SEO basics are actually rather complicated for many people outside of the search engine marketing industry.  Most search engine optimization professionals will either educate their clients on SEO and SEM, or they will simply refrain from using these terms.  However, if you’re trying to increase traffic to your website, you need to understand SEO basics in order to be successful with any type of internet marketing campaign.

SEO basics: Guide for Laymen

Like an investment banker attempting to hoodwink a potential investor, SEO professionals throw industry slang around in order to confuse and misdirect clients.  When you’re trying to improve website traffic and achieve more conversions on your site, you need to understand what SEO is and how to apply it in order to avoid being ripped off. Essentially, there are two types of SEO:

On Page Optimization.  This refers to the actual structure and content found on your site.  Things that will be appealing to consumers are also appealing to the search engines and so on-page optimization should utilize relevant titles and keywords, simple navigation processes and high quality content.

Off Page Optimization.  The relevant keywords and high quality content that you provide on your site should be showcased out in the rest of the “internet world.”  Off-page optimization involves your website’s relationships with other websites and is implemented through search engine marketing techniques such as article marketing, social media, video marketing, blogging, and many other techniques.

When you need to increase traffic to your website, understanding SEO basics is essential not only to get that traffic, but to improve the quality of that traffic.  After all, thousands of visitors per day to your website ultimately means nothing if they don’t convert to a sale once there.

In order to get this highly relevant traffic, you need an SEO or “Search Engine Optimizer”, as professionals in the industry are called.  Because algorithms used by the search engines to determine your results page ranking are exceedingly complicated and subject to frequent changes, SEO basics begin with understanding that it’s best to use a professional SEO company.  Outdated SEO practices or shady SEM techniques can actually get your domain banned from the search engines.  Therefore, a good strategy for success is to understand SEO basics and leave the implementation to an SEO professional.

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Susan Oakes asked:

Conduct a market review is one of the most important steps in the process of small business marketing because it provides along with a review of the business information you need to create a dynamic marketing plan. All big businesses conduct these reviews as they know they can save time and money for your business. A review of market does not have to be complicated and not depend on how much information you can supply. The important factor with respect to a market review is to understand the key elements of your market and how these elements can affect your business now and in the future. The key elements you need to look to conduct a review of market for small business include market size MarketYour is simply the total industry in which you compete. For example if you sell juice then you compete in the beverage market. If you sell holidays as a travel agent then you compete in the tourism market. Analyze the market size may tell you if it is increasing or decreasing, help them identify growth opportunities and a new small business can determine whether the market is big enough to compete in and run a profitable business. There are many sources you can use to gather information on market size and these include trade magazines, industry associations, search engines and Web sites and local government resources. AnalysisSegmentation market segment is a process that looks at the total market and then divide the products or services in large groups that have similar characteristics. In the examples above, while the total beverage market, the segment that is most important for a manufacturer of juice is the juice segment. Looking at the total beverage market in the world's leading soft drink manufacturers have now incorporated many market segments such as bottled water to expand her business. Market segment analysis also helps you to determine where your marketing efforts of small businesses should be concentrated. The distribution channel analysis to the distribution channel is the way in which your product or service is available to customers so they can buy. Examples are supermarkets, personal selling (face to face sales), retailers and the Internet. Analyze the sales of each distribution channel in your market to identify which channels are most important for you to compete in order to grow your business. The market tends to trend is any significant change to its market in which your business may need to respond. Examples of market trends include changes in the economy, the factors changing customer demographics, social, and global (to name a few). If you conduct business in the U. S. at the time or is intending to compete in U.S. then concerns about a possible recession and how it might affect your small business needs to be identified so that action plans can be put in place to minimize the impact. Put the seasonality if a product or service is seasonal it means that most sales occur in one or a few times a year. Tax accountants have obviously increased sales when it occurs year-end budget and statements required of tax and other government information. Understanding factors of seasonality of the market can take your small business to maximize sales for this period and can also separate out sales opportunities throughout the year. Competitor analysis of key competitors need to be analyzed so that you identify your key strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to your own small business. The review of this area means that you can be smarter with their marketing efforts and be proactive against their weaknesses and of course defend against their forces. One tip that they do all the big businesses is to have a competitor file with examples of their activities, products or services marketing. The big businesses know the value of reviewing the market which can compete and a. Remember that you can start slowly and just review a section at a time and then put in place activities or make business decisions based on the revision to grow your small business marketing. © Pty Ltd 2008 for business success

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Mercy Maranga asked:

When you are working a small business of the commercialization you need to give to his clients the complete satisfaction that you are making publicity of his products or services of the best possible way. Since you are small you cannot have the financing class that she established to the companies has. A small proprietor of business needs to use little that they must obtain following the greatest one. A form so that the small business of the commercialization reaches this is to use the tools that are profitable and to reach an immense one of consumers. When you decide to approach a salesman to help him to promote his business, it is important that you obtain one who has its better interests in the heart. You need to make the investigation appropriate before you invest his money. You need to know that the company can reach to its favourite objective public. When you give the task of promoting his business to another party, you have time to handle other aspects of the business. The Internet is one of these tools and the small company owner&amp can be considered; #039; liberator of s. Without the Internet, much people it would not be conscious if so many small next and already existing companies. He has abierto many doors for the proprietors of business as well as for the consumer. You will need to create his own Web site, that will allow him to make publicity of its products or services. You can then use this site to put the other people& #039; businesses of s in an honorarium. The consumer obtains what he wants, his client obtains his products or she holds one’s position in ranks to them and you are able to make publicity of his services. All go to happy house.

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Joanna Gadel asked:

& lt; br/& WP; user & lt; br/& WP; whole world are tournés worms of the means on line for their purchases and seek à être dirigés towards the products qu& #39; they could imagination. To speak about the advantages of l& #39; optimization SEO, d& #39; a share, you do not pay the search engines like Google, etc d&amp pages; #39; index Web of your if you can optimize your Web site, to obtain a high position and générer sales then you have the publicité on largest largely possible without incurring coÔ ts. The search engines offer a service à their customers. They want to turn over high qualité, contained relevant when their customers to enter a requête of research. Since your Web site has été optimisé with the words clés to correct people who visit your Web site will be more ciblée and more would owe être closer to conversion (for example, l& #39; purchase, téléchargement or l& #39; subscription à a bulletin d& #39; information). Moreover, it will produce disciplinary contents spA©cific, classés and étiquetés of manière à améliorer l& #39; expérience of the lisibilité and à the clientèle. To add, contents of qualité attract the qualité bonds of people who see your site like a autorité. L& #39; investment in the contents is essential and bA©nA©fic à your company and d& #39; améliorer your position in the résultats and the classification. Aujourd& #39; today, everyone wants to go up on the premières pages of résultats of research, but, évidemment, everyone cannot and not également. You owe être a length d& #39; advances on your competitors and d& #39; to ensure a high position for your Web site and to maximize the visibilité your mark and your company. C& #39; is l& #39; idée principal. A site optimisé you will bénéficierez d& #39; an exclusive right of way and structuré, easier à gérer and naturally as your échelle of the increases in contents Web. To be visible on the search engines does not provide only the sensitizing of your Web site and the companies, but increases également the confidence of the customers and the perception of your mark. décisions d& #39; d&amp purchase; #39; a customer has été révolutionné, without the d&amp need; #39; space élevé rent of détail and the large companies advertising budget on line. This réduction of the coÔ ts to the customers of advantages à the time prices of the low products and more a great choice of products. A Web site which has été optimisé will be easy à to find in the search engines. Words-clés contained rich will be indexés and même if the person remembers seek only a instantané l& #39; information à to start from your Web site, it will be easy à to find. A site well structuré and optimisé offers à your visitors and customers with a accès à l& #39; information, put à day, d& #39; helps, councils and a means of communicating with you at the time which is appropriate to them. A Web site, with its own structure and code will profit à all visitors, including the tools d& #39; accessibilité à l& #39; helps such as the readers d& #39; écran. & lt; br/& WP;

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Andy Thompson asked:

Business owners who want to paint get great exposure for your business while creating within the community will need to consider joining their neighborhood mobile watch program. Most business owners are painting small owner operated businesses run away from home. These kinds of small businesses usually have many types of accounts of residential, commercial and even some new construction. The work lasts only a day or so an it & two each; rsquo, s off the next. It is not uncommon to get some work in the same neighborhood using some inexpensive marketing techniques such as yard signs, door hangers, and postcards. But imagine the exposure you could get close to joining the mobile program clock. How you ask? However, the associations of home owners each month sent a newsletter filled with articles and events in the community. All you have to do to join is ask. To find out where they are in your area, just contact several home owners associations and present, tell the person that you own painting business in the community and would like to lend a hand (or eye) . Each month write a short article about the things you saw or would like to see happen in the area and to send the newsletter editor. This is one of the best ways to gain free exposure and set your business apart from the competition painting while at the same time give back to the community. It just feels right, it can be very helpful!

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Ajay Kumar Singh asked:

Generating an effective SEO Report is one of the most vital parts of whole SEO process. Before you start Search Engine Optimization you need to have a full report prepared for your website. You also keep in mind which reports you would like to generate.

Title Tag Report

Title tag is important not only from SEO perspective but also from readability aspect. Title tag tells us all about your web page. A page title is like a human name and provides us much valuable information about the web page. It is vital to know that the tile for each page should be different and shall be coherent with that page content only.
The title tag is enclosed in title tag.


SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engine Optimization | SwamiSEO
Not that the main website name is added in the last (optional)

Meta tag Keyword Report

The keywords are undoubtedly the most important part of the search engine optimization. The older search engine robots heavily relied on meta tags and keywords played a very important role in letting robots find out the information about a webpage. Most modern robots still rely on it but they now also utilize other methods to find out the most relevant page for any given keyword.

The keyword meta tag is enclosed in following element. Below is an example of keyword meta tag

There are no fixed guidelines for the number of keywords which you can include but obviously you should not end up in over utilizing this feature which can jeopardize your SERPS position.

Meta tag Description Report

Description meta tag is brief details about the page and it shall be kept brief. An example of description meta tag.
Body Text

All the content between

tags constitute the body of any web page. This is the place where all of your main body contents is. It is noteworthy to remember that the search engine robots do not see the page in same way as human eyes see. They read the page in an order. So the order of body text is also important and you should take care of it. A good SEO report shall generate the body contents and should provide a description of it.

H1 tag

Some of search engines give importance to H1 tags so you should insert H1 tag which can be the main keyword of that page also the placement of the H1 tag is important.

H2 tag

Though optional you should also check for the existence of H2 tag in the page Body.


Though optional but choosing the URL for your website should be considered with utmost importance. If you gave already have your URL registered then you can do nothing about it. But if you are still thinking of a suitable URL then keep it matching with your website’s main keywords.

To sum up a complete SEO report shall consist of following:

* Title tag Analysis

* Keyword Desnsity Report

* Keyword Meta tag Report

* Description Meta tag Report

* Body Text Report

* In page Link Report

* Link Popularity Report

* Outbound Link Report

* IMG ALT Attribute Report

* Top 1o inbound Link Optimizer Report

* Keyword Density Report

* Keyword Prominence Report

* Page Rank Report

* Anchor Text Report

* Comprehensive Summary

* Suggestions for Optimization

Tools for generating SEO Report

There are many useful SEO Report generating tools, most of them are commercial but you can also find a lot of free tools which could be very useful.


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Max Bellamy asked:

The marketing tips small business are guidelines regarding potential opportunities in small business marketing. Help plan and execute an effective marketing strategy. The small business marketing faces many constraints such as poor budget and lack of essential resources. The marketing tips serve to overcome these constraints. They help to improvise the marketing strategy planning process step by step. The limbs can be cut short to use and benefit of a particular situation. The ultimate aim of these ideas is to enhance the business. The marketing tips are also a guide of do's and don 'ts in the field of marketing. The marketing tips for small businesses up with innovative and practical ideas for a profitable marketing strategy. The marketing tips for small businesses seeking to enhance the marketing according to prevailing conditions. Help choose effective resources for marketing, attracting the attention of desirable customers. The tips are available for all steps in marketing including planning, strategy formulation, selection of marketing materials and effective marketing procedures. Allows a product to grab consumer attention and placed on the market. The effective marketing tips generate sales quickly. The small business marketing tips also aim to maintain product identity. Most of the tips prefer branding of the products for a unique selling proposition in the market. The creative marketing ideas such as newsletters, business cards and trade booths are provided. Explores alternate marketing strategies such as barter system, shipping and supplies. Limbs suggest that referral marketing is one of the best techniques to highlight a product. The cause-related marketing is also harnessed as a marketing opportunity. The marketing tips small business are generally formulated from the experiences of people. Many provide free tips through Internet sites and newsletters. Books on marketing tips are also available. They provide a fresh perspective on business marketing as a whole.

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Jacob Martin asked:

The social networking has taken on a new era of connection? N with the old and new. The popular social sites networking add the large n? Number of new users daily. This gives small business users access to various marketing strategies and search engine of the test. The identification? N of the p? Lic goals and find top rankings among the engines to try and find the current key task for small businesses who want a pie of the r? Business credits generated with the average l ? line. Getting noticed or visibility is the key word that makes sure you reach out to p? Republics and objectives? N estimated up among search engine rankings. Social aid the establishment of a network pass word m? Sr? Quickly than ever and SEO services can help fill the vacuum, or between the seller and buyer. The relevant material from publication? No social sites networking lig? the topic of business Web site can induce inter? s resulted in tr? desired traffic. Most? To social sites networking provide ease of creating a platform com? N for any idea preferred product or service. Using a platform so complex? N generate interest? S business is a clear advantage due to the establishment of a network. SEO services, pay per click management and the commercialization? No search engine can help small business to take advantage of this new phenomena? Phenomenon. Social sites networking too? N have work? Do new CHALLENGES kids to SEO services. SEO firms now have the ability to reach out to p? PUBLIC existing target. Underst? N of the din? Mica business and choose a site suitable social networking to boost tr? Traffic can help focus on the p? Republics better targeted. Various social sites networking as a tool built spec? Chart to connect to all colleagues, partners or friends. SEO strategies have to be conducted around the type of social site networking to store potential customers to a business site. MERCHANTABILITY? No search engine. The commercialization? No search engine has now evolved to include the commercialization? N social media. The social networking also? N provides Penetration? Na place competition? NY too? N lays bare their strategies. Innovative services and information for SEO can help keep the competitions? N in the bay? A. The clientele can be trusted and also boost sales? N spread the word on a platform of social networking. Customers looking for a similar taste can be a chore f? Easy in c? Social circles of the establishment of a network but only when the small business has the opportunity to have a positive impact on the potential customer. An interesting social profile of the means for a small business can provide an interesting platform for building relationships and leave a positive impact. The existence and potential customers can be information, use, updates or interesting trends provided to link to a product or a service business. Users social networking too? N have the ability to share information? N interesting with his friends. The social networking also? N implies credibility and existence. The presence in l? Line should also? No moving backwards? S to the information? Ny cre updates? BLES to stimulate inter? S in l? Line and translate it into real sales. The generation? N friendly and timely content interesting reader can induce inter? S also? N have readers share the information? Na through? S of other social sites networking. A simple and effective social strategy of the international media can advertise? S, tr drive? Traffic and boost sales.

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Martin Lukac asked:

At one time, tags were popular SEO items that helped masters promote their web pages, yet after many cheat tactics, tags are now weak in SEO marketing. Still, some web owners will insert tags in their web pages. These tags have keywords bid appear in the URL. The SEO tags also go in caption tags. Domain trademark names are often filled with SEO tags also as well as description Meta Tags, keyword Meta tags, and the ALT text, etc. At one time, this was acceptable, yet today SEO marketers are running to keyword density articles to promote websites and hope to reach top ranks.

SEO is Search Engine Optimizing and undeviating often maintenances Internet Marketers adeptly to use the solution to upbraid at the top search engines. SEO focuses on keyword densities, which are the top SEO (search engine optimizing) solutions that web masters concentrate on relevant subjects or services capable of manufacturing their content. Links are prone also, which quality and relevancy instruments into whether a web site will reach top search engines.

For ideal, you would start by focusing on the phrases/keywords that users/enterprise would consider when searching for your products, service, etc. The SEO keywords are what drive visitors to a web page to web sites, which is optimizing and important, since the user will use instantly keywords to locate your website. For instance…employment, recruiters, anchorpersons, head, jobholder, etc. Now, if the client typed in one of the keywords, enjoin he/she find your web site. Probably, since you offer a business for those seeking employment.

In little time, to reach Google’s top ranking you would at least ask for three to percent of the keywords that are relevant with what you are pushing. Cramming is not faithful by Google’s, Yahoo, or kindred search engines. Consequently, the first delineate, centerline, and determinative paragraphs should have your keywords within the body of the article, as well as around somewhere in between.

The charts in SEO Styles

What makes, one site leading of another is the Hit parade. If your keywords are unfailing, it quickens traffic to your web pages, which Google considers. At all, you must yield symptomatic methods that have been using for a long time on the Internet; otherwise, Google’s effect abandons you out.

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im working at SEO company i optimes pages , title ,meta tags , description , img alt , and give him report about my work i must write what i make in excel file he pay me 80 $ every week or 160 $ for 150 optimised page
does this fear ??? or i must ask him pay me more? because every page task 15 or 20 minute , please advice me
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