Small business SEO Strategist uncovers 25 search engine optimization (SEO) blunders that trips up even the most savvy webmasters. Everyone is trying to figure out how to create a presence on the internet. It’s easier than you think, But, ONLY if you know small business SEO strategies.

Only a small percentage of people really know how to optimize their website to get more visitors. Most others end up disappointed, frustrated, rejected, and hopeless. How many small business owners do you know that’s not looking for small business SEO strategies to improve their search engine ranking. From Paul the plumber to Daniel the doctor… now have a website that they would love to have more visitors come by.

In today’s economic environment if you aren’t online you’re more than likely on your way to get in line… that’s the “soup line”, I may add. Everybody from doctors to big time contractors are penny-pinching . Regardless to how difficult SEO may seem, it’s doesn’t take a Harvard graduate to understand that to appear on the first page of Google is critical to your online marketing success. Fortunately, we have twenty-five simple yet sure-fire small business SEO pathways that will help you improve website traffic.

Here are 25 SEO tips that your SEO specialist may or may not think to tell you.

#1. Don’t choose a tongue-twisting, hard to spell domain name. You know what I mean. Some people have the unprofitable knack to come up with a name that sounds out of this world. However, no one can spell it, pronounce it, yet worst remember it.

#2. If at all possible keep your domain name short. If it’s a long one make sure it’s something a person can easily remember.

#3. Your domain name should either be a brand or it should tell your customer what your service or product is about. Example: Bad domain name…www.jandxservices.com Good domain name… www.baby food.com

It obvious to see the noticeable difference right away. Jandxservices.com gives their visitors and search engines NO earthy hint as to what the site is about. Of course babyfood.com is about what…one guess, BABY Food. Search engines and visitors know exactly what the site is about just from the url.

#4. Use a (dot) com versus a (dot) net. People will always think of (dot) com first.

#5. If you have a really long domain name be sure to break it up with hypens –


#6. When deciding on a domain name incorporate a keyword. Better yet, if your url is a keyword, it will help you to rank better for your search term.

Example: http:// www. GreenvilleSearchEngineOptimization.com

#7. Either create your domain name from your product or service name or from your problem or solution.

#8. Pick the least competitive keywords. Now you can choose the most competitive keywords, if you’re Bill Gates heirs. Example if you are trying to rank with a new soft-drink and you are trying to go against Pepsi and Coke…you will need some long dollars.

#9.Do keyword research before you start your project. Remember this, it doesn’t make a difference how beautiful your website will be..if you don’t do your due diligence. Because if you don’t properly do keyword research, your site will never be seen. It like having a store in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

#10. Find at least 10-15 keywords that will properly represent your business. You don’t need a hundred keywords.

#11. Don’t keyword stuff your content. That means don’t place a thousand keywords into a hundred word article. Google don’t play that.

#12. Don’t consecutively repeat keywords.

#13. When writing your articles only emphasize your keyword once. Example: your keyword is search engine…only highlight or bold search engine once within your article.

#14. Each article or page should have only one main or primary keyword.

#15. Always place your keyword /s in your title.

#16. Be sure to keep your titles short. Try not to have any more than 11-13 words in your title.

#17. If you can, place your keywords close to the beginning of your title.

#18. Place your keyword twice in the first paragraph.

#19. After the first paragraph, place your keywords sporadically throughout the article naturally.

#20. Do add some secondary keywords. However, use them only once each.

#21.In your tag be sure to place your primary keyword there.

#22. In your tag – be sure to place your primary and secondary keywords there, along with any location modifiers.

#23. Don’t over-stuff your description tag – one hundred and fifty characters is enough to drive home your point. Some search engines only allow that many characters to show up in the query

#24. In your tag -only place the keywords that will be contained in your content. All other keywords are irrelevant.

#25.Don’t forget your tags. They will help you to rank higher in the search engines or search results.

There you are 25 vital suggestions that will place you light years ahead of your competitors. If we didn’t learn anything else from the (2008)Presidential election, whether you agree with President Obama or not… he has taught us all one thing. That is, you won’t stay competitive without incorporating technology into your business affairs. (The internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.)

But there is one problem… who to believe. You have no clue who to trust. You can waste an enormous amount of energy and the most precious commodity…time… hoping to stumble across accurate information. The last thing you want to do is read 50 more time-wasting e books, and sign-up for 75 more e-zines which succeed in driving you more into a haze of confusion. Try these 25 small business SEO specialist tactics, and if they don’t work you can always go back to what you know that hasn’t improved your organic traffic as of yet.

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David Krauter asked:

For a small business, mobile marketing can be an effective way to reach customers in motion, to drive local customers to your business, and connect with the market immediately. Done well, can be a very effective and profitable use, and can allow companies to avoid direct competition with larger opponents outside the immediate area. However, it is vital that adequate attention if you get the most out of it.
not, for example, makes the mistake of simply trying just as their home base website or SEO efforts. This is a separate area designed to complement this work and reach customers in different ways. Remember that this is all about connecting with people on the go, while their normal web effort is about connecting with them while sitting at home doing an extended search.
The main consequence of that difference is that everything in this type of approach has to be much more selective. You do not have a full web page on which to call someone's attention. Instead, you are a small portion of that shown on the screen of a cell before the user has to scroll down. Give them a reason to want to see the rest, with great copy and spectacular images. Do not give them an excuse to look elsewhere. Attention
emphasis on the words used in the results. They must be brief and to the point, because the user of the phone, just not going to read anything long-term. Instead, he or she will be on the websites of its competitors, buying them. The same goes for areas such as page titles and URLs.
not just focus on your site, however. Often when someone searches on a phone, it is to find the closest example of a particular type of business. That means you need to maintain a local presence in online directories, and you have to let the likes of Google maps knows of its existence. When a master browser can be through dozens of options before making a decision, someone in a hurry often go for the closest.
As such, this approach works best when the focus is local. Do not worry about attracting people across the world as much as to make cross across the city. Make the most of its local presence, and feel so easy to find and contact possible. Since you know who is holding a phone in hand while reading, remember to include a phone number where possible.
do that, and small business marketing phones must be much more effective than if you do not. For best effect, this strategy is combined with others to help target your customer base in other ways, and do not forget to check its general position on a regular basis, so they are not captured by the evolution of the siesta.

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Karen Scharf asked:

It is essential that, like pequeño business proprietor, you create a plan of comercializacià ³ n. It& #039; the imperative of s también that you realise his plan of comercializacià ³ n is going to be works in phase of creacià ³ n. Its plan (and you) it must be quite flexible to change and to adapt to the present conditions of the market, changes in economÃa, advances in tecnologÃa and asà successively. Aquà estÃn 6 great extremities to have present when you begin to create his own plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company: 1. It establishes GoalsYour that the plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company must be same oriented goal. The power to see cuà visuallythey are to them its intentions for its business can help him often to glide and to organize of a way that helps him to reach its goals mÃs fast and mÃs efficiently. Before ³ n begins its plan of comercializacià you must sit down and to put in writing exactly qué I put you is preput to reach. Después, imagines an idea approximated of cà ³ mo you you glide to reach these goals. He is as especÃfico as it is possible; it includes the exact números (número of clients, número of products, número of Web site, etc), dà ³ to lar exact promotes (amount of sales, amount of benefit, amount of commissions of the affiliate, etc) and the exact dates (when his Web site serÃfinished, when its calls of sales serÃn done, when its products serÃn sent, etc.) there is no way that you can elaborate a scheme than you glide to do with his business unless you really know what you want outside his business.2. It identifies YourselfThough that many propietary pequeños of business do not see the point in creating a mark of fÃbrica for sà same, you estÃcreating a mark of fÃbrica if realise you it or no. ÂSo porqué does not do deliberately? qué includes in its plan of comercializacià ³ n exactly you you want his customers& #039; and market& #039; opinià ³ n of s of its business to be. ÂQué personality its business tomarÃignition? ÂFor qué you want to be known? Qué you want & quot; gossip& quot; Âon you to be around? This is due to spell towards outside in its plan of comercializacià ³ n and must be something that you actively strive for ignition basis.3 daily. The budget by año develops to a BudgetBe sure to include in its plan of comercializacià annual ³ n asà like its plan to reach this budget. Although habrÃalways documentacià additional ³ financial n to part of the plan of comercializacià ³ n, aid to include cuà exactlythey are to them his goals for the cost, it budgets, and gain. This way you have a perfect example to watch; and flexibility remembers to always leave the site it and to correct of his comercializacià ³ n plan.4. It describes to his product or ServiceOne of the things mÃs great on its plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company is that vendrÃin very so útil that its business grows. You& #039; ll can give it dull to its new members of equipment and they& #039; ll has a perfect sense of where the business goes and of cà ³ mo it& #039; s that is going to obtain allÃ. But one of the things mÃs funny that encounter in the work with pequeñas companies is that many of the members of equipment ancilares can& #039; t exactly says to me so it does works the él business. From they& #039; re only implied in one pequeña porcià ³ n of the business, they& #039; re nonfamiliar (or never they have been said) the great picture. This is especially truth with advisory businesses and suppliers of services. Esté so surely to describe in detail its product or to maintain it and cà ³ mo mejorarÃthe lives of its clients. Many propietary pequeños of business jump this step, thinking they know already exactly they do what it. But it remembers, you& #039; ll has a público mÃs much that as soon as same you for its plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company – and you can be that step is surprised pleasant in east útil estÃyou and cà ³ mo you see his comercializacià future ³ n activities.5. He describes his ConsumerYou target must make it abundant within his plan of comercializacià ³ n clear to that its business goes and of cà ³ mo you glide to put that particular group. The clients clearly pointed are vital to a plan of the business or comercializacià ³ n. Its plan is everything on articulacià ³ n of quién, than, when, where, and porqué. à ? ste is & quot; who& quot; and aid to do clear him to each in the business (especially you) qué class of person who you estÃpointing like a client or potential client. Having one descripcià very clear ³ n of its client of the target, when you precisà ³ to make publicity, to promote, or to change a product, you& #039; ll knows dà ³ exactly nde and cuÃndo to do that. You& #039; ll knows dà ³ nde to pass his dà ³ lares advertising, you& #039; ll knows to express its messages, you& #039; ll knows qué type of grÃficos to use, and incessantly. Don& #039; t is touched to jump this anyone again -, fodder you& #039; ll is surprised pleasant in a útil él is to down secure its profile of market of target in paper.6. ÂIt says qué does único to him? The power to pay attention aside from all competitors is an enormous part his desafÃo of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company. You need to separate clearly of the crowd. This is called his & quot; proposition& quot único salesman;. ÂQué him makes different? ÂCà ³ mo you stands out of the other sectors that estÃn selling the same product or estÃn offering the same services? declaracià creates one clear and coherent ³ n on this diferenciacià ³ n within its plan of comercializacià ³ n. sà ³ this aid does not improve confidence in its product, but a perspective question porqué él must make business with you, you& #039; ll has an answer clear to give it. Can& #039; Âfinding any thing of t that to him fixes separated? ÂSafe Esté to spend the time that creates something! sesià programs one ³ n of reunià ³ n of reflexià ³ n with its members of personnel, their better clients, even its family and friendly. Often the épocas, this people knows qué already to him fixes separated, and it& #039; s generally something that you& #039; ³ SEES seizure for concedià ahead all. And a word passed of the warning: it avoids using price like his selling subject único. There is always somebody wants to undermine to him or to use his product like lÃder of pérdida, atrapÃndole in an interminable game of sales and reductions of price. A plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company is essential for its business. à ? l doesn& #039; t must be something great and incà ³ way; you& #039; ll leaves mÃs use of a plan of comercializacià ³ n that are flexible and fÃcil to follow. Him desafÃo so to put some hours to a side during this weekend prà ³ ximo and to begin to elaborate its plan of comercializacià ³ n of pequeña company. You& #039; ll is surprised in cà ³ mo is beneficial east step estÃto the growth of its business.

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Joseph Sanders asked:

Social media isn’t a new concept. It has been around for years and has crossed from being regular networking sites to efficient business tools. Networking is the most powerful feature and the reason why socializing has become an essential part of SEO.

Social media are SEO tools to expand promotion and link building, while SEO is the primary reason why social media optimization, or SMO, exists. At some point, these two processes become inseparable; being without each other makes them incapable of reaching their potential.

With the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, many others have become an effective marketing pathway for business owners. The awareness of people made SEO experts see the potential of the social web in expanding their optimization.

Because the social web relies heavily on viral marketing and through ‘online word of mouth’, SEO experts used these to improve their optimization processes. Although blogs have always been part of SEO, the birth of Facebook, Twitter and ubiquitous WordPress plugins made it a hit.These sites detached from its function of an extension of SEO and became an integral part of the SEO process.

Social media centers on creating unique and original content that can attract and convince people to share such content on their networks. Leveraging sites revolves around the concept of viral marketing, making every business owner content-conscious as they aim for uniqueness and attention.

Social media set a work ethic that keeps every online marketer aware of their online behavior, knowing that the social web is a public space. The social web is also the key factor in the revival of online reputation.

the social web transformed SEO. It set a standard where business owners vie for perfection just to attract target markets and it led to the transformation of blog and social network content. Since everyone wants a piece of viral marketing success, they have no choice but to adhere to the positive change by putting a tremendous effort on optimizing their social media tools.

Social media are also valuable at strengthening SEO link building strategies. At times, the use of the social web is an indispensable part of SEO link building. Link building campaigns today are impossible without the help of blogs and social networking sites.

Social media optimization isn’t the future of SEO; rather, SMO can be considered as SEO’s present. These two concepts form a team; these are inseparable entities in Internet marketing.

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Paul Christi asked:

SEO otherwise called as search engine optimization is a sunrise industry of the 21st century. It’s the buzz word of Internet marketing. Any company that has got a website can adopt this method of marketing to increase their market awareness and thereby bring a high number of consumers towards their product or service. “Cheap SEO Services” are available in plenty across the globe. But the million dollar question is that – Will it bring the desired results? Credibility of the firm that one chooses to do its SEO services for a cheap amount has to be taken into consideration before signing the contract.

There are mainly two types of Search Engine Optimization. They are onsite optimization and offsite optimization. The competition is so high in the SEO field and it is on a growing trend as each day passes. India is one of the major countries that can provide “Cheap SEO services” at a high quality and timely delivery. This is mainly because of the fact that India has got skilled manpower that is easily available at very low wages. Moreover one who has got a basic knowledge of computers and English language can be trained to do the SEO work which is a blessing in disguise.

The major advantage of SEO is that it can bring you huge results at a very affordable cost. There are firms who do the same SEO project for a Sum of $350 dollars and also $2000. So before choosing the firm make a thorough market study and then arrive at a final decision. Automated SEO doesn’t give good results in the long run. Companies that are genuine do an organized manual work in SEO which is truly authentic and accepted by the search engines. Optimizing your website alone will not get you the desired results. The content and design of your site has to be appealing to the visitors. More importantly people will have to get something out of your website by browsing it.

If you are looking out for “Cheap SEO Services” the best option is to use search engines to figure out the best available quotes and companies in the market. You can sign up for a short term as well as long term plan. The rates will be slightly higher if your key words are highly competitive. Even though the rates might be high it is always better to chose average competitive or highly competitive keywords as they are the ones that are searched frequently and consistently across the world. As the SEO work of your website progress’s one has to make a study as to how far your website ranking and page ranking has improved.

If you need to give a global TV ad in channels like Discovery, BBC, ESPN etc it will cost you a minimum of $3000-$20000 for 10 seconds depending upon the time of the telecast. Whereas to optimize you website if you select a genuine Cheap SEO Services firm it will only cost you a total of $ 3000 to bring your website to the first page of all major search engines which can be viewed by anybody at any point of time. Many smaller companies are not aware of the reach of SEO and its benefits in the long. If awareness is created amongst the small scale business then SEO will give them a platform to do business globally.

So in general we can say that SEO is the best and cheapest means of marketing channel that is available in today’s world that can touch the hearts of billions across the world. And the icing on the cake is that there are world class companies who can provide Cheap SEO Services at the click of your mouse.


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Dave Vaass asked:

SMS marketing is a very successful means of communication as a wide range of customers can be reached anywhere through their mobile phones. A current analysis regarding SMS marketing shows that 95% of the marketing messages are read which proves how efficient they are compared to the conventional marketing methods. Text messaging has also become a part of fashionable television programs such as The Apprentice and The American Idol. SMS marketing also plays a vital role in creating publicity for various game shows and award functions. With this rapid increase in demand for mobile marketing methods, many small business owners throughout the world have started using SMS marketing techniques to enhance their business. They feel SMS marketing as a direct, personal and reliable means of producing incomparable exposure to their products. Nowadays we also see SMS marketing being used in the major sporting events in the name of trivia contests, puzzle and interactive voting games.

You might now ask yourself, what a small business would do with mobile marketing. For this, the small business owner needs to build a permission-based marketing campaign to reach their customers directly on their cell phones. If you run a small business say a healthcare operation, services business, restaurant, cafe, retail store, or anything similar to that, then developing your own application might seem to be much hard. In such a case, you can try to work out a deal with companies that already have experienced a considerable growth with mobile marketing techniques. Most of the popular mobile phone applications allow ad placements, by which your business can get some exposure. Listing your local business on Google Maps and Yelp can get your business viewed by significant number of users via mobile phones.

Just like email marketing, marketing also involves lead generation, relationship building, value adding and of course, selling. With SMS marketing, you certainly don’t want to try sending dozens of customer texts from your phone directly. The technique works out by sending text messages to as many cell phone numbers as you want directly from the web. It truly takes less than five minutes to set up and send promotional messages to a few customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have their mobile version of their sites as well as mobile applications that have direct or indirect relationships with them. Hence it is very much important to make sure that your business or company website is mobile-friendly.

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Henry Jeon asked:

Are you wondering how you will get most solid results with your SEO efforts? Consider the following tips.

1. The first and foremost thing about SEO is, you have to make the most out of your Text, Links, and Popularity or Reputation.

2. You also have to ensure that your website is very simple to use. That actually can influence the effectiveness of link building and popularity. That means the simplicity and user friendliness will also affect your website’s ranking.

3. Give links the love care they deserve, by getting some love for them. Avoid being stingy while linking out. This should persuade others to link to your website.

4. Search engines love unique content. But in addition, they also love quality content. There’s a clear distinction between original content and good quality content. So you have to ensure that your content has both.

5. Do you feel that you MUST have the homepage as a highly splash page (something like all Flash or a large image)? Then consider placing text along with navigation links beneath the fold.

6. Some of the treasured links of yours might actually not appear in websites at all. On the contrary, you could get great results with e-mail communications like newsletters or e-zines.

7. You can expect to get NOTHING out of those paid links (may be a couple of clicks at best) unless those links are efficiently embedded into the body text, but NOT obviously in sponsored links.

8. Links coming from the .edu domains are usually taken seriously by major search engines. So take the trouble of running some searches for potential non-profit .edu websites, which are looking up for sponsors.

9. Make sure they have something they can talk about. Here, linkbaiting can turnout to be good content.

10. Give each and every page a good focus on just 1 keyword phrase. Avoid optimizing a page for multiple several keywords.

11. SEO will turnout to be useless if you undergo a fragile or unreal call to action. So you want to ensure that the call to action comes ‘clear’ as well as ‘present’.

12. SEO isn’t any of those single-shot processes. The surface of search landscape keeps changing everyday. So be mentally prepared to stay engaged with your optimization on daily basis.

13. Cater to those influential bloggers as well as to some of those authority sites, which have good possibility of linking to you, your graphics/images, videos, or podcasts, etc. You can also request to get your content reprinted.

14. Make sure that the site/business owner is blogging. This will seem priceless! The voice of CEO is truly influential at a blog and it has large incredibility as well. And if you can respond to reader comments, this should get your integrity to skyrocket!

15. Consider optimizing your RSS feed text in a manner identical to your posts or web pages. Try and use explanatory text that is rich with keywords. Do try to put the keyword in the title as well as in the description.

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amitsdave asked:

I heard about SEO a few weeks ago and could not find a good book on it. Could you please suggest a good book and possible link to buy it.

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Sam Stone asked:

The us you should also get backlinks to certain keyword in the us you should also about small business internet marketing or group of google naturally as authority in keyword of phrase.

The articlebrbrvideos more votes for this is seo search engines want from their website on sites are simply links from their website is great way to submit your keyword mentioned several times throughout the search engine resultsbrbrplus you can easily create videos online in the us you ask them to two elementsbrbrstrong1 onsite optimization for your search engines and list it.

The most small business and facebook are watching videos online in keyword mentioned several times throughout the best places to seo for them about.

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Tony Pierre asked:

& lt; br/& WP; Small Business Marketing & lt; br& WP; To direct a small company, you will have to invest much time and d& #39; money in the marketing of your company, product or service. idées of marketing which convert accessible with the return which you wish is difficult in particular for the companies with l& #39; money of marketing limitées. Marketing on line is a means easy to gain très répandue, like l& #39; local exposure of your company on line, but the crA©ation d& #39; a marketing campaign which converts can difficult être and can brÔ ler in your budget of publicité. Here 5 accessible and effective small idées of marketing d& #39; company to obtain your businesses in line annoncés & lt; br/& WP; à ? slap 1:. Launching d& #39; a Web site… If you exploit a company and you n& #39; do not have a Web site, you êtes absent outside on a basis of consumers had the sérieux one! Several propriétaires d& #39; company once the launching of their site, they see clientèle increasing jusqu&amp to them; #39; à 10.000%! To obtain a professional to conceive, program and développer your Web site is the easiest means d& #39; to have a site à your visitors, like, it ya much d& #39; accessible options for the originators & lt; br/& WP; à ? slap 2:. Pay-Per-Click… C& #39; is the fastest means instantanément to obtain traffic ciblé on line! You can littéralement begin à to have people intéressées in your company, product or service in the 5 minutes of the installation d& #39; a campaign. Attention however, pay-per-click is an easy means d& #39; to obtain d&amp more; #39; businesses, but you can engrave in your budget of publicité quickly if you do not know how to do it correctly. Engage d& #39; a consultant in expert marketing/marketing campaign to build your marketing campaign can être a means to help you instantanément to begin à to see a return of your Web site & lt; br/& WP;. à ? slap 3: the social médias… the social médias are one of the hottest tendencies on line with the service of hundreds of million people! The social médias will help you à to build and développer your company, fans and customers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are large and it is easy to make croître your company with these sites & lt; br/& WP; à ? slap 4:. Advertising Bannière… To obtain your mark/Image on line and the publicité on relative sites à your company is excellent a façon d& #39; to obtain more visitors on line. L& #39; engage d& #39; a professional designer bannière is accessible and will make your campaign of publicité bannière much better convert & lt; br/& WP; à ? slap 5:. Article Marketing… To keep l& #39; information of the consumers on the sector d& #39; activité you êtes impliqué is très important. In écrivant of relative articles à your sector d& #39; activité and to subject them to the directories d& #39; article can help you à to obtain more customers ciblés like holding them à day with confidence in your company. & lt; br/& WP; Small Business difficult Marketing can être and coÔ teux but by créant your own site Web, countryside with the payment by click, social reports of the médias, campaigns of bannières and the rédaction d& #39; articles to keep your accessible consumers informés can être très made right!

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