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& lt; br/& WP; What could éventuellement Seinfeld have à to see with marketing d& #39; a small company? Like it s& #39; avère, all the propriétaires of small companies can take some leçons série which has us apporté these expressions popular like & quot; Man Hands& quot; and & quot; maître of your domaine& quot; & lt; br/& WP; The café -. Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine and passé d& #39; innumerable hours in the café, speech of  “rien”. You should pass from time là – low also, but instead of speaking à your parents or your date of the night dernière, to réunir itself with d& #39; others propriétaires of small companies and speaking about your respective company and their activités on the marché. Much d& #39; between you take part déjà à clubs d& #39; businesses buildings and organizations, but comments and the idées partagées which are générés in a company abstract discussion around d& #39; a café are often précieuses. My & quot; group café& quot; of 3 propriétaires of small companies of différentes industries is composed. Between us, we have idées of marketing for from/to each other or in my case, of new thèmes for the articles of small companies. You can easily collect a little propriétaires of small companies like for this type of réunion. Right être sÔ R qu& #39; they are not competitor & lt; br/& WP; The Relationship Shorts-Term -! It seems that every Thursday, Jerry left another woman. In fact, apart from rare Elaine it était qu& #39; it goes back d&amp to it; #39; a woman, for any length of time. Heard Jerry that sometimes, you do not want être lié à a relation à long run. The même règle s& #39; applies à your small activités of marketing of the companies. Too many small companies à to draw for the publicité from relations à long run in s& #39; engaging à some quantité of publicité in échange d& #39; a reduction. Those which sell publicité to try it to convince the propriétaires d& #39; companies which you évaluer cannot a form particulière of publicité fondée on the Juste small a période d& #39; échantillonnage, and thus a longer contract is nécessaire. This n& #39; is quite simply not true. In the world of the small companies, the advertisements must at least pay for them-mêmes before d& #39; to accept d& #39; enquêter on all l& #39; engagement of publicité à long run. You n& #39; êtes not the construction of the méga conglomérat next (not yet, of all façon), of l& #39; money advertisements of façon à not to produce a positive return on investment is gaspillé of l& #39; money. Heard Jerry that if the première left the relation n& #39; était not perfect, the remainder is lié à to go down. To apply this règle à your marketing and purchases of publicité and to maximize you l& #39; efficacité of your publicité. If that functions on a d&amp basis; #39; échantillon, to consider a plan à long run. If that does not function in the short term, to give them the & quot; this n& #39; is not you, c& #39; is moi& quot; of routine and to pass & lt; br/& WP; L& #39; effect Superman -. Did you know that Superman apparaît or is mentionné in all Seinfeld épisode? It is true, mainly because Jerry gardé a figurine of Superman in its apartment which emerged in l& #39; arrière-plan à many recoveries during each épisode. For the marketeurs of small companies, Superman Jerry& #39; S corresponds à your cÅ ? ur of métier. With the possibilités of marketing so much à considérer, it is easy to lose sight of the fact your activité principal in the continuation of new sources of revenue. Unfortunately, that often can mène à l& #39; collapse of your company. Take a page of the book of Jerry, and take care à to keep your cÅ ? ur of métier (your & quot; Superman& quot;), part of all that you made, même if this n& #39; is that in l& #39; arrière-plan. All the occasions and all the stratégies of possible marketing that you will considérez must refer à your basic commodity offer of service/d& #39; to ensure the continuité of your company. You do not let distract to become it that you end up driving out the possibilités marketing which harm à your strong points. When l& #39; évaluation d& #39; a news opportunité d& #39; businesses, you pose & quot; How this new countryside or d& #39; impact on my idée d& #39; company cÅ ? ur of métier? & quot; before beginning a company of marketing. & lt; br/& WP; The next time that you look at a resumption of the série, ensure you to compare to the councils cachés small companies in each épisode. You will find can-être that this n& #39; était not a spectacle à matter of nothing, après all.

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Lianne Wilkinson asked:

Those new to the world of search engine optimisation could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about links. There are many SEO companies and link suppliers that base their whole business model on buying and selling links to influence rankings, so believing that links are the most important thing with regards to your website’s rankings is easily done.

While links were once the be all and end all, times have changed. Google is now placing more emphasis on the actual content of the website, rather than focusing everything on the number of websites linking to it, when it structures its rankings. This means that what you have on your website, the web copy itself, is more important than ever before.

Before you start thinking that simply selecting a few keywords and cramming them into your website’s pages as many times as you can is the way to go, you need to instead consider the way the website’s pages actually read. There is no such thing as a magic keyword density for SEO and adding hundreds of keywords to a page, regardless of how they form a sentence, does not work for any period of time and can result in your site being penalised. Google has become more sophisticated than ever and the meaning behind the copy is taken into consideration, including the different words used and the semantic mark-up.

The secret to SEO copywriting for the web isn’t about how many keywords you insert into a page while attempting to maintain a degree of readability; it’s about the page’s worth to the user, how the sentences are crafted and even about how the code on the page is formatted around the content (for example, which words are bolded, italicised or linked to other pages).

Another important aspect of SEO copywriting is about how many keywords, or key phrases, you can optimise a page for. The truth is that you can actually optimise a page for a great number of keywords, but should you? As with anything in life, from the plot of a film to the nature of a business, the more you diversify something, the less focused it becomes – and SEO copywriting is no different. If you have a number of important products or services within your business, then you should have at least one page of your website optimised for each of them. This would include important elements such as the Title tag of the page, the H1 tag on the page and the anchor text of links pointing to that page.

Yes, you can insert more keywords, but for every keyword you add you’re reducing the relevance of the first keyword – it’s simple mathematics.

The most important secret of SEO copywriting, and this is often missed by most professional search engine optimisation companies, is to be natural with your web copy. There’s nothing worse than content on a website that reads poorly, or has been written in a clunky, stunted way in a bid to force in keywords that would otherwise not fit in regular sentences.

Google is looking for natural sounding copy, your customers are looking for natural sounding copy, so why offer keyword stuffed web copy?

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Tuku Fahim asked:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a unique name in the online business world. There is no alternative way without it to make a business successful within a short time. A small business company can make a larger profit just with the help of S.E.O. If you are new in this line and have a website, it may be an ideal method for getting more traffic to your website. So, if you just maintain some tips, you can make your website optimized and rank highly in search engines.

You have to be careful about what content should go in your website. It plays an important role for small business (SEO). Not only is that, the readers also very curious to know the content of your website. The good keywords are very important for that. There are so many keyword phrases but all of them are not suitable to use. You have to select such kind of key word phrases which have good inner meaning as well as appealing power to attract the clients.

As you are new and your business is small, you have to compete with others in the business world to make profit from there. So, to get profit, you have to find out such a trick or strategy which will help to reach your target market and give you the chance to survive in the competitive world. Search Engine Optimization is a perfect method for this purpose. Thousand of websites exist online. It is very difficult to build a reputation here. So, if you optimize your website properly with the help of SEO, you can get order for your product from different parts of the world. Now-a-days, people generally depend on internet for their needs. SEO helps to keep your website on top of search engine result. It also makes the visitors as buying customers because customers get a clear idea of product what they search for.

You will be astonished to know that SEO works as spiders. Every time it searches your website and finds if the newer contents are available or not. So, you should update the contents for your website so that the search engine can consider ranking you on top. Actually, online marketers have to face a hard competition because it is a larger market. You can only promote your business and get more traffic using Search Engine Optimization.

So, it can be said that a specific set of key words is very necessary by which the traffic can find your website via search engine and know all about the information you want to give the client. It requires a minimum cost but profit is unbelievable no doubt.

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Raman asked:

please describe me how we can perform a/b test in seo for the websites , and what we have to for this test plz reply ASAP

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Andre Bell asked:

Finding high-paying SEO and web marketing clients should be easy. After all, SEO experts everywhere are supposedly swamped with business. So why aren’t you? The truth is, many SEO experts actively seek new business. While they put on great airs about attracting business the reality is they either personally prospect for new clients, hire telemarketers, or use inside or outside sales reps to prospect for them. This isn’t to suggest their skills are lacking. The problem is the huge amount of competition. Just go to Google and type in “SEO” and you will uncover about 251,000,000 competing indexed pages. If an SEO expert were to just sit back waiting for business they’d starve to death. Established SEO experts have huge marketing budgets to work with. Tens of thousands of dollars to market their services. Just go to Google’s traffic estimator and check on the words ‘Search engine optimization’. Right now the estimated average cost per click is $6.38 to $8.73, per click, with an estimated 215 to 271 clicks per day. Do the math. Even on the low side that’s $1371.70 per day, $ 41,151.00 per month you’d have to pay just to compete.

And there’s no guarantee those who click will hire you. You could end up just throwing money away. Obviously, all but well established SEO experts and deep-pocket corporations can compete in that arena. If you want to sell your online skills to other businesses I recommend a different approach. Go offline. I don’t mean just go out and randomly pound the pavement as some ‘gurus’ would have us believe. I mean do some research of local businesses in your own community, then go out selling your services. Why offline? Because there is more money flowing in most USA cities than in many entire countries. And because most local competing companies have decided either consciously or subconsciously decided to completely overlook local SEO marketing. Ever since the world wide web came into existence, people have had the crazy notion they can sell to anyone anywhere and at any time. The dotcom crash proved that’s untrue.

Still though, in every community companies continue to ‘pooh pooh’ local markets. They are overlooking easy opportunities. But that usually means their competitors are overlooking those opportunities too. That’ spells opportunity for you. Selling local SEO and web marketing services to these businesses is easier than chasing national companies and way cheaper than trying to compete in the pay-per-click arena. In most cases, there’s little to no expense to market your services locally. You simply need a track record that you can do what you claim, and you need potential clients to speak with. I’m assuming since you are reading this article you already have the necessary web marketing and SEO skills to do as you promise. So lets address how to get clients. First thing I’d suggest is grab as many web address of local businesses as you can get your hands on. Visit the local Chamber of Commerce web site, grab local newspapers, and take out the big fat Yellow Pages directory that is in some corner collecting dust. Thumb through each of these to find web addresses of local businesses. Collect as many as you can.

Next go to their website and look for the keywords they are using in their meta tags. This will tell you one of two things. The first is, you will learn what words and phrases are important to the business. Or else what words and phrases their IT guy or gal thought were important to paste into the meta tags. Next go to Google. Type in the url, name of your city, and one keyword or phrase from the site. This will show you how well the company is ranked for this keyword in their local market. Yes, I bet you already knew that. But just in case I figured I’d better mention it. Next, do the same thing with each keyword in their meta tags. You are looking for words that are good match for what they do but poorly ranked locally. Those are your ‘golden’ opportunities for selling your SEO services. Obviously though, if the site is ranked will in the local market you’d want to toss this record and move to checking for opportunities with a different company. Of course this process will take some time. Especially if you have hundreds of businesses in your local community, as most do. This won’t take just a few hours, it would take weeks to process by hand.

The good thing though is it won’t cost any direct out of pocket money. Then again, if you believe time is money, then checking a bunch of sites by hand is a poor choice. Automate the process. Use software to do the searching and ranking for you. Or outsource to one of the very cheap freelance-type sites where people will do the most painfully redundant work (like checking and ranking meta tags) for low wages. Either way, whether you choose to do the work yourself by hand, outsource, or use software you’ll be able to get local clients without the hassles of spending tens of thousands of dollars each month just to compete with other SEO experts who claim they are sitting back just watching money roll in.

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Jason Nyback asked:

To be successful on your search engine optimization (SEO) endeavour, better visibility on search engine result page, better known as SERP, is needed. This gives you not just valuable exposure but also helps you build a good reputation in the internet realm, thus earning the trust of online users.

The key to SERP domination is the rank of the site or the material you are circulating in order to promote your site. The higher the rank you land upon, the greater popularity you get.

So, here are the tips that you might actually find useful in dominating the SERPs of high-profile search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Bing:

Like any domination scheme, you must first plan the course of action in your SEO campaign. List down your marketing goal and objectives as well as the strategic plan of your campaign so in case that you get lost along the way, reviewing your plan will take you right back on track. Knowing your market is also important as it is where you will base your marketing campaign and branding. A quick background and fair knowledge of your market niche’s preferences allows you to come up with marketing materials that will instantly get their attention. People use the search engine to look for answers to their queries; thus, producing informative content gives you an edge among other competitors. Quench their thirst for information by providing materials that they will find useful. Apart from being informative, you must also maintain the high quality of your write-up so it won’t affect the image of the company as well as the business negatively. Make sure that your articles are all original, creatively written, and well-articulated without any grammatical errors to make it appear professional. To initially stir the people’s interest, have a catchy title and lead paragraph by coming up with witty lines and apt wordplay to tickle their curiosity. But remember to keep its relevance to the content and your topic in general. Working on your field of expertise enables you to share more, thus letting you create informative materials to be circulated throughout the web. With this, you don’t have to deal with duplicated contents and lack of topics to be discussed as you can come up with new angles for your field. Attaching back links on your materials allows you to generate more site traffic. When people find your content interesting and want to learn more about your campaign, they can directly explore your main site by clicking the link. Include keywords on your content as such are what search engines index to categorize your content. Maintain the ideal keyword density of 2 to 5% to avoid reducing the quality of the material. And lastly, establish a good rapport with other site owners which will let you syndicate contents and links with each other.

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Brody Dorland asked:

The seo website onpage optimization research needs to and should include the days go by more people are perhaps.

The target audience is an seo website design for small businesses that are perhaps only in website thats easily navigable and more visibility more.

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When used as a small business marketing technique, blogging adds a fantastic amount of value. Not only is it good for your website, good for your customers, it is also good for your profits. Let’s look at why it is essential that a blog plays a part in marketing your small business.

What is a blog?

A blog could be described as a collection of web pages containing short articles (known as posts). Some may compare it to a regular column in a periodical. Just as the column has regular readers who seek out the next addition from a journalist, the blog has readership.

Why blog?

There are a number of reasons that maintaining a blog will reward you and your site. Let’s explore these:

Search engine crawling. Search engines such as Google delight in discovering new pages and content. By regularly adding new content, you will encourage the search engines to crawl your site more regularly. You will also add kudos for being current and up to date. Your blog should be on your website and not on one of the sites that provides space for blogging such as Blogger or WordPress.com to benefit from Google’s preferences. Keyword optimization. Optimization of the blog posts can enable your site to appear on Google’s first page of results, if you are diligent. Good content will earn readership. By delivering engaging, informative and educational material, people will visit your site to check whether you have any new posts. An opportunity for familiarity. As SEOMOZ’s Rand Fisher states ‘Blogs build familiarity and positive branding’. The bottom line is, people need to feel as though they know you and trust you to do business with you. The internet can present some incredible challenges to businesses in this area, due to its very nature. A blog is an opportunity to connect with people so that not only can they get to know you, they can begin to like you and trust you. Small businesses have an advantage over corporations. Blogs provide an opportunity to humanize a business. The proprietor can really open up and even mention the author’sfavorite lunch. By making such triviality public, small businesses marketing can gain ground on big business. Blogs are great for networking. By spending time on other blogs in your business niche, you can build links and traffic. By making friendly, supportive, and useful comments on other blogs, you can invest in your place in the community. You will be rewarded with return visitors from the blog owners and other passing traffic. Help your readers to develop your business. Ask your customers and readers their opinion on certain topics that you can apply to your business. For example, what is their favorite flavor, their favorite product, or even what issues have they found with a particular product? Cement your position as an expert. Blogs provide the stage for you to shine as an expert. Share your knowledge and expertise so that people can witness and discover that you really do ‘know your stuff’.

Blogging will take time and effort. But if you are looking for a small business marketing strategy that will get you in front of your customers and provide you with myriad benefits, then invest in blogging. I’ll see you out there in the community!

By: Paul CB Carter

About the Author:

Paul Carter is an experienced online marketing consultant. He has helped many businesses to build a social media marketing strategy through his online marketing consultancy business.

If you would like to know more about his online marketing service you can contact him at his site. He also provides marketing ideas, tips and white papers on his blog – go there now to see what he’s got on offer today.

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Elaine Love asked:

Marketing budget, income potential, market area and knowledge all play a significant role in the choice of a marketing method. Marketing budget decisions present a major stumbling block for many new home based business and small business owners, or even “want to be” owners. When I started my first business in 1981 (yes I know that dates my age), the options for free marketing were limited to friends and family, free newspaper ads, bulletin boards, roadside signs and flyers. Oh and there was also the delightful option of cold calls. These methods worked. They were time consuming, frustrating because of the high percentage of rejection, and limited to the geographical area near your home.

Today there are so many social networking sites which reach a world wide area. Once again these are free or extremely low cost. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, and Linked-In are a few of the more popular. There seems to be a new one popping up every day. Not only can you connect with numerous people as individuals, but there are a plethora of groups of every imaginable type available as well. Video is currently taking the Web 2.0, social networking, by storm. Videos can be uploaded on You-tube for free and displayed on site or on your web pages or even embedded in your emails.

The next step up is print media: newspaper classified, newspaper display ads, magazine classified, magazine display ads, and postcards are the most popular. There are also printed calendars, printed note pads, pens and various other items printed with the business contact information, and even brochures. Business letters are not as frequent but they also appear. The trick to letters, brochures and anything else which arrives in an envelope is getting the envelope opened instead of taking a dive bomb straight for the waste basket. I have seen colored paper, “urgent” stamps, promo checks peering through the window in the envelope, and even actual money enclosed to get people to open the envelope. If the envelope remains sealed, your marketing dollars just crashed and burned.

The internet is all the rage now. Google is the 800 pound gorilla. They rule the jungle and consume the lion share of the market. Yahoo, Bing, MSN and other smaller search engines are tripping on the brush in the jungle attempting to stay on their feet or ideally gain a few steps on Google. This is Google’s eleventh anniversary; notice today they spelled Google as Googlle in honor of the eleventh anniversary. Pay per click presents a more intense learning curve and higher cost for the total marketing budget. The critical factor in pay per click is selecting the targeted keywords and embedding them properly in a compelling ad. When they click on the ad, it must take them to a web page with the specific information promised in the ad. Relevance is key.

The next element in pay per click marketing is designing a web page with enough information to present value and just enough intrigue to entice them to fill out their contact information. Web page design discussions involve chapters, not a single article. No matter which form of marketing you select, the goal is to capture the contact information. Sooner or later you will arrive at the web page design decision.

Happy marketing. It is exciting, ever changing and a fabulous growth opportunity.

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Dave Krygier asked:

Are you involved in a small business that revolves around local or regional traffic to save the sound of the cash register? If this is the case and you haven 't fully optimize their business to local researchers, then this article may get you moving in the right direction. Years and years ago on the web wild, wild, all we had as small business owners to drive new traffic were the Yellow Pages physical, offline media and search engines as early Alta Vista, Webcrawler , excited and Yahoo. Companies hadn 'Yellow Pages; t imagine that would be great to fix their online directories. From the time that we started it three or so years until finally I imagine and carry out online listings online world. Even then they didn 't make it easy for us and overcharged, thinking that this model would be a new revenue stream and would come all retailers and service companies operating, beating a path to their door. Today the 's online environment is much more conducive to attracting local researchers to its Web site, to phones and the front door. Small business owners need every advantage when it comes to bringing in new business. The local search marketing not only enhance their existing marketing, but allows consumers to laser target you may never have been achieved before. To maximize and optimize your small business for local search, consider these four tips: 1. Optimize your website and email for mobile applications. Since most people have today with wireless web enabled browsers, you need to be accessible and visible when the researcher comes with its market.2. Make it as easy and simple as possible for your prospects to find you. The directory includes multiple listings on multiple, more search terms and keywords that pertains to your business. Go for the free listings first and then add a paid listings once you've determined that the site is sending traffic.3. Use the phone and email it across the landing and contact with pages. Some people prefer email to phone and others like me, smile and be marked if we make a purchase hot straightening now.4. Buy Domain Name short redirecting the researcher to the pages of the Home Page or landing. Domain names are relatively cheap and can be had for around $ 10 per year. This is one of the best ways to try and follow their listings to see which produce the most traffic. Using the local search is not that complicated. Take the time to plan and then execute the plan within 30 days and you 'following, ll be on the way to bring new eyeballs and visitors to your website and front door.

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