot; algorithmes& quot; secret signal. Why? Whereas experts SEO cannot mislead them! sociétés such as Google wants être in measurement of contrôler ” the résultats and to provide relevant Web sites which répondent à their users of their needs for the users (plutôt that sites which ont “trompé ” l& #39; algorithm by registering them on the première page). & lt; br/& WP; & lt; Br/& WP; Before making marketing Internet for your company, you owe conscious être that the SEO for a local company is très différente SEO for an Internet or of l& #39; national company.  “local” is company which has four walls and a roof (what is known like a  “brick and mortier”) and n& #39; (well qu&amp is généralement not généralement a chaîne; #39; it can être d& #39; a frankness which is responsible for its own marketing). & lt; Br/& lt; br/& WP; & WP; When you made marketing Internet for your local company, your goal is d& #39; to attract the customers in your gA©ographic zone. In fact, à to make small buildings of marketing on Internet d& #39; company, you n& #39; do not need really d& #39; to have a Web site (même if ça helps). Why? Parce qu& #39; there exist many directories of local research! These répertoires is on line, like the yellow pages – only in time réel. And majority, if not the totalité d& #39; between them, allow you d& #39; to register your company in free! Usually, you can enter more than your name, l& #39; addresses and the numéro téléphone. You can list your hours d& #39; opening, a Web site or a bond blog (if you have one of them), of information générales on your company;! Some allow you même télécharger images & lt; br/& WP; And believe me, these répertoires of local research will be almost always être stronger of your Web site d& #39; businesses in the search engines (what means, they will be placés in first, before your Web site, in the résultats of research). & lt; br/& WP; If you wish to register your company with succès at the local level basée on l& #39; Internet, the local directories of research are a must. With correct marketing by Internet with the small companies, you will be à the tête of list of the search engines via the local directories of research. And if your company has most relevant and of information à day is entré in the répertoire, the new customers of sélectionner your company on the others, the advertisements of less informative. Cha-ching!

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Nowadays, fresh new websites keep surfacing with every passing moment. As competition keeps getting tougher, small businesses need to stay alert and develop excellent marketing strategies. Online small business marketing plans should begin with a solid search engine optimization (seo) strategy. Seo is a complex activity which focuses on bringing your website at the top the search engine lists. It is highly recommended that you turn to a professional seo training service if you want excellent results. Here at Wolf21 we provide the best in seo training Toronto Canada.

The importance of search engine optimization has increased dramatically over the past few years. The harsh and ever-growing competition in the internet business world has lead companies to search for more efficient marketing methods than those traditionally used. The influence of seo on small business marketing has probably been the most significant. Small businesses don’t have the financial resources to invest in powerful advertising campaigns but still need an efficient way to reach their targeted audience. Seo and a well-developed website has turned out to be the best solution in providing small businesses with the exposure they need.

The seo process doesn’t seem complicated at first glance, but with all of the new developments search engines are making, things can get very tricky. Turning to a professional company for seo services is probably the best way of making sure your small business marketing strategy will succeed. A professional seo service provider will do everything they need to in order to optimize your website for the search engines. Getting expert seo training is the best thing to do when you want to improve your website traffic levels. Wolf21 offers professional seo training Toronto Canada.

If you want to make seo a part of your small business marketing strategy, be prepared to make some important adjustments to your website. First o all, you’ll have to optimize your keyword count. Using the right number of keywords isn’t the only thing that matters – you have to choose the perfect ones to attract visitors. Next, you’ll have to make sure that your website content is excellent. Another important aspect is making your website easy to navigate. Your visitor will become irritated if they have trouble finding what they’re looking for. With our professional seo training Toronto Canada you can learn everything about making your website efficient.

Small business marketing is a difficult task, especially with the harsh competition you’re facing these days. Websites have to improve constantly if they want to keep the traffic coming. Search engine optimization is an excellent method to ensure that your website attracts many visitors. Wolf21 offers the best seo training Toronto Canada.

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SEO Company Sydney asked:

If you do create a new business or existing business scale is small to, then? S you suck? To naturally grow big. For this you will have? to decide on their marketing strategies, which invariably means that you will have? to go for some and discard some others. Est? being a small business, all? obvious constraints of finance and at the same time there is a need to grow the business also? n. The single criteria m? S important to achieve? An twin objectives remain within your budget as well? how to achieve growth objectives are profitability of the investment? n. Ie cu? L is the m? Maximum that can be earned for every single penny invested or spent in the effort MERCHANTABILITY? N. As? she went by the criteria of ROI, is the small business SEO, a m? all of the commercialization? n the Internet, which is m? s to achieve your goals. Service providers of the optimization? N witnessed Search Engine for the effectiveness of this m? Especially for small businesses. When compared to the other m? All of MERCHANTABILITY? N the Internet, as the PPC, there are some obvious advantages of this m? All: 1.? ? n? number of visitors on the site are m? s that they are up coming from the other MERCHANTABILITY? n methods.2.? ? this increases the chances of getting m? s business.3.? ? will propel the business growing? to do m? s further investment in this MERCHANTABILITY? n method.4.? ? some might argue that the m? all of the commercialization? No targeting segments are m place? s productive. Well, there is no dispute of these m? Everyone but it's equally true that the level and the n? Number of? Successes achieved by the m? All of the small business SEO est? m away? s that reached by the other methods.5.? ? you can tap the local ace? as the global market for their products using the common activities of small business SEO. The optimization? No search engine holds not only for big businesses that can be pumped in a lot of money to keep their sites on top. Truths have an advantage, but even you can use the same platform to climb up the ladder. "C" mo can you beat the big boys in their business operations small business SEO? The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that effective SEO results are m? S a questionnaire? No skills and experience rather than being related to the scale of trade or the amount of capital infused. As? So even a small business can take a seat among the top ranks of the engines of the search term. This is not to do something special in which others have not thought, but doing the same thing with a little more? S discretionary? No, a little more? S depth, a little more? S RESEARCH? Ny with far better quality of work. The process and the activities of the small business SEO take? N remain the same, with some variations here? and all ", but the focus on relevant keywords long tail, content writing to link building quality? unique and interesting, link building quality, reducing m? minimum wastage of efforts to do m? s affordable can do the trick for you.

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