Mark Stanford asked:

You should know what you are paying for. This is what we really need to put in mind before spending money for anything we are acquiring, buying or subscribing with. We need to be always wise with our decision especially with our budget to avoid loss or overspending which leads to regret.

Businesses are now looking for an SEO consulting company to help them in the well-known way of advertising or marketing which is online using the internet. And since there are a lot of SEO consulting companies offering different strategies of search engine optimization training, you should know what to look for in the training so you will be able to choose the right company to subscribe with.

May I suggest things you need to look for in a company for the SEO training? Important trainings like this should include keyword, linking and website strategies to make sure that your webpage will be visible to web searchers or to be on top of search engines. The more traffic you will create for your website means the biggest chance of high ranking and effectiveness of the training. Be sure that you will get the training with the expert trainers or certified SEO trainers. You should gain correct and complete SEO training for the success. SEO course should be hands on and not just pure lectures. I believe that you will learn more when teachings are practiced. And lastly, you need to check for the cost. The best SEO training can only cost you below $500. Training should be in tacked and does not include other hidden packages. Again, be wise.

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Ankit Srivastava asked:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the part of online marketing. It is the most economically way of selling & promoting your product to your target audience. SEO is an ongoing process that helps you to rank or place your website at the top in search engine rankings. More than 80% Internet users use search engines to search information online, so it is very important that your website rank within top 10 results if you want to be found. Using SEO will bring quality of customers and prospects to your website.

How Does SEO Work?

To understand this, you should know that how a search engine finds your website. A search engine allows users find the information they’re looking for online. The user enters or types a word or phrase, called a ‘query’ aka ‘keyword’ in the search engine type box, which then displays a set of results that are most relevant to the query.

Most of the search engines offer two type of results listings in response to the user query organic also known as “natural or free” listings and paid listings i.e., advertisements. SEO allows you to place your website at the top in organic listings.

In SEO there are two main components, “on-page optimization & off-page optimization”. In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to techniques that can simply improve the rank your web site or web page listing in organic or free search results. These techniques are employed by you making some changes in coding on your page. On-page optimization includes actual Title Tag, meta tags, meta description, keyword placement and keyword density. In order to do on-page optimization, you must be familiar with programming language such as HTML, Java, ASP.Net etc.

Off-page optimization are strategies for SEO that are done off the pages for a website to improve its performance in the search engine’s ranking for target keywords related to the page content. It is an important aspect of SEO that includes link building and increasing visibility of your website on the Internet.

SEO Top most important strategies for Off Page Optimization:

• Directory Submission

• Link Exchange

• Social Bookmarking

• Blog Posting & Hosting

• Video Submission

• Promotion via Social Networking Sites

• Forum Posting

• Social Media Optimization

• Article Submission


Doing SEO for a successful online business is very essential and moreover it doesn’t take much time. With effective SEO techniques, you can easily takeover your competitors and invite quality visitors on your website by offering information or product relevant to their needs. You can target customers who are looking for items which are exactly related to your company and increase brand image.

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Sane Jona asked:

The best tools seo.

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Kathy Boykin asked:

As a small business owner may have found one of its greatest challenges is advertising or marketing your business. Traditionally, companies advertise on radio, television, newspapers and phone books. New technologies have changed the way we do business. satellite radio, TiVo, DVR, etc, have made it difficult to spread the word. What can you do? Where can you find affordable advertising, effective? Have you thought about using new technologies to help customers find you? Social Media
A good way to let the world know about your company through social media. Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most effective forms of advertising. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are all low cost to create. Blogs, blogs, and articles are good ways to draw attention to your business. Smart phones such as the popularity of smart phones has increased, more applications have become available. Advertising using the mobile platform is available as mobile coupons, text messaging campaigns and QR codes to name a few. Most local search advertising business to include a city or zip code. Google has created websites for business locations. All you need to create your page is a little more knowledge. When the page is properly configured sites, customers can find your business in Google Maps places not only online but also through applications on their smartphones, and its GPS. Although Internet is so new, more and more people are using the Internet to find products and services they need. Internet searches have replaced the phone in most households. In addition, customers can find information about your business, descriptions of their products, and even directions to your place of work. Websites have become a necessity for small business marketing.
advantage of new technologies and their use to market your business will help you see better results for their advertising dollar. The combination of all the different platforms, social, local, mobile and web, you should really give you more for your money! You may need extra help setting up their web sites, blogs and mobile advertising campaigns. A good marketing firm can help establish these for you at very reasonable prices. Most companies provide tracking so you can see the difference of their new marketing campaign is doing in your business. Just search for a marketing company of small businesses in your area!

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If you’re an internet marketer then you already know the importance of SEO. But all of your SEO efforts are for naught if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to create a successful small business. The reality is that creating and sustaining a successful online business can be very difficult, but you can position yourself for success by following these 4 guidelines:

1. Sell the Right Stuff. This step assumes that you’ve already done ample research about what customers want and about what they’re willing to spend money on. The next step is to actually offer your target audience what they clearly want. One sure way to fail is to build your small business around what you think your audience wants rather than what they actually do want. So listen to your audience and give them what they want!

2. Get Help. If your SEO efforts have paid off and your search engine rankings are increasing, traffic is increasing, and an increasing number of people are interested in your product or service, then you’re on the right track! But one easy mistake to make is to try to do everything related to your business on your own. You have several gifts that make you a successful small business owner. Stick with those. Find other people with other gifts to take care of the other aspects of your business. Take some time to think about the things that you have to do yourself. Then figure out how to outsource everything else. It may be one of the most important things you have to do in the life of your small business. After all, you’re the one with the grand idea and you want to maintain some control over every aspect of your business. But you’ll find that your small business will get stronger and you let talented people help you with aspects of your business that don’t correlated with your talents

3. Manage Your Time Well. Some things that can suck us in and keep us from focusing on the bigger picture of business include email, media, and loose boundaries. Limit the amount of time you spend answering email each day. In fact, commit to only checking it once or twice per day, and only answers the emails that you have to answer. Every one else can get in touch with you by phone if they desperately need to speak to you. Turn of the television if you work at home. It’s too distracting. Finally, establish clear work hours. Honor them yourself, and expect others to honor them as well. This means letting friend and family know that you aren’t to be disturbed during work hours, and that when the workday is over, you close up shop and focus on the rest of your life.

4. Too Much Multi-tasking. If you have too many irons in the fire, or too many incomplete projects, your small business is losing money. Focus on starting and completing one project or one product. You’ll at least be making money on something! Keep an idea file for yourself to take the pressure off. Every time you have a great new idea, write it down and put it in the idea file. Then you when complete your next product, complete the necessary SEO, and get it on the market, you can allow yourself to start on the next product. Slowly but surely you’ll increase your sales, which isn’t going to happen if you never complete your first product because you have too much going on.

If you’re struggling in your small business, consult with an internet marketer, or even an SEO professional, for tips on how to get on the right track. These four keys should start you off on the right foot for a successful small business!

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Kathy J Baka asked:

& lt; br/& WP; Strong competition on the marché and the économique crisis that l& #39; expérience of each one in the whole world made several companies, especially the smallest à to close their doors. To set up a small company is nowadays like going à a battle and d& #39; être able to gain, you owe être équipé with the battle of great power à gears. By conséquent, in the business world, you must have maîtrisé all the stratégie marketing to be able to have your share on the marché. A façon d& #39; to reach that point is to include/understand the nécessité for the consultant in marketing of small size. & lt; br/& WP; It will be d& #39; a great help to include/understand what is a consulting marketing is. Small consulting in marketing d& #39; businesses is composed of the people or the professionals who have expertise in the business world. They acquired such a compétence in their field grâce à their expérience or to have terminé a diplôme lié à l& #39; administration of the businesses. Whatever the company that you want to put Ã, they are très disposés à you to help or guide you à to leave the début to locate the best place oà ¹ to put your company à the façon to market your product. It is an advantage quite simply of letting the experts do their work and you can concentrate on the façon gérer your company. & lt; br/& WP; How a consultant marketing of the small companies d& #39; to help your company profit on its lancée and to increase your profits? & lt; Br/& lt; br/& WP; & WP; The goal of consultant in marketing is d& #39; to help and to make recommendations with the propriétaire of l& #39; company à each étape of the démarrage d& #39; a company, or if l& #39; company exists déjÃ, their objective is to give directives on the façon d& #39; améliorer l& #39; company. Certainly, their principal goal is which returns l& #39; more profitable company and can-être an objective d& #39; expansion. & lt; br/& WP; The consultant in marketing can do it in d& #39; évaluer the situation of l& #39; company. By doing this, they can proposé a viable plan stratA©gic, à short term and objective à long run, which will make l& #39; company with succès. They can également propose changes on current procédure of the opérations of the store to make it compétitif. Séminaires and staff training form also part of their description of station. Of this façon, all employés of l& #39; company will be équipés with best service à the clientèle qu& #39; they can provide. The motivation is the word clé so that everyone impliqué in making a name for l& #39; company. & lt; br/& WP; The field d& #39; application of the responsabilité of the consultant in marketing dépend of l& #39; agreement with the propriétaire of l& #39; company. That can go d& #39; to help small companies à each étape of its progrès or some is satisfied to définir étape in certain sectors of l& #39; company. Of all façon, small the consultant in marketing d& #39; businesses will largely help you in the management of your small company.


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Carrie-Ann Sudlow asked:

This is for all you newbie’s who have heard the phrase SEO and wondering what on earth it is all about and what it actually means.

SEO is a shortened phrase for search engine optimization.

This is a process that is used to make a site optimized for search engines such as Google, aol and yahoo etc. There are on-site and off-site SEO techniques that you can use to higher your search engine ranking.

Why SEO is needed?

Whether your website is a personal site or a business site, one thing you need is visitors.

It is true that many methods for traffic building exist, all are effective but one you should always consider is search engine traffic.

Organic traffic from search engines comes when you rank high, naturally, on search engines for various keywords.

This is something you should aim for.

It is a fact that the majority of searches who use Google, only click on listings that appear above the fold. With this in mind your goal should be to appear in the top 3 search results.

Where does a SEO beginner start?

I am going to write articles for beginners. I won’t use big overstated terms and I will take it slow.

SEO is not rocket science but it’s not easy either.

You must stick with it if you want to succeed. You will get the hang of it.

What you will need.

– A website to play with

– Patience

– Tons of coffee

– And finally a website like the one below to guide you through your learning.

Right, that is the basic low down on what is search engine optimization.

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K Summerhawk asked:

Do you know what most women entrepreneurs bring with them when they start their own business?

The notion that being busy means being productive.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

As I warn my business coaching clients, this faulty (and even dangerous) notion is a hold-over from the days of working at a j-o-b.

You see, at a job, you’re paid to show up and stay busy. What people do at their jobs is rarely connected with actually bringing in new clients or making money.

But when you work for yourself, EVERYTHING you do MUST be tightly connected to getting and keeping new clients. Period.

Which means handling things like most emails, filing, problem solving (unless it’s solving your clients’ problems), administrative trivia, surfing the ‘net, sorting your Outlook files, paying bills, fiddling with your website, creating brochures… are a waste of time. These tasks don’t put women entrepreneurs closest to the money; they pull them away from it!

Here are my top favorite tasks that I do nearly every day to put me closest to the money:

Small Business Marketing Strategy #1: Write an article.

Not crazy about writing or not sure what to write about? One of the tips I shared in a recent Success Circle Marketing Makeover call is to write like you are having a conversation. Pretend you are chatting with a good friend about a very specific topic.

Small Business Marketing Strategy #2: Send a “thinking about you” card…or two!

Why not surprise a client, referral source, another woman entrepreneur or prospective client with a friendly “keep in touch” card? They will feel special…and think you are too!

Small Business Marketing Strategy #3: Send a press release written as a mini-article.

Think a press release is only to announce an important event? Nope! Take one of your articles, trim it down to 250 words and add your author’s bio. You can use this strategy to send one a week.

Small Business Marketing Strategy #4: Record a free audio tip for your website.

Even better, transcribe it and post it on your website as a viewable option. Google will love your site for adding fresh content.

Small Business Marketing Strategy #5: Make your first (or next) information product.

Keep it simple and get your information product done now! The credibility and leverage you gain will tremendously boost your business. Example: one of my Platinum Inner Circle clients created a $9.95 eBook on a popular topic. The result? This woman entrepreneur received dozens of sales and several new clients worth many thousands of dollars. Nice!

Small Business Marketing Strategy #6: Ask to be interviewed or to interview an expert.

Interviews are easy to set up. They increase your credibility, widen your exposure and raise your expert status, whether you’re the expert giving the interview or conducting the interview. Choose someone you respect. Call to ask for the interview (you’ll be surprised how often you’ll hear “yes”.) Then record the interview and offer it as a mp3 file on your website.

My business coaching challenge: make a stand for doing ONE small business marketing strategy each day, and then integrate your action into your daily routine.

This is how you’ll go from being busy to becoming successful… with a lot more time to enjoy!

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Tony Moreno asked:

Understanding SEO.

Most of the people who post here know what is, but as I learn more and more about it, I felt I needed to share my experience with beginners so they have an action plan to move forward.

SEO stands for search engine optimization…what the hell is that? This is how the search engines like yahoo, google, msn, index your site and rank it. To illustrate this, just do a search on google and see the results that come out on the left hand side of the page. That is called the natural search, not to get it mixed the sponsored links (pay per view).

Now, how does a website get the number 1 spot? Well, that’s every WEBMASTER’S DREAM. Why, because traffic from search engines are the most targeted (convert better in sales) and better yet, FREE.

SEO is complex and tedious, but worth it. It could take you at least 3-5 months of analyzing the engines and understanding SEO, but in the end, once you know how to do it, you’ll never look back.
In SEO there are two different tactics, white and black hat. I’m not going to talk about black hat tactics cause the can get you banned off the search engines. Many webmasters use them so they rank high quick but it’s considered cheating and if you get caught, you could be banned for life.

White hat tactics are legit and more fun because they do represent a challenge. Let’s get started then. If you are not a programmer it doesn’t really matter, everyone can do this.

Let’s assume that you already have a domain, hosting and a product or service. (By the way, this can work with affiliate links too) what is to do first:

Find the keyword or keyword phrases that best describe your product. For example if you are selling shoes for women, good keywords could be shoes for women, shoes for a woman, high heel shoes…
First think you have to look into is the source code of your site. You can access that by clicking on the view menu, scroll down where it says “source code” and release. Notice a notepad will html all over it.

Look for the following:

Title: This tag represents the title of your website. You must include your best keyword in the title of the site (by the way, to see the title of your tag you must look on your browser above the file, view…menus) Back to the shoes example, you could say “Fashion shoes for women, all sizes” that could be the title. No more than 60 characters.

Description: This must include a few benefits of your product. Something like “fashion shoes for women, high heels, and stilettos, all sizes and great prices” No more than 200 characters.
Keywords: This tag is not as important as people think it is. The search engines will not really look for this, so you can relax on this one. Just come up with 3 or 4 keywords and you are set.

H1 heading: Your site must have an h1 heading. The search engines love this so make sure you ad one. An h1 heading is a tag you use to type your biggest benefit. You can use the title or description here as well if you wish, but your main keyword must be there.

H2 Heading: These are subheadings… you can have up to 3. Similar to h1 headings but these focus on secondary benefits.

Keyword Density: or how often is your main keyword used in your site. You can calculate this by going to http://www.keyworddensity.com the ideal is to reach 7%, but if you can’t, aim for 4 or 5%.

This has covered just a tiny fraction of SEO. There’s also much more to it…link popularity is very important (this is how many sites link to yours). But you must first focus on on-page optimization (the steps I mention above) and once you are done, move forward.

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Mike Gaspard asked:

Your developing your first website and there’s so much to learn that you don’t know where to begin. It can be a daunting task when your first starting out, because it usually requires a complex match of graphics, psychology and marketing concepts to successfully meet your website design objectives.

Your goal

Your goal in website development should be for purposes of generating new client inquiries. You do this by providing a brief overview of your product or services that will help them solve a problem or improve their life. You want to give them enough information to create an interest but, you also want to create curiosity that makes them want click through for more.

Website Assessment

It is important for you to do comprehensive periodic assessments including details on your website’s performance, as well as continued Keyword Research & Analysis. Also looking at a Competition Analysis based on product and service demographics for specific market niches is equally important. You should test, revise and test again when analyzing your tactics. If you invest the time and energy in website analysis you will be rewarded with higher conversion rates.

Website Optimization

Optimizing your website can be and long and involved process that, if done correctly, can help your website rank higher in any search engine index. When you search for a specific term, that search results can consist of millions of pages, if your site doesn’t fall on the top, it isn’t going to be visible. You want to show up in the top 10 search engine results for your specific keyword.


You can improve the positioning of your web page in the search engine listings by utilizing strategies tailored to your marketing needs and by incorporating proper page architecture which makes it easier for the search engines spiders to crawl your site. SEO is carried out by making adjustments to a website the will be favorable to search engines. It is equally import to build links with other related websites, to insure higher rankings for keywords that are relevant to a site’s products or services.

Research analytics

You can research how prospective buyers maneuvered around your site. By knowing how the entered, where they visited and how long they stayed on your site (stickiness), you will gain very powerful information. By analyzing your site you gain insight on how to improve your site and make it more user friendly and increase conversion rates. SEO may not be an easy task, but it is well worth the effort.


Although most consider SEO an art and science, anyone can learn to do it. If you master this key skill, then you have the potential to make your business visible to huge masses of prospective buyers searching through search engines. You also generate more free targeted traffic to you site. Mastering this skill will not only make you more money, it will also save you a ton of money.

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