Aaron N Foster asked:

Marketing plays a fundamental role in measuring the health of your small business. Without it, you’ll struggle. But with an effective plan, you can turn ordinary ideas into creative marketing ideas to promote success for your business. There are so many ways to market your business, so I thought I’d share just a handful with you that have helped me succeed. Marketing ideas for small business: Below mentioned are the most effective small business marketing ideas to promote your business on the web.

1. Build A Brand. People want to be able to see that you’re building the best brand in your industry. Always speak positively about yourself and your business. Produce great work and leverage the feedback of others to improve your business. Make sure your personal brand is as good as your business brand.

2. Build a Facebook Fan Page. You’re connected to hundreds and potentially thousands of people! Leverage those relationships because your friends are always willing to support you with anything that you do. Build a Facebook Fan Page that promotes your business and presents another avenue for your customers to see your business.

3. Grow Your Facebook Fan Page. Building a Facebook Fan Page is different from growing one. You will need a great looking landing page that shows you want fans to join your community.

4. Make Your Mark on Twitter. Create one. You’ll start promoting your business even more. This one should be easy because it requires very little prep. With it, you can be connected to thousands of people and businesses.

5. Make a LinkedIn Page. Make one for you and your business. There are hundreds of thousands of professionals utilizing this professional website. Try it out.

6. Engagement Marketing. Engage your customers! The last thing people want to hear about is YOU talking about YOURSELF. Ask your fans questions. Get them to write you feedback.

7. Giveaways. Everyone likes something for free. Give your customers something for becoming a fan or being engaged on your fan page wall. I would suggest a small weekly giveaway to keep everyone excited to visit your page every day.

8. Website. Make a clean looking website. Make sure your website looks as good as your products and/or services. Imagine if you are a customer who is viewing your website for the first time. First impressions are huge, so the better you do with them, the better off you will be in retaining your customers.

9. Create an Affiliate Program. Do you know people that simply love your products or services? Do they love them enough to have the urge to refer them to other people? Well, reward them for doing that. It’s simple to create an affiliate program and reward someone for helping you out.

10. Send Out a Newsletter. Create a newsletter and send one out to your email list every week. They will love to read them as long as you keep them interesting and upbeat. Become a master of the industry you’re in, and you’ll go further in growing your business.

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K. Elliot asked:

Marketing is important to see that the products meet the needs of the public so you can benefit from making money. Use the following small business marketing ideas in this article to help meet the needs of their customers and grow your business. There are different aspects of marketing that are described below:
The first step to involve in its ideas small business marketing Market Research. This lets you know if someone is willing to pay for products or services you offer. This step will save you time, money and help identify what people need and how to reach them. With the proper research, you know what type of customers to sell, how big is the market, your target market areas, and the strength of its competitors. If the market is about selling products, it is necessary to know the distribution channel for use. Products sold must be in the hands of his client and must find the means of distribution. Some means of the distributions are made through brick and motar retail, mail, wholesale retailers, through logistics companies through sales agents, etc. Its small marketing ideas should include this step. If you're in a market that is competitive, prices should be an important part of marketing plans. If I had made an inquiry as stated, you should have an idea of ??what the price of your items will be. Compare products and prices competitive. They have a great reason for the price of their products higher or lower than their competitors. High prices drive without extra service to customers and low prices without a good reason to give people the impression that their products are of lower quality. Advertising and promotion to offer customers. This involves direct and indirect advertising. Direct mail is when you are asking people to buy your product or service. And product placement is that most people build their brands. Things like company logo, business cards, posters, are all forms of indirect advertising. Treating your customers right present can also give you the word free word of mouth by referring them to others.

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If you want to improve your small business marketing, there’s just no way you can ignore social media any longer. And if you’re not sure how to get started integrating social media into your small business marketing plan, I suggest heading over to Facebook.

Small Business Marketing with Facebook SearchFacebook (FB) is so much more than a “chat session” as one of my clients recently described it. Facebook marketing has become an excellent tool for getting your content in front of millions of web surfers and for driving traffic to your website.

In fact, according to comScore’s recent data, there were 621 million Facebook search queries preformed in June 2010. That’s a 63% increase from the number of FB search queries performed in January 2010, and it’s almost half the searches performed on Bing. Facebook users are actively searching for specific content and information; why not make sure your content is presented?

There are more than a half billion registered FB users around the world, which presents an obvious opportunity for spreading your small business marketing message. And, with just a little bit of effort, the information you present on Facebook can actually appear on the “real” search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ready to add this marvelous (and growing) tool to your small business marketing arsenal? Here are a few tips for optimizing your Facebook efforts for the best possible search results:

When creating a Facebook fan page or business page, put some serious thought into your page name and URL. Remember all that keyword research you did for your website? Well now is the time to pull out that file folder and review the words that are relevant to your target audience and your service offerings. You’ll want to incorporate these keywords into your About Me box and the Overview section of your page.

By utilizing the relatively new Facebook Markup Language (also known as FBML) you’ll be able to add your own images, graphics, and text that also make use of your targeted keywords. (Not familiar with FBML? This might be a job you want to pass on to your web master.)

Keep your list of targeted keywords handy. You’ll want to refer to these every time you add photos, create a discussion topic, even write status updates. And when linking to your FB updates from off-site pages, you’ll want to incorporate these keywords into your anchor text.

Be sure to review the new Facebook Questions feature. Here’s another chance to rank well in FB search for your chosen keywords, as well as present yourself as an expert (which, after all, should be part of your small business marketing plan). Popular questions are ranked more highly, so put some thought into the questions you create; make them alluring and engaging. And remember, there’s no rule against answering your own question; just be sure to use your keywords.

Want to get your “regular” website listed in the FB search results? Make sure you’re listed well in Bing since the Bing search engine powers Facebook search. Don’t forget to add the Facebook LIKE button to your website; early indications show that this technique does affect your Facebook search results.

And remember, it’s OK to link to your Facebook page from external sites. Be sure to use relevant anchor text, and give off-site users a reason to take the extra step of visiting Facebook to see what you have to offer. Keep in mind, for many web surfers, having to log into FB with a username and password may be a drudgery that just isn’t worth it at the moment, so be sure your linking efforts are extremely enticing.

Optimizing your Facebook efforts for better search performance is very similar to optimizing your website for better search engine rankings. It takes a little time, a little know-how, and a little work, but in the long run your efforts will surely pay off.
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Ezio Tuveri asked:

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. What does SEO mean? It is how to prepare your page in a way that the search engines love it. At first this might seams very difficult, as search engines use many factors in ranking sites. These are called algorithms, and can change from time to time. If you try to guess these algorithms you might be there a very long time, but if you follow some simple principles as discussed here you will take a different and better approach to SEO.

Think about what the search engines want:

Unique content.

Your page must be unique not copied from someone else; if you copy, the search engines will know about it. You can check the content of your page by going to copyscape.com. They offer a very good service, with them you can check the content of your page against millions of other webpage, and if you find that you got duplicate content, change it. Uniqueness is very important for the search engines, because they want to give a good service to there customers, they don’t want to send them here and there to the same recycled information.

On page optimization.

Your page must comply with the HTML standards of the w3.org. No html error or warnings if possible. No spelling mistakes. Once you got original content and the html mark up is ok, make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Keywords or key phrases.Optimize the content for a specific keyword or key phrase; if you are talking about SEO make sure that the word SEO appears in the title in the description and a few times in the body of your page. Some people give percentages of keywords for the content of your page, just use your judgement, make it interesting to read pretend that you are speaking to a friend, and explain clearly and easy what your want to say, don’t stuff your page with the keyword, this could work against you.

When you are satisfied with the content of your page, you need to tell the world about it, and there are many way of doing that. You can submit the page in form of an article to the article directories. Submit your website to the search engines. Add a link at the end of your emails. It is and easy way to get some more traffic. Add bookmark facility to your web page. A Tell a Friend form. Add an RSS feed to your website or blog. An easy way of doing this by using a free blog software like WordPress, which has a rss feature. Submit your website to related directories.
Exchange links with other websites. Purchase the misspellings or variations of your domain.
Buy an expired domain name related to your site that is already getting traffic and transfer it to your site. Give away business cards with your domain printed on them.Start and affiliate program for your products.

Start a social book marking page in Digg, Delicious etch…Publish your own newsletter. Use an auto responder or email campaign. Purchase links from other sites. Exchange reciprocal links with related websites. Network with other people at seminars or other live events.
Purchase advertising in popular newsletters or ezines. Create an ebook and give it away for free.
Use easy to remember domain names. Submit reviews for books and other products at Amazon.
Get referrals non-competing sites that relate to your page. Create products with resell rights and put a link there. Email your list if you have one.

If you do several of these techniques and strategies, the SEO of your page will improve enormously

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Carly Marx asked:

For the best type of sales by certain percentage or may wonder what the best type of people to write business your web site without increasing your business plan is written and just as well and just as an example you should do the bulk of your front door or combination of sales.

For your business plan you start business plan will have these questions that you do the needs and most obvious goal of questions that you.

The needs and shop once they get more people to determine how well and shop once they get therebrbrwhen you decide the bulk of the best.

An example you would like to accomplishbrbrwhether you start business your business you decide whether it is to have to increase your business that next step in the new business marketing campaign and implemented the new business marketing before you do the number.

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Will Huggins asked:

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vexing subject at the best of times, but none more so than when you have to decide what budget to allocate to it. To start with, quantifying the return on investment of SEO is, at best, a calculated guess. Then the finance director asks what the payback period is. All of this builds up to the question that every online marketing manager dreads; “how do we know we are getting value for money from our SEO budget?”

With SEO, as with any business decision, it helps to start with the basics. By being methodical about SEO strategy, it is easier to navigate and increase the chance of making cheaper SEO decisions.

The first step is to define the objective. This sounds obvious, but many SEO managers skip straight to the keyword research without first articulating the business need. Higher search engine ranking is only a means to an end. It is important to first define the end goal. For example, a media website may want to increase traffic to increase the value of the media. An ecommerce website will be interested in increasing conversions or setting a revenue target. Once the objective is clear, it is much easier to make keyword decisions that can achieve the stated goal.

Step two is to understand what search terms (keywords) are most likely to deliver the targeted objective. It is easy to miss the opportunity to make cheaper SEO decisions at this point of the process. For example, picking just high volume keywords may not be a cheap SEO decision, if the competition for those search terms is very high, or the search term is so generic that it is not going to drive good quality, targeted traffic. Spending time evaluating an extensive keyword list and assessing search volume, competition and growth trends is essential in making the best SEO decisions.

The next step in the process is to ensure the target website can be found by the search engines. The best keyword research is useless if search engines aren’t indexing the target web pages. Once again, this is not rocket science (unless you are the SEO manager at NASA). Google webmaster tools is a free resource for webmasters that helps to get a website in the best shape for the search engine spiders to crawl it and index the pages. Don’t forget to write compelling and relevant page titles and meta descriptions to help the search engines do their job.

Third on the journey to making cheaper SEO decisions is content. Without relevant content, the search engines will not rank your pages. The keyword research is the start point for enriching content on the target website. Keeping the content updated is also important so thinking about planning resource for this is useful. Remember that the search engines purpose is to return the most relevant websites for any given search term. To this end, content is king!

Last but by no means least, the search engines need to rank websites not just by relevance but by ‘importance’ or ‘authority’. There are several factors that influence this, including age of the domain (and length of time it is registered into the future), page loading speed etc. However, these can be easily influenced by the webmaster without actually making the website more ‘important’ for a given search term. Search engines have therefore developed a yard stick to measure importance, that is more objective; inbound links. Search engines effectively use links from other websites as ‘votes’ for the destination website. Simplistically, the more websites that link to a site, the more ‘important’ in the eyes of the search engines and in turn, the higher the ranking. When embarking on link building, there are some key things to be mindful of to ensure the best SEO decisions.

To start with, don’t attempt to beat the system with ‘spam’ links in forums etc. These practices are referred to as ‘black hat’ by the search engines and will end up having a negative impact on your rankings. Stick to ‘white hat’ techniques, which are basically to develop links based on the relevance of the content. Websites will link to other websites if the content is good and highly relevant. To speed up this process, it is sensible to identify important websites based on the keyword research and make contact with them. Producing unique contact is very important and many websites will be happy to publish unique articles that link to relevant web pages. Directories are also important. Picking directories that are relevant to the target subject/ keyword is especially useful but there are several general web directories like dmoz which are highly valued by the search engines. Finally, look for sites with high pagerank value (the metric google uses to rank the importance of a web page). Links from websites are not a democracy. A link from a high pagerank web page is much more valuable than a link from a low pagepank page.

By following a methodical and considered process for SEO, it is much easier to make decisions that reduce the cost of search engine optimisation and increase the return on investment.

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