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& lt; br/& WP; & lt; strong& WP; councils d& #39; businesses for the propriétaires of small companies & lt; /strong& WP; & lt; br/& WP; Seo is for l& #39; optimization of search engine. and all propriétaire of small company will try publicité for its products, but it is difficult for them d& #39; to announce qu& #39; it ya of the products will be less budget. & lt; br/& WP; propriétaires of small companies & lt; br/& WP; to announce qu& #39; he ya of the products sees only paper of news or pomplets or hordings that the collective sourse for publicité qu& #39; it ya of the products, but the most important thing and ignorée by the propriétaires d& #39; company is Internet. Aujourd& #39; today, of the million dollars of l& #39; company is dotn by online.so propriétaires of small companies must include/understand l& #39; importance of the online business and the targeting of the customers grâce à Internet. & lt; br/& WP; propriétaires of small companies should test d& #39; to employ technologies more récentes which are good marché and to better target the customers. Business consists à to sell the products by using techniques of marketing the many ones. Marketing n& #39; is not only the sale of goods, it implies également satisfaction coustomers, the customers is satisfied that when its requirements are fully filled. & lt; br/& WP; But if the small company concen propriétaires in SEO, SEM or PC, they can announce qu& #39; it ya of the products in a means less teux coÔ. but seo sometimes can être more coÔ teuse, but seo is best the méthode to target the coustomers right with less budget. stands for seo sem d& #39; optimization of search engine is for the marketing of the search engines, and the stands for PC to pay by click. by using one référencement consult the right of the small company can bénéficier a great number à to achieve the goals visés. & lt; br/& WP; propriétaires & lt; br/& WP; small companies should also target world of l& #39; Internet. many people are à research d& #39; information in Internet, it ya much of people who are à the search for products on line. the propriétaires d& #39; company so small should concentrate on people who are à the search for produts on line. & lt; br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP; & lt; strong& WP; & lt; /strong& WP; & lt; br/& WP; & lt; Br/& WP; & lt; br/& WP;

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Traditional Media Advertising and Marketing is quit often not feasible for most small business owners. Even if they have the resources, small business owners get caught up in justification and the need to ensure a return on the investment of their time and hard earned dollars. Most Traditional Media firms require a large down payment and a long-term commitment before implementing a campaign. Additionally, the charge for creative work is treated as an additional expense and passed-on to the business owner.

More often than not, Internet or Online Media Marketing firms follow the same antiquated billings methods as Traditional Media firms in terms of financing the campaign and charging for creative work. The perceived advantage is that Online Marketing is typically far less expensive, quicker to launch, and provides tools to track and justify the investment.

Pay-per-click campaigns can be very lucrative if professional managed but when launched by inexperienced marketing agents or business owners, can be very costly and quickly exhaust, available budgets before a payback can be achieved.

Social Media and Content Marketing has now arrived. These methods of Online Marketing can be very daunting and seemingly untrackable for the small business owner. Many times, the owners lack of understanding of the philosophy involving authority, trust, and regular communication often prohibits them from engaging in and committing financial resources towards this form of marketing.

Small business owners are looking for a low cost point of entry for marketing for 2010. Internet or Online Media Marketing firms have the power and tools to offer a pay-as-you-go alternative to the old fashion no-risk traditional media firm financial billing model. The primary difference between Online and Traditional Marketing channels is the ability for the Online channels to accurately and timely track and report the productivity and efficiency of the investment.

Small Business owners seem poised and ready to commit the necessary dollars to get their business growing again. However, they will only do so if the marketing channel is proven and offers a high opportunity for success and/or has some assurances built-in for controlling and tracking the marketing expenditures.


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In the last of this four-part series, we will consider the final of the most important considerations for analysis of the marketing efforts of a small business. The threats a small business faces are the last part of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and reveal potential emerging challenges to the business. To be successful, these challenges should be considered in advance, planned for with contingency plans, and if necessary, dealt with. Threats can take many different forms, and the business landscape needs to be examined and periodically reviewed, as threats can quickly appear, but can also disappear again with no ill effects just as quickly. Nevertheless, when they do not disappear they can cause havoc, and so here are some of the changes to the environment which can pose significant threats to a small business:

Adverse emerging trends, meaning that current customers will either not make use of your products and services, or they may decide to use you as a provider far less often New technological changes, which decrease the demand the product or service you provide. Totally new offerings by competitors, which make your products and service obsolete. Major changes in seemingly unrelated markets, which can eliminate the use of your products and services when they are not essential (or are no longer so) Unfavorable reviews by key independent reviewers Unfavorable alterations to current customer qualities (age, location, buying habits, etc.) which influence purchasing patterns Increased cost of raw materials, which then either increases the costs of your products or services (or reduces your profit margins) Other adverse changes in previously established customer desires, thoughts, whims, or habits Weak economic conditions in general Poor past performance by your firm (causing dissatisfied customers to seek out the competition) The discovery of undesirable side effects which have occurred to previous customers Newly unsatisfied customer desires, which your firm either does not recognize, or does not address adequately Undesirable alterations to the current legal environment, which now prohibit certain opportunities from being realized Problems or gaps in your firm’s existing offerings, which are not realized or fixed Inappropriate pricing strategies, given competitor’s offerings and market conditions Completely new desires by customers, which your firm neglects to meet More competition, as newer competitors enter the market, or other firms expand into your industry Competitors who discover expanded usage for their older products and services, which your firm cannot match Poor communication with shareholders, hostile takeover attempts, or other outside owner influence attempts Reductions in the number of offerings of products and services by your firm, especially profitable ones Charges of illegal action (price fixing, collusion, etc.) by regulatory and legal entities Reductions in the number of offerings of products and services by businesses which complement your own firm’s products and services Patent, trademark, or copyright infringement claims by competitors Other changes which can make substitute goods and services more desirable than they were in the past Undesirable alterations to current contracts (with suppliers, customers, lenders or other key partners) Adverse changes to a supplier’s agreement with you, or existing suppliers going out of business Poor business decisions Loss of key employees, or limits in the supplies of human capital who could benefit your firm Employee wrongdoing, or questionable ethical activities, which are later exposed Undesired changes to foreign markets where business is transacted, which can include some (or all) of the above

Put differently, more threats exist when more of the above patterns are present. These should be duly considered before the attempt is made to launch a new venture, or even continue existing business operations. Even when a business environment includes many threats, a highly successful business can still be launched, however, significantly more skill is needed than when these threats are absent. Generally speaking, however, the businesses which respond the best to new threats in rapid, efficient, and effective manner are best positioned for future success.

Copyright 2010, by Marc Mays

By: Marc Mays

About the Author:

Marc Mays is the creator of http://www.myplatinumparachute.com/, which helps first-time small business owners obtain the critical skills needed for their small business success.

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Here are some marketing mistakes that take a heavy toll on small
businesses. They have been very harmful to businesses at any stage, but especially harmful for new businesses.

1. Not having a marketing plan.

Studies show that having a marketing plan equates to a 24 to 30% improvement in sales over those without a marketing plan. Writing a comprehensive marketing plan takes time, thought, and rethought, they help a business owner to focus on new products and services. A marketing plan will help someone to determine if the product or service will take too much time, energy, or resources to make it a proper addition to the existing array of products and services.

2. Executing “Hit or Miss” marketing techniques.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners buy advertising without exploring whether or not the venue is appropriate for them, or if it will appear in a place or manner that potential customers will respond to – or even see. Marketing dollars spent correctly will bring you sales. Marketing dollars spent incorrectly will not only cost you money, but will cost you your business-esteem. All marketing needs to have a “fit” with an overall initiative. They must convey a consistent message. Using advertising for name recognition is felt to be a good move by inexperienced business people. Experience dictates that success is best when even your “name recognition advertising” relates to a common theme.

3. Negative networking.

Networking is one of the most important parts of marketing for the small business person. Many entrepreneurs look to groups such as Chamber of Commerces, Business Network International, and Local Business Network to build business through networking. They attend networking functions and seem to feel that the more business cards they give out, the more business they will get. They are generally disappointed and reject networking as a false prophet. Positive networking takes a different approach. Networking events are an opportunity to find synergies upon which relationships can be built. Successful networking is not how many business cards you give out, it is how many quality business cards you gather. Opportunities such as Catapult allow individuals a networking opportunity to find those synergies while learning business skills.

4. Not seeking appropriate support.

Most entrepreneurs are people that have decided to leave corporate America in search of a better lifestyle with less stress. They find a great product or service and think they have it made. Unfortunately they do not have the focus and motivation they need to survive. In the corporate world they had a boss to continually set deadlines and goals, and to hold them accountable for hitting the deadlines and goals. They also had a boss to mentor and coach them. In the small business and entrepreneurial world, this important need is overlooked. People need accountability partners and/or mentors to keep them on track.

5. Inability to distinguish between being talented and being business savvy.

Too many small business owners and entrepreneurs feel that having talent is sufficient to attain success. They feel that if they are good at what they do, word of mouth advertising will supply a constant stream of customers. Talent may help you find excellent investments, glean out the best mortgage rate, repair the most difficult automotive challenge, or any of numerous other potential examples. However without business savvy in the form of a marketing system, the endless stream of customers will never materialize. You must wrap a marketing program around it to encourage or solicit additional referrals.

To be a success in your business, it is essential to focus on preventing these marketing mistakes. Be sure to make a plan and get the support to validate the plan and help you bring it to fruition.
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Hitting that #1 natural result spot in Google for a high traffic, nicely converting search term is seen as the path to Website success. Sadly, there can only be one number one, while there is always an increasing amount of competitor websites.

Following these top 20 SEO tips will give you the advantage over most of your online competition and may even get you onto that sought after 1st page:

1. Do proper keyword research – get as much input as possible from colleagues, competitor sites, focus groups or random strangers. The idea is to get inside your potential site visitors’ heads and find out what they would type into a search box to find your site-pages.

2. Page Titles – Each page on your site should have a unique page title, with a consistent structure along the lines of: “Main page Keyword – call to action – site/brand name” – all within 66 characters.

3. Clean up your site code – Messy code might mean the search crawlers can’t even read your page, let alone index it in their results. Make sure that as much JavaScript and CSS is referenced from external files, that your HTML and other on-page code doesn’t contain errors, and then your pages will be properly crawled by search engines.

4. Page Headlines H1 tags – Each page should have ‘one’ unique page headline, that contains a main relevant keyword, you can then use H2 and H3 tags multiple times for sub-headers containing other relevant terms.

5. Use Alt and Title elements – Search engines still mainly view your website in terms of text, so make sure that any non-text items like images, video, flash etc. have proper text descriptions in the Alt or Title elements. These should primarily be descriptive, but can also contain key phrases.

6. Internal Site Link Structure – Search crawlers navigate around your site through your navigation and internal links, so make sure your most important pages have the most internal links pointing to them, and that no individual page is orphaned (stuck without any internal links pointing to it!)

7. Meta Description tag – Even though this tag isn’t used for finding your site, it can be the difference between a searcher clicking on your result or not. Make sure you use 155 characters to get a unique two-line description of your site page. This is your Search results’ marketing message that will make your results stand out from the crowd.

8. Use Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files – The robots.txt file is really to tell the search crawler (robot) where not to go on your site, this would include code directories, pdf directories or even terms & conditions and legal pages, in fact any page you would prefer not to appear in the search results. A sitemap.xml file is the opposite, here you are listing all those pages you want the search engines to index, and can even add other information like page importance or update rate. Google points out that this doesn’t guarantee that they will index your page but at least they know about them.

9. Use Web Master Tools – Webmaster Tools tells you what Google already knows about your site, and tells you about any crawl issues it might have with it. The information they give you is very valuable to making your site as search friendly as possible.

10. Use Analytics – Having proper information about your site is essential, so long as you can get to it and actually act on it. Proper analytics will highlight any technical problems with your site, can improve conversion by testing page variations, and basically will make your site perform better and be more relevant and useful to your target audience.

11. Engage with your visitors- allowing user interaction and comments on your site not only gives you constantly updated content, but also gives your site visitor greater connectivity with your site by being able to comment on it. Obviously, this needs to be monitored, but the benefits of an engaged audience outweigh the odd negative comment you should be acting on. Search engines love updated content on web-pages, and this is an easy way to achieve that on a regular basis.

12. Are you Social?- If possible and relevant then get a social media strategy and become part of the online conversation,create a Facebook group, widget or game; get on forums and blogs, get organised and get commented on. With Search engines including real-time search results, having a social media presence will increase your chances of appearing higher in the search results.

13. Universal Search – Since Google started mixing in other search elements into its web results pages, it has been essential to optimise your site to take advantage of these verticals. Make sure your site is optimised for Images, Videos, Blogs, News, and Local search (Maps); and you might get a leg up over your competition.

14. Are you submitted? – Just because you have optimised your site, don’t assume your are actually on those search engines and directories. Check that you are, and if not then submit your site onto them, using the most relevant keywords, descriptions and categories.

15. Blow your own trumpet – If your site/company does anything worth mentioning then mention it, have a News section and put out press releases to tell everybody how wonderful your cause, product, service, staff really are!

16. Inbound links – Perhaps that most important ranking factor for your site and the hardest one to achieve. Google says that if you create unique interesting site content then people will naturally link to it. However, most people can’t wait for this to happen, since having more topically related inbound links with keyword rich anchor text will get you ranked higher and get more traffic. So be proactive and have a link-building strategy to acquire quality links into your site.

17. Review existing inbound links – Since getting new links into your site is quite a task, you should review the existing links that already point to your content, and correct any errors, make sure they are not pointing to dead pages, and even get them to change the anchor text to something better than just your URL.

18. Don’t forget about your site – Search engines like sites to be updated frequently, and have new content added. So create new pages, and expand on those existing pages. Site blogs, and News and Comments sections are a good way to achieve this.

19. 404 Page not found – You’d be surprised at how many of your visitors reach a”page not found” page on your site. You need to create a custom 404 page which is helpful and aims to keep that visitor on your site by supplying useful information and navigation/links to relevant areas of your site. This means those people arriving at a page not found on your site are more likely to stay on-site.

20. People act differently online-A true basic fact, but in terms of optimising a site, remember that someone will read your pages differently than they would paper content. Online your visitors scan a page, view ‘hotspots’ on the page and ignore other areas, so avoid anything that looks like an advert. Visitors want conclusions up-front and detail later, like bullet-points. Make sure you take this into account when you build your pages, so that your important content is found and not lost to your user. This will also affect how you introduce ‘keywords’ into your content in an effective and user friendly way. Building your site so that it is optimised well for your site visitor is the best way to ensure it is well optimised for search engines.

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Angel Heart asked:

What area is nearer the purchases, warehouses, restaurants, places so that younger people hang towards outside and is easily accessible in public transport?
Also, that the area is nearer dong Sin? Thanks.

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Mahendra Bajiya asked:

In case you need to effectively market your products and services, one of the most important tools of doing so is the internet. Unless you have your own website promoting your business you will not be effectively successful in reaching out to your audience. That is why putting up your website on the internet is the best way to ensure that you attract the right kind of audience around you. Yet floating your own website online is not enough. Are you wondering why? In case you have a website already up on the web you would know the exact answer.

While you could float up your website on the World Wide Web, there are loads of other websites that are similar to yours providing similar kinds of services. When a potential client or customer comes looking for these services, there are loads to choose from. What makes someone choose a particular website over the others? The answer to that is successful search engine marketing with the help of proper SEO tools. SEO or search engine optimization is better visualization that is provided to your website by the search engine machines like Google. These machines assign certain rankings to your website which leads to better visibility when a search is conducted.

What can you do to ensure a better ranking? For that purpose there are loads of different kinds of SEO services that can be provided. Let us run through some of the major SEO services that could get your website a better ranking. Web design is one of the most important factors out here. A good web design means that the moment someone is on your page they would not want to leave. This means that the website looks really good to someone who is looking at it. At the same time a good web design also includes superior quality user interface.

The secret behind a successful business is good and effective networking. The same applies for online marketing as well. A good network along with correspondingly good links is very important. A website with a number of back links and cross links is always better ranked. This means that link building is quite important as well. Along with link building another efficient SEO tool that goes hand in hand with it is effective social media marketing. There are loads of social networking websites like Face book and Orkut for that purpose.

However when it comes to SEO, it has been said that content is the king. Unless the content of the website is catchy enough, you would never be able to hold on to your readers. That is why it is extremely important to create content on your website that is not just well written but is engaging as well. Further directory submission also is an important part of creating good content. Yet when you are planning to redesign your website to get better ranking, it is preferable that you analyze the website before beginning the task. A good SEO company always begins with good web analytics service.

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Bonnie Messick asked:

SEO.  If you’ve read any articles on internet marketing, you’ve probably seen this acronym before.  It’s been bandied about the web in recent years, touted as a must have for every business web site.  SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”


But what does that mean?


Search engine optimization is when you create copy on a web site that purposely attracts the attention of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Having your business web site rank high in search engine result pages is the Holy Grail of internet-based marketing.  Studies have shown that web searchers usually do not go past the first three pages of Google web search results.


So what does this mean for you and your business web site?  Well, realize that with internet marketing, the more visible your web page, the more likely a visitor will click on it and view it.  The more your web site is viewed, the more likely that a visitor will become a customer.  See how it all works?


For example, if you were writing web copy for a sign company, you would need to put yourself in a potential customer’s position and think about what terms they might type when conducting a web search.  A potential customer may type in such search terms as “banners,” “yard signs,” or “boat lettering.”  A customer may also want to use only a local sign company, so they may type in their zip or postal code.  Therefore, when optimizing a sign business web site, you would include keywords such as “banners,” “boat lettering” and other sign-related terms within the copy.  You would also include the business’ address somewhere within the web site, especially if your target market is local customers.  When search engines index this site, they will place it in a higher rank for being optimized with keywords relating to “signs.”


Of course, the above explanation of SEO is very simplified.  The topic is much more diverse and complicated such that some universities now offer degree programs in SEO and internet marketing.

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As a small business website owner, you are trying your level best to get substantial traffic to your website. Especially small business owners have to run the show with stringency of finance and usually cannot engage an SEO company to optimize the site for better traffic. You can easily take up these steps on your own to increase the flow of visitors. You will be able to reach the targeted audience when you start the following activities.. It will automatically turn visitors into potential customers to register improved sales.

i) Blogging is an effective way to support the website traffic. Create a blog to carry all positive attributes about your products or services along with related stories to make it interesting to the reader. For example, if you are selling gifts for different occasions, you should discuss different aspects of gifts and events that need the use of gifts. You can discuss the niche elaborately about certain gifts that identify special occasions. You can describe famous gifts like the “Kohinoor” or stories related to gifts to make it exciting for readers. When you get visitors to the blog, you are actually doing justice to the correct process of internet marketing, which is responsible to create traffic for your website.

ii) Forum participation is an efficient area where you discuss on the niche and create interest through your answers. You can register with different forums and obtain the signature back link to your site. It serves the purpose of growing the visitor base in a positive manner.

iii) Article marketing is one powerful source of visitors. Create articles with information and for the targeted audience on the niche. Engage in article submissions to online directories, which definitely increase the traffic volume. Take up the directories like EzineArticles, Associated Content, and ArticlesBase and so on. If it is not possible to create quality articles, you can very easily contact capable content writing services for the job. As a small business owner, you may find suitable service providers online, who provide all the services at nominal cost.

These tips are helpful in the internet marketing process to enhance the flow of quality visitors to your website so that you gain in sales output. You can try the above or ask such affordable services for the task.


By: Khagoul Danapuria

About the Author:

Linkboostup helps in achieving improved traffic to your website through ideal Link building service at affordable cost.

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Vikash Singal asked:

SEO is very important today, if you really want your website to prosper. The basic concept behind Search engine optimizing your webpage, either by yourself or by hiring a firm to do so, is to increase the page ranking in the search engine listings such that your page ideally shows at the top of the search page. This involves many strategies and techniques. But, the basic methodology remains the same. There are two basic types of SEO Methodology that SEO firms implement to better their clients page ranking. On page optimization and off page optimization.

In on page optimization method, various aspects of your website are worked on. The first thing that is optimized is the title tag of your page. It should ideally be under 60 characters and should contain the gist of the information on the page itself. Preferably, it should also have a keyword. Depending on what your website deals with, the page itself should contain a high density of appropriate keywords linked to your service and products. SEO firms go a step further by analyzing the competition for you. They study their websites and determine where you rank compared to them and accordingly alter the content on your site to make it more user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

In off page optimization method, your website is linked to various search indexes on the net and directories dealing with the particular type of business your website promotes. Furthermore, SEO companies will even take the pain of setting up blogs and articles promoting your website using the products you endorse. These articles and blogs will get circulated among the various blog sites and article databases thus, providing you with more external links. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo take the number of external links to your website in deciding the ranking of your web page.

Another method of optimizing a web page involves increasing the links and affiliate ties with other websites. When you affiliate with another website, they allow you page space on their websites to advertise about your site and in return take a cut for every user they send your way. This is very similar to the way blogs and articles optimized to increase the traffic flow to your websites work.

A more recent method employed by many websites to Search engine optimize themselves is to enter Social Media sites such as twitter and facebook, either as a group or user. By doing this they can directly interact with people and spread their fame. Moreover, allowing people to link with your website through social media websites, you increase the chances of showing up on top in search engines.

Most SEO companies follow all of the above methodologies to give your website the best possible advantage over your competitors and to increase business for you. Some even provide web hosting and web maintenance services as a part of the deal thus, removing the burden of managing the web page by you. Depending on what services they offer, their price also varies.

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