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& lt; br/& WP; What could éventuellement Seinfeld have à to see with marketing d& #39; a small company? Like it s& #39; avère, all the propriétaires of small companies can take some leçons série which has us apporté these expressions popular like & quot; Man Hands& quot; and & quot; maître of your domaine& quot; & lt; br/& WP; The café -. Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine and passé d& #39; innumerable hours in the café, speech of  “rien”. You should pass from time là – low also, but instead of speaking à your parents or your date of the night dernière, to réunir itself with d& #39; others propriétaires of small companies and speaking about your respective company and their activités on the marché. Much d& #39; between you take part déjà à clubs d& #39; businesses buildings and organizations, but comments and the idées partagées which are générés in a company abstract discussion around d& #39; a café are often précieuses. My & quot; group café& quot; of 3 propriétaires of small companies of différentes industries is composed. Between us, we have idées of marketing for from/to each other or in my case, of new thèmes for the articles of small companies. You can easily collect a little propriétaires of small companies like for this type of réunion. Right être sÔ R qu& #39; they are not competitor & lt; br/& WP; The Relationship Shorts-Term -! It seems that every Thursday, Jerry left another woman. In fact, apart from rare Elaine it était qu& #39; it goes back d&amp to it; #39; a woman, for any length of time. Heard Jerry that sometimes, you do not want être lié à a relation à long run. The même règle s& #39; applies à your small activités of marketing of the companies. Too many small companies à to draw for the publicité from relations à long run in s& #39; engaging à some quantité of publicité in échange d& #39; a reduction. Those which sell publicité to try it to convince the propriétaires d& #39; companies which you évaluer cannot a form particulière of publicité fondée on the Juste small a période d& #39; échantillonnage, and thus a longer contract is nécessaire. This n& #39; is quite simply not true. In the world of the small companies, the advertisements must at least pay for them-mêmes before d& #39; to accept d& #39; enquêter on all l& #39; engagement of publicité à long run. You n& #39; êtes not the construction of the méga conglomérat next (not yet, of all façon), of l& #39; money advertisements of façon à not to produce a positive return on investment is gaspillé of l& #39; money. Heard Jerry that if the première left the relation n& #39; était not perfect, the remainder is lié à to go down. To apply this règle à your marketing and purchases of publicité and to maximize you l& #39; efficacité of your publicité. If that functions on a d&amp basis; #39; échantillon, to consider a plan à long run. If that does not function in the short term, to give them the & quot; this n& #39; is not you, c& #39; is moi& quot; of routine and to pass & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; effect Superman -. Did you know that Superman apparaît or is mentionné in all Seinfeld épisode? It is true, mainly because Jerry gardé a figurine of Superman in its apartment which emerged in l& #39; arrière-plan à many recoveries during each épisode. For the marketeurs of small companies, Superman Jerry& #39; S corresponds à your cÅ ? ur of métier. With the possibilités of marketing so much à considérer, it is easy to lose sight of the fact your activité principal in the continuation of new sources of revenue. Unfortunately, that often can mène à l& #39; collapse of your company. Take a page of the book of Jerry, and take care à to keep your cÅ ? ur of métier (your & quot; Superman& quot;), part of all that you made, même if this n& #39; is that in l& #39; arrière-plan. All the occasions and all the stratégies of possible marketing that you will considérez must refer à your basic commodity offer of service/d& #39; to ensure the continuité of your company. You do not let distract to become it that you end up driving out the possibilités marketing which harm à your strong points. When l& #39; évaluation d& #39; a news opportunité d& #39; businesses, you pose & quot; How this new countryside or d& #39; impact on my idée d& #39; company cÅ ? ur of métier? & quot; before beginning a company of marketing. & lt; br/& WP; The next time that you look at a resumption of the série, ensure you to compare to the councils cachés small companies in each épisode. You will find can-être that this n& #39; était not a spectacle à matter of nothing, après all.

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