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Hiring an SEO consultant is critical to improve the performance of your website. What is even more critical is the selection of most suitable consultancy offering SEO services. As an inexperienced website owner, you may not consider all the factors that are necessary to evaluate the expertise of such companies. Here are some important questions that you must ask a company offering consultancy SEO services before hiring it.

What is the Guarantee?
A consultancy service with main aim to make profit through SEO services will offer 100% guarantee on great SEO results. However, you must not fall prey to such guaranteed offers, as no company can guarantee page one ranking. The company promising such guarantees is either fraud or has incomplete knowledge about the process of website optimization.

Are There Any Reference Websites?
You must ask for the reference of website the SEO consultancy has earlier worked for. An experienced consultancy should be able to provide you with a number of websites. You must visit the websites and analyze how well they are performing among the search engine results. A company who fails to provide links of reference websites should not be counted among SEO experts.

What Are the Areas of Optimization?
An SEO consultant specialist should mention a number of onsite and offsite optimization areas as answer to this question. For example, website content optimization, keyword and Meta tag optimization and optimization of website titles are some of the main onsite optimization fields.

At the same time, the offsite optimization techniques include content development and article submission, directory submission, link building, press release development and so on. An expert SEO consultancy should be able to explain all these methods that it uses for website optimization.

What Are the Performance Monitoring Tools?
SEO experts make use of a number of performance monitoring tools and metrics to evaluate the progress of website optimization. The SEO consultancy you visit must be able to explain these website analytics tools to you.

What Are Reporting and Communication Tools?
You must learn about the tools and methods that the company follows to report the progress to their clients. An SEO consultant specialist would take interest in reporting regularly to the website owners. For this, the company must also have good communication and customer support tools.Price is another thing that you must discuss with the SEO consultancy in the beginning itself. However, good SEO experts always charge standard industry prices and anyone offering below the standard rates should be avoided. A good idea is to obtain answers for all these questions from different companies and evaluate them to find the best SEO consultancy.

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