Have you ever noticed how many times the simplest small business marketing ideas end up working the best?

Who ever said small business marketing has to be hard?

I’m constantly amazed at just how powerful some of the simplest concepts are. There are many small business marketing ideas that cost next to nothing and really require little to no additional extra work to begin bringing in more business every month.

Unfortunately, the problem with simple marketing ideas is that many small businesses are so quick to excuse them. Intelligent business owners and independent professionals just like you mistakenly believe a marketing idea has to be sophisticated and intricate to be really valuable.

WRONG! In fact, it’s completely the opposite that’s true. The more complicated the idea, the less chance you have of making it work. Simple doesn’t mean well thought out. It just means not complicated.

One of the simplest small business marketing ideas I’ve ever come across is also one of the most powerful. Many successful professionals have shared that this one technique has been primarily responsible for completely filling their business pipeline.

Even though most people know about this powerful method, it’s surprising how few people actually use it consistently. Perhaps because it’s just too simple and business owners are always looking for fresh, new, and more sophisticated (i.e., perceived to be higher value) marketing ideas.

After all, if the simple, easy ideas really worked then wouldn’t everyone be using them? Well you would think, but even the simple solutions take some work on your part to be successful. And too often, people want the results without having to do the work.

Simple does not mean you don’t have to do the work. It just means not complicated.

So what is this simple yet incredibly powerful idea that can help you generate significantly more business?

Commit to sending out personal hand-written notes – Thank You notes or Cards.

The reasons to send personal notes including “thank you” notes are practically endless.

* When you make a new contact at a networking event
* When you get a new clients
* When a client takes your advice
* When a client recommends you
* When a business contact recommends a new resource.

Taking time to hand write notes is a lost art in the world of business anymore. Even though personal attention is always more effective, email and voice mail are just so much quicker and therefore make it ineffective in some peoples’ minds.

Consider How To Put This Small Business Marketing Idea To Work For Your Business…
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Wally Gray asked:

For each 1 $ which is dépensé on purchases on Internet in Amérique, another 5 $ à 6 $ go local purchases d& #39; businesses off line which have été influencés d& #39; some façon by online search local, which is according to étude appearing in a numéro of 2005 of Technology Review, which is publié by Massachusetts Institute off Technology (MIT). This tendency east can-être seen in d& #39; other countries also, but this qu& #39; it means primarily that the companies must more concentrate their efforts on marketing Internet and of the small companies optimization of search engines à to influence the sales and to attract more customers in the process. & lt; br/& WP; l& #39; optimization of the search engines & lt; br/& WP; consist à to use a variété techniques to communicate with the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These techniques, s& #39; they are utilisés correctly, the more favorable résultats in the search engines. Some examples include l& #39; inscription of your address and numéro of téléphone local on your Web site like d& #39; to have your site hébergé on a waiter in your country d& #39; origin, the techniques which result in a better classification. Here d& #39; other éléments d& #39; information essential that you must know SEO the small company, if you want to réussir & lt; br/& WP; optimization of your site -. Use of words clés & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; ingrédient essential of succès with SEO local small companies is l& #39; optimization of the pages of your Web site. It s& #39; d&amp acts; #39; a méthode by which you use words clés and expressions spA©cific à through all your site which is ciblés aiming à to attract the local consumers. For example, if you offer services of plumbing à Denver, in Colorado, then a sentence of research which will be crucial for your site & #39; optimization d& #39; is & quot; Denver plumbers & quot; or & quot; plumbers Denver & quot;. By using these expressions of local research your site &amp pushes correctly; #39; S higher classification in the résultats of the search engines. & lt; br/& WP; Seek Words-clés & lt; br/& WP; To find the witty remarks clés à to use is essential. There exist several d&amp types; #39; tools available to help the words-clés; these tools SEO to say to you what the sentences of local research are recherchés more the à to find your products and services. Google offers free its own words clés which you can use to help with your small made efforts SEO. & lt; br/& WP; Importance of the backlinks & lt; br/& WP; You must également put l& #39; accent on the reinforcement of the backlink. Backlinks are crucial for the succès local of SEO à long run of your Web site. Backlinks are the bonds that d& #39; other Web sites contain indeed that the bond towards your site d& #39; company. Each one of these backlinks of your site gives a stronger assertion to the search engines. Backlinks can come from large Web sites répertoire and même sites of bookmarking social like Digg. If a façon d& #39; to obtain backlinks is to work the process manually, take account of time nécessaire. L& #39; other façon consists à to use a software of référencement which allows créer backlinks for you more quickly and more easily than if you can work by you-même. & lt; br/& WP; First steps with SEO & lt; br/& WP; & lt; p/& WP; L& #39; nature même of posséder a Web site d& #39; company means that you & #39; L is necessary to have a plan of small company SEO à to apply the techniques to gain l& #39; optimization of the local search engines. Training of the méthodes d& #39; optimization of search engine takes time, time that you cannot-être if you N & #39; êtes actively construction d& #39; other aspects of your company. L& #39; another option is l& #39; externalisation – recourse à professionals of research d& #39; optimization of engine. It ya of the advantages and inconvénients à the time at C-it-yourself and the méthode of l& #39; externalisation like a propriétaire of small company and the succès can come with two options. However, nothing to make and éviter SEO small company n& #39; is not an option like a growing number of consumers to continue à to use l& #39; Internet like d&amp independent source; #39; information to find products and services of local small companies.

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Michael Borowiecki asked:

To create valuable, memorable and motivating content to your website is a marketing tool for powerful small business marketing. With so much information online, can sometimes be a task to identify the contents of the Web site that has value to its customers. You 're probably wondering "how to choose the valuable content of the Web site applies to your small business marketing? You may think," but I run a home based business – aren' t I "too small for it to have a impact on me? "Sadly, you 'get confused d! Before we get into the importance of website content in its marketing of small business, let' s take a look at how the Internet is changing the face of what this means and means for you. Death to the golden age of mass MediaTraditional is gasping for breath – bleeding out on a cold street corner, alone in cities across the country. After the powerful television networks are pumping out the reality reality show after show, desperately trying to get a pulse. And the newspapers are being crushed to death by the sheer volume of free information online. Who wants to buy a newspaper when you can log onto your favorite website and get news the same information, more conveniently, and for free. And in the same vein, who wants to watch your favorite TV show when the network dictates when you can watch online for free, whenever you want? The fragmentation of the media and its affect on the dawn of ContentThe the website of the digital age has been an overthrow of the traditional media of the act. Communication is increasingly fragmenting. If you have a teenager, watch them for a moment. They 're a perfect example of what' s next for new media. Adolescents don 't watch the nightly news, continues with the world through his blogs and websites preferred, and streaming video on their smart phones. And for us older people, it 's a start look at a teenager simultaneously surfing the web, while watching a program on cable television, while talking on his cell while texting a friend. That is a perfect example of just how the media have become fragmented! Customize your website content customized to your order AudienceIn relevant content of the website the product, consider how the fragmentation of the media plays a role in small business marketing. A one size fits all approach to the write and produce content just doesn 'Web site; t fly more. Divide your customers into segments by industry, wants and needs, and demographics. So each market point to the website content that appeals directly those visitors. Given the ability of small Web site company to create dynamic Web pages, custom running, it 's easier than ever to create modified website content customization. His ability to shape and adapt their marketing small business with custom content of the website is the golden goose in the heart of a successful website for small business. For e-commerce sites that sell products online , its content is a great marketing tool to make more sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment. And for business services, educate potential customers better and spend less time around during your initial consultation. What type of Web site content should be as the backbone of your online marketing small business? Although differentiated service-based business slightly than those that sell products, but there are some common threads. The website content and marketing ToolCustomers and potential customers want to know and understand any kind of technical lingo or industry-specific terminology. Customers will also eat up the website content that helps them make an informed purchase by example: product reviews, features and descriptions of the advantages, reports and white papers, ROI calculations, user manuals for products, news clippings, and customer testimonials. Customers also want to know what to expect when buying you, your practice and billing terms, shipping details, and return policies and guarantees. In this day and age with the follow-up to the fragmentation of media, the key to successful marketing of small businesses on the web is through valuable content of the website. Produce custom content that provides answers to questions their customers have. Focus on the customer 's needs Help to understand how your products and services will benefit them. In turn, your website small business turn into a marketing tool to build powerful report, new business winning and improving customer relationships.

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Michelle Symonds asked:

SEO is a process that cannot be rushed – indeed Google and the other major search engines treat a gradual improvement in a website’s search engine ranking position (“SERPS”) as a positive factor in ranking highly. It indicates a natural growth of a website rather than one which is trying to manipulate the rankings. Unethical SEO methods, sometimes known as “black-hat” methods, can create rapid increases in search engine ranking position but the techniques that they use can be easily detected by the search engines and the results of such efforts are short-lived. They can even lead to penalties or black-listing by the search engines. This is why the majority of businesses accept that such methods are counter-productive.

The first step is to lay a strong foundation. Just as a house with a strong foundation will be stable and last a long time, so will an SEO campaign. The house analogy is also true for on-going maintenance. If you do not regularly maintain your SEO campaign then it will fall into dis-repair and start to deteriorate.

So how do you get started on ethical or “white-hat” search engine optimisation?

The first step to successful SEO is Keyword Research and Analysis. 

Many new business owners use brainstorming sessions to come up with an initial set of 5-15 keywords, which are usually phrases of 2 – 4 words in practise. They are phrases that they are familiar with but sometimes the people involved in a business are so close to the fine detail that they do not necessarily use the phrases that the average customer would use. Even if the business people are confident that they have the right keywords, some research and analysis can always be useful for coming up with some unexpected keywords. It is also critical in prioritising the keyword list by estimating traffic (i.e the number of expected visitors per month) and determining competition.

Keyword research can be performed by any number of tools and a good place to start is Google’s own keyword tool. However, this is heavily skewed towards AdWords Pay-per-click (PPC) users and inclined to suggest phrases with the highest advertisement revenue. The estimates of clicks per month are also very approximate. So it is worthwhile also trying another tool – many of them are free such as Yahoo! Search Marketing (previously known as Overture) and Good Keywords. Keyword tools can help with a more lateral approach to discovering keywords for a website’s target market.

Typically a keyword tool works by allowing you to type in all of the keywords that have come out of the brainstorming session and will list estimates of the number of times that keyword (phrase) was typed in per month, both locally in your own country and globally, which is useful if you are targeting a worldwide audience. It is easy to get excited about the numbers when you first see them but remember that the results are estimates and include any phrase that was typed in that included your target phrase. For example if your target phrase is “kids toys” because you sell kids toys you will see all the results for people who types search terms such as “wholesale kids toys”, “sell kids toys”, “problems with kids toys” etc. So it is important that you narrow the results which, in the Google Keyword Tool can be done by selecting the “exact” option to show only those searches where people typed in the exact phrase “kids toys”. 

This process will help to refine the list of keywords to target by showing those with the most visitors per month in your target region. It is very often the case that the keywords with the most traffic will be those that are the most competitive i.e those for which most businesses want to appear on page one of the search engines.  

The best approach for a small business is to target a range of keywords from the most competitive through the medium traffic/medium competition keywords and also including some “long-tail” keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that contain 3 or more words and have very low traffic but are very specific so that the chances of converting the visitor into a paying customer are high. Long-tail keywords are a whole topic in their own right within the field of search engine optimisation and are covered in detail elsewhere.

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TJ Corruthers asked:

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Rolando Valdes asked:

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jems hug asked:

It is expected that the combination of SEO and social media is the perfect blend for online lead generation. With getting telemarketing calls deceased with each passing day, BPO units have little choice but to rely on online methods to get leads on her pussy. But several of these call centers are not really sure about investing in social media methods. The simple reason is the networks don 'means that social, t actually provide hard leads immediately. Since most projects are short term, it makes sense to create profiles on Facebook or Twitter and add to friends or to increase a network. For the moment you begin to respond to the founding of the lead generation business, you find that you are slipping out of time. The best way out, as they perceive, is to try SEO and other Web 2.0 tools to create leads. But social media serve to function well enough to be an important part of your SEO efforts. Â Let 's find out how social media is an important component of his method of lead generation. First, studies have shown that more than 70% of social media users depend on their friends and peers for suggestions when buying something online. This is way more than the percentage of people checking on the search engines to find your brand. As a unit of the call center, you have to have a voice in this social media buzz. You have to be part of the discussion that decides if you get new customers or lose them to the brands that have a strong social presence in the media. Social media, as units of customer service need to understand, isn 't a tool for lead generation as much as he is a tool to qualify. Brands and sell products. Â agents overseas call center may find it hard to convince the department to install? social share 'of? â methods; buttons on Web sites and blogs maintained by the BPO. The section of the follow-up of e may feel that it is not worth the effort. But if you are armed with statistics supporting your claim, you will find it easier. Use Google Analytics or other tracking tools to see how much traffic your website gets in their pages on Facebook and Twitter. You can also set the buttons on the website and check how many are sharing your pages with friends through social media or just email. You can always click on the following Web site and blog. To the aim of the team of lead generation sales is sure that he is tapping into the possible methods without fail. The market intelligence services need to look at the data that clearly define when? Like 'the? â the people, their links on Facebook, it can be beneficial for lead generation. You need more people as part of your network. Users to join up where multiple visitors and followers mentioned. The easy part about social media marketing is that once you get the ground work done, you can expect that the campaign go viral. When he finally does, BPO agents do not need to work on it. Also, it 's important to keep the customer service always ready to support.

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