Anthony Gregory asked:

One thing that can confuse search engine spiders are sloppy headers on your website. It is just so easy to miss this one little thing especially if you are using a site builder on a host like freeservers.com, bravenet.com or homestead.com. What happens is that while you are building the website you may be asked to save the website as something when you go to work on a new content page. However you may forget the non-visible header area of a page when saving it causing search engines to ignore the page because they see it as non-functioning or duplicate content. Don’t think this problem is limited just to site builders. It is also very easy to forget about your headers for web pages while saving your site in do-it-yourself site software such as Dreamweaver.

The ultimate result of this type of sloppiness is a site that has a title that is the same on every page. The meta tags on every page are also identical. Only the visible content is different. To avoid this stick to a regime of developing your new content on the page and making a note to yourself to always develop the title for the new content page before moving onto the next one. This way you don’t forget to practice some SEO techniques on your header area as well.

Remember that failure to do this can be a disaster. Most search engines will penalize pages that they see as identical by not including them in their search engine indexes at all. Another consequence of having sloppy titles is some strange looking indexing of your URL when it does finally get listed that does not make use of any of the keywords that have been laid out so lovingly and painstakingly on your web site pages.

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Liz Jones asked:

Affordable search engine optimization (SEO) services will never leave out the most important aspects of it in order to reduce costs. What affordable means is that the service does what it promises for a price that is fair to the consumer. Affordable local SEO services are often the hardest to find due to the highly targeted nature of keywords.

Search engine optimization can be on-site or off-site. During on-site optimization, a company will help redesign websites so that they more strictly adhere to the standards of search engines. This can result in more traffic to a website and greater visibility in search engines. Off-site search engine optimization includes keyword targeting directly aimed at improving performance in search engine rank and result, targeted advertising and link packages that help improve the rank of a website. There are times when being linked to from a highly respected, high-ranking website will improve traffic more than just on-site optimization.

Affordable SEO services can be found if they are researched enough. By carefully reading fine print and examining the package against what is desired, an affordable one can be found. The company does not need to be in the same city, town or even state to be able to perform their services. It can all be done online, via fax and through telephone calls. As a result, small business owners in rural areas are able to find as effective services as their counterparts in large cities.

There are other times when affordable SEO services need to be more local. This can create additional challenges for businesses due to the fact that optimization must be directed at a very specific group of people. Despite the additional challenges of local SEO, it is entirely possible to get an affordable package that will increase traffic to a website and allow it to grow just as an owner hopes.  Only by carefully weighing options will there be a feeling of completeness when paying for an SEO plan.

No matter how big or small a website, it can benefit from search engine optimization companies that are knowledgeable about the tactics allowed by search engines and that are willing to put in the time it takes to achieve excellent ranking and results. When the rules are not followed, the website can be penalized in ranking. This defeats the purpose of optimizing. None of it is easy, but with the proper knowledge, site owners usually find what they are looking for in a search engine optimization company.

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Dan J. An asked:

In this age of digital technology, it is a must for all companies to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that the internet brings. You have endless options on how to market your products and services if you are experienced in using search engine optimization or SEO techniques. If you have effective SEO marketing strategies, you will find yourself at the top of Google SEO, helping you generate more traffic for your website that can bring in profits for your company.

Let us first discuss the importance of search engine optimization techniques. These strategies are focused on getting you high page rankings in search engines. Imagine an internet user looking for information online. Google has a search box where a user can type texts related to his or her search. The engine will then crawl to its database of websites and find the ones that match the search. Ending on the top five of the results page will help you become visible online, attracting more visitors to your website. Google SEO techniques will help you achieve that high rank that every company wants.

Because more and more websites are created daily, you have to constantly keep your site relevant. This can be done by regularly maintaining and updating your website to include articles related to your products. Customers don’t really care much for sales pitches; they want information that can help them solve their problems. An effective Google SEO technique is to publish articles that are informative and entertaining, attracting more visitors and keeping them glued to your website. This can help you build your reputation as an expert in your field, helping you promote your brand and your products.

Link building is another marketing technique done to achieve higher Google SEO. This is the publication of your website’s address in other sites such as public discussion boards and forums. Think of it as an advertisement without the visitor having to be paid. If you have partners engaged in other businesses but in the same industry, you can swap website space with them and cross-link your sites to have a wider customer reach.

Keyword analysis is another service that Google SEO experts can provide. This is the process of studying the keywords used by visitors to look for sites related to your product. You can study the techniques used by other companies often frequented by internet users. This way, you can adjust your website and its contents to match the required density and structure of keywords for search engines.

Taking advantage of the many opportunities presented by the internet can help you get higher income for your company. This is not an overnight process that you should expect; rather, this is a long-term and regular activity that needs to be overseen by marketing experts. Because of the many companies competing for internet users’ attention, you have to continually improve both the content and aesthetic appeal of your website to attract and retain visitors. Generating the traffic for your website can give you more customers. These and many other goals can be achieved if you keep yourself up to date with Google SEO techniques.

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Jeff Schuman asked:

For you have small business tasks that it will not always be smart to be saving yourself lot of for it on their own trying.

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For you time learning to maximize the time learning to handle search engine optimization for many reasons you this done effectively when you are the top reasons you this this is something you need to then you receivebrbr4 saves you you receivebrbr4 saves you need to ensure it on their own trying.

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Ed Fry asked:

& lt; br/& WP; on line of the companies of marketing of the small companies is a lucrative opportunité très – for the originators of Web sites, hébergeurs of sites and marketing on Internet. They can capitalize on the new arrivals, frighten them with technological speeches, press it in substantial monthly payments and generally – their entraînement on line of the efforts of marketing of the small companies in the ground & lt; br/& WP; C& #39; is the alarming thing on. Internet – everyone will take your money. To enter the world on line is too risqué, because c& #39; is technology that you n& #39; do not have quite simply l& #39; expérience. marketing on Internet know this qu& #39; they have à to make to captivate people as you and gain your companies personnalisés & lt; br/& WP; It ya two façons d& #39; to go on marketing on line of your small company -. actively and passively, & lt; Br & lt; br/& WP;. /& WP; This one includes/understands simply to stick a Web site with a little d& #39; information on you, your company, your product and of information of contact. You can lists it to you-même in some répertoires but this n& #39; is not something which will open the Web for to make you and you million. & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; d&amp helps; #39; a site actively on the marché, to acquérir prospective customers and générer businesses is d& #39; a manière much more effective d& #39; to use l& #39; Internet. You can automate the systèmes, to make them run face à any hour and with potentially much more d& #39; businesses without all that much très expensive & lt; br/& WP; However, the active marketing of your Internet site requires the traffic – much traffic. But just like in the world off line, you need d& #39; a traffic ciblé. & lt; br/& WP; Idéalement & lt; br/& WP; It ya two functions ? actif? site has for the companies of marketing in line of small prospects & lt; br/& WP; O & lt; br/& WP; you find – you not to find your prospects & lt; br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; Internet is a place increasingly social and the people revolve naturally towards the great discussions (one does not like to speak à right-hand side nobody?). The nature of research has retourné the façon of which marketing d& #39; ? ? uvres in favour d& #39; between you. You can contribute à Google with the large companies for the people who are actively à the search for your services. You must be à l& #39; before discussions and à l& #39; before search engines. O & lt; br/& WP; Crée a dynamic platform of conversation & lt; br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP; Having you-même like a leader conversation clés, you have need to carry out this conversation more on one ? plateforme? your Web site. This n& #39; is not nécessairement a Web site – you can use a blog, the Facebook page or même of the tools like Twitter. The clé is to maintain it more contrôle on the conversation and to work with your (now) public to offer solutions à their problèmes. & lt; br/& WP; Marketing n& #39; is more to push what you have in & quot; their visages.& quot; The êtes people to find you and présentant needs for solutions. It is much more like the daily conversation. & lt; br/& WP; O Your platform owes ? donner? before ? se? & lt; br/& WP; The best spA?cialists of marketing on line will be ingA?nior their Web sites to give their best information and produced to the users to gain their confidence and the relations. People go naturally in return a kind of positive gesture – they you écoutent – and être much less on the défensive à the prospect D & #39; Sold ? être sur& quot; & lt; br/& WP; Two important points here: I am not you to say. should use l& #39; Internet like a platform of complimentary ticket, or which would owe you ingA?nior relations simply à to break the prospects for sale of défense have barrière. To offer useful councils, d& #39; to engage the conversation and to continue à to give. & lt; br/& WP; Présentez your product not like a sales point, but like a tool véritablement useful and a solution à their shouting needs and problèmes. Being unaware of the cheesiness – it is advisable to return the better life to them, and also to reinforce your relation with them. S& #39; they like what you have suggéré or which is offered to them front, it ya chances qu& #39; they will be more réceptifs à what you have à to offer. & lt; br/& WP; This process is appelé ? preselling. & lt; br/& WP; & lt; Br/& WP; & quot; OK, then how can I make? & quot; & lt; br/& WP; We have parlé théorie companies of marketing in line of small companies, of kind discussing the détail & lt; br/& WP;. The blog is a good about which one speaks the système d& #39; établissement of conversation on Internet, but the great question is to know how ? to make remarquer? in a world o? ? everyone is blogging. When j& #39; have commencé some blogs à small échelle I could not their élan sufficient for qu& #39; it is worth the sorrow. & lt; br/& WP; Blogs & lt; br/& WP; to eat time, and are not très good tools of marketing spécifiquement only l& #39; établissement of relations. You will have constantly être to walk & quot; coil contenu& quot; that others abonnés of the request of the request more and more for qualité. Can you pay this whole d& #39; a small company & lt; br/& WP; Can-être that you could look at d& #39; to use Facebook or Twitter or another online service? – But the nature of these services leaves the traffic and the & quot; discussion& quot; mainly à l& #39; extA?rior of your of contrôle. C& #39; is more as 21ème gA?nA?ration of leads siècle – that circulation is à the platform YOUR.

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The most amazing small business marketing resource available to all small business owners, by far, is a relevant, logical and practical marketing plan put together by the business owner.

Why do I say this? Well, let’s look at the advantages of writing your own marketing plan.

a) Marketing is the only thing that drives income to you.

b) It forces you to step outside of the day to day running of the business to consider the bigger picture – your bigger picture.

c) It requires you to take a critical look at your business and to consider how things could be leveraged to achieve better results.

d) You can examine your current marketing efforts and evaluate their effectiveness.

e) You can put the systems in place, or adjust existing systems, to track progress against your business goals.

This is a huge advantage to any small business owner. It is common knowledge that most small businesses fail within the first 3 years of operation, mostly because too much attention is paid to working IN the business, rather than ON the business.

By taking time to write your own marketing plan, you will be spending structured time working on your business, which will be of enormous benefit to you.

What else can this small business marketing resource do for your business?

Well, in reality, a marketing plan is one of the few tools available to any business that can actually generate you income, as opposed to saving on expenses, which is what the vast majority of business tools offer.

A marketing plan also provides you with focus and helps in your decision making when confronted by a number of choices.

If you have done the work when drawing up your marketing plan, all you need to do is measure each choice against your marketing plan objectives and decide whether it fits in with your goals and budget or not – decision made!

It should be clear by now that a marketing plan, written by you for your business, is so much more than just a plan.

It really is the best small business marketing resource you can invest in.

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Jared Blake asked:

Many people ask me, what exactly is SEO? SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. SEO consists of many techniques, that you apply to your website to help influence the search engines to not only rank your site with a higher ranking, but more importantly to rank the keywords you have carefully chosen that are relevant to your site, to list higher in the search engine listings. The bottom line here is to drive more visitors or traffic to your website, in order to increase your potential long-term customer base and profits. It will not be enough to build a website, and submit it to the search engines, then sit back and wait in hope that visitors will come. Trust me from experience, nobody will come. Building a website is just one of the many jobs you will encounter in working towards a successful and profitable internet business.

If an internet visitor is searching for Nike golf shoes and your website sells Nike golf shoes, you would want your website’s listing to appear somewhere around the first two pages of listings on the major search engines. Currently on Google there are 1,960,000 listings for Nike golf shoes. Studies show, that most web searchers rarely look beyond the first or second page of listings. Therefore, it is critical your site listing is somewhere on the first few pages of the search engines, Otherwise, your site’s listing will become a lost speck of dust in the vast internet highway.

You must find ways to drive customers to your site, if you are going to have any chance in making profits from your internet business. SEO (search engine optimization) is the sum of techniques you apply to your website in order to make this happen. Many factors are involved in SEO. You must do well in all SEO factors, in order to get the highest possible rankings for your website listings.

Currently the three major search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google is currently considered the “Big Daddy” of the search engines, with millions of searches conducted daily. Google also provides primary and secondary search results for many of the other internet search engines. It would be very beneficial if your website were to rank high on the Google search engine.

In SEO, we are concerned with the natural or organic search results provided by the search engines at no cost to the website owner. This is different from a pay per click campaign that involves bidding and paying for website traffic. Website owners may want to utilize pay per click campaigns along with organic results, or until the organic SEO techniques are providing you with the desired level of traffic. Of course all this will depend on the budget you have allocated towards website promotion.

Here is an incomplete list, a non-comprehensive list of some of the basic factors involved in SEO: onpage optimization which includes, keyword targeting, writing search engine friendly code, title tag and description meta tag, keyword placement, keyword density, relevant content, H1 and H2 header tags. Offpage optimization which includes, link popularity, reciprocal or back links, inbound or one-way links, anchor text with keywords. Other factors to consider are articles, blogs, podcasts, understanding and using robots.txt, submitting your site to the key search engines, converting your visitors into buyers, and many more factors are involved in SEO.

Hopefully this quick overview will provide you with a better understanding of “What is SEO.”

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Sean R Mize asked:

Content – Content of the website is always a main key to the success of SEO. There are different SEO tools and techniques but content always remains a key. The content of the website should be keyword rich. Search for the keywords with tools available for keyword searching. Use only the relevant keywords. These keywords used in the content will help you get a good rank in the search engines. Keywords are inevitable for profitable SEO.

Link building – Inbound as well as outbound link building is necessary for a profitable SEO. You can get links from other website and you can link others from your website. Both are important for SEO. You have to get quality link for your website as inbound links. For outbound links also, you should link to popular websites only.

Search engine Submission -Submit your website to all the search engines available. Search engine submission will make it easily accessible to different users. You can submit to various search engines. Choose the most popular ones for your website submission.

Directory Submission – Submit your website to the directories available. Choose the best directory for submission. Choose a relevant directory. When you submit your website to a relevant and popular directory it helps you to get better ranking, as the search engines love the popular directories. Profitable SEO will always consider the best directories in a category.

Meta tag – Meta tag description optimization is another key to SEO. A Profitable SEO will have a meta tag optimized for search engines. You can use the keywords in the meta tags. Use as many related keywords possible in this description.

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Matt Lenzie asked:

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the process by which websites improve their position in search engine rankings and returns. The concept behind improving a websites SEO is to increase the position in the search engine rankings and then generate increased levels of traffic.

If you are considering setting up a website it should be a factor that you consider prior to making the site live, as it can have long lasting effects on the results of the site if you make mistakes to begin with.

SEO is an important part of any internet marketing strategy, and before you build any site, it is recommend that you identify relevant keywords for the market or niche that you are focusing on. Google have a very good keyword research tool available, which you can easily use to discover how much traffic there is for a particular keyword or group of keywords, but just as importantly how competitive particular keywords are. If there is too much competition this can make it extremely difficult to feature in returns for particular keywords.

The algorithms that the search engine providers use to rank sites are increasing complicated and take into account a vast number of factors in determining which sites are so-called “authority” sites in relation to particular keywords. The main areas of consideration are as follows: Inbound links, and onsite optimization.

Fundamentally there are two types of SEO, on-site and off-site.

Onsite SEO is made up of the following factors: Tags, Meta-tags, H1 tags, keyword density (i.e. how often the keywords that you are optimizing for appear). Many WordPress templates will have SEO positive factors that are built in. Additionally there are some free plugins that are very useful. All in one seo is particularly useful.

Offsite SEO is primarily made up of different linking strategies. In the algorithms eyes (if these spiders have eyes), fundamentally the more links that point to your site the more popular it is perceived to be, particularly if the keywords that you are optimizing the site for appear alongside the link. There are lots of different linking strategy’s which people adapt and it’s probably fair to say exploit to some degree.

The important factors when starting a linking strategy in my opinion is to build up a list of sites that you would want to link to your site. This may include trade sites that are relevant, it’s definitely important to have a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter etc), EzineArticles and other article submission sites provide another way of linking to your site and can create good sources of traffic. I have always tried to focus on blogs that are relevant to the niche that I am working in, and I would try to add good comments on other people’s blogs. Generally blog owners do not mind you adding in a link to your site if you are making a worthwhile comment.

Additionally there are backlink packets that can be bought, these can be useful to build some significant links.

These combined features should offer an improved position from a search engine perspective.

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Paul CB Carter asked:

As someone who helps people professionally develop small business marketing strategies, I can not talk a lot of competition. Their efforts and successes can be used to benefit their own business, provided you know how
competition not only to give answers such as: Facebook what will sell and for how ? where I can find clients?
but also provide information about where to place backlinks to your site.
conducting surveillance of the competition part of its strategy. The work of understanding and learning of competition should always play a role in any strategy small business marketing. If you think this is not fair, reminds potential customers will certainly be looking at what is offered and how much they charge against its competitors. If you do not pay attention you left behind to charge too much or too little for their products and services. Take shortcuts
someone who has tried other avenues. Learn what works and what does not and experience the frustration that can accompany this can be time consuming and draining. Take the shortcut to success by using tried and tested routes that competition is using. Wise decisions here can bring benefits faster and can stop wasting time. Use what you have created. Do not be afraid to incorporate your ideas into your marketing strategy small business.
Who is your competition? Search for your competitors. Some are obvious, and others who have to look around to find. See what the pop-up ads regularly. If during a long period of time, you still see the same ad that appears, then something may be working. One would think that anyone will pay over and over again for something that is not producing the desired results. On the other hand, someone might be too lazy to change your ad. all tested. Search
niche publications. Try also the local media, newspapers and radio, as well as email campaigns – both online and offline. Sign up for the mailing list of your competitor, so you can study what kind of information, products and frequency being used.
Use Google to find more information about the competition. Search keywords that describe your business and see what comes out. Also pay attention to ads on the right side of the results. How have you met your ads and why they think people want to click on them? These people are paying big money to appear on these results and be noticed. Take note of what they are selling, how they are selling, what products compare to your own? What evidence are these sites offering products that are good? Are they giving a guarantee?
sure to account for their competitors in their marketing strategy small business.

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